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Interested to know in-depth about Instruments Insight? You’re in the right place. By going through this page, you’ll get to know about who’re the members behind Instrument Insights’ team, number of teams, number of members in each team, the expertise of team members, role of each team, how to contact Instrument Insight for any kind of query under the “Who We Are” section.

By keeping going you’ll also get to learn “The Five-Step Process” we do to review and rate each instrument, purpose of our reviews, and how we give recommendations of instruments/software/gears.

You’ll be enlightened with what else we do besides reviewing and rating music instruments at Instruments Insight as well. Enough for the intro. Now let’s get started.

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Who We Are

We are a total of three teams working behind every review, rating, and recommendation. The identities of each team are as following:

  • Industry Experts.
  • Native Writers.
  • Sales and Communication.

Each team has five highly selected members who are specialists in their department. Our “Industry Experts” has more than 20 years of experience in reviewing and rating instruments, software, and gears. They do extensive in-depth research before reviewing any instrument so that our readers can take a wise decision.

Followed by the “Native Writers” team who have experience of professional writing not less than 10 years. Our writers aesthetically blend art and in-depth information so that our readers never get bored reading our blogs.

Finally, we have the “Sales and Communication” team who are excellent in communication and have advanced skills in gathering information for Instruments Insight.

We are highly passionate about music and passionate about our work. Surely, you can call us passionate music enthusiasts.

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What We Do

We review instruments/software by utilizing our expertise, give honest ratings, and do recommendations to our readers of the products available in the market that are the best value for the money. We update/add information and articles every month. So if you’re a regular visitor of our blog, you’ll never miss a thing and can always let yourself up-to-date.


How We Do

We follow “The Five-Step Process” to review any instrument, give ratings, and do recommendations. The steps and details of each step are as following:

  1. Try & Test

First, we try and test new instruments, software, and gears every other day on a routine basis in a proper acoustic environment. We perform hours of playing in every style. The motive of doing so is to check sound quality, tuning, and durability flawlessly.

  1. Select The Right One

Then, the process of selection begins. After trying and testing a bunch of instruments/gears/software/plugins, we select the proper ones using the following metrics:

  • Design
  • Overall Built Quality
  • Sound Quality
  • Playability
  • Versatility
  • Electronics
  • User Interface (For Software/Plugins)
  • User Experience (For Software/Plugins)
  • Value for the Money

We do rate and recommend the selected ones using the above metrics as well.

  1. Collect Information

Next, we start to gather as much information as possible from thousands of reviews that are given by the players and users in the various marketplaces like Amazon, Guitar Centre, Musician’s Friend, Sweetwater, Sam Ash, Reverb, eBay, etc.

In this section, we focus on what players and users are saying about a certain product. We verify their opinions and perform re-arrangements on our list if needed.

  1. Collect Feedback From Experts

After that, we take valuable feedback from a dedicated expert on a specific instrument. Certainly, this action adds more value to our readers which will help our readers in the long run.

  1. Finalize Our Content

Finally, our writers get themselves ready to write, design, edit and finalize the actual content with pros and cons for our readers with all the necessary in-depth information in hand and make the articles super fun to read.


Our Purpose

Our primary objective is to provide as much value as possible to our readers through our blogs which include top ten (higher in some cases) list, single product reviews and a special “How to, what are and Where to Section (articles with full of information)” where we feature how to string a guitar or how to move a piano or where to buy a violin online.

We are trying to cover as many topics as we can in this particular section to make our readers more enlightened.

We can proudly say that whether it’s a musical instrument, gear or software we give an honest opinion because the secondary objective of Instruments Insight is to make the decision process absolute hassle-free for our readers so that they can focus on doing great music and they can have fun times with their instrument for years to come.

Our final objective is to make sure that there’s something valuable for everyone related to the music scene in our blogs. As a result, it isn’t a matter if our particular set of readers are advanced players or just entering in the mesmerizing scene of music, there’s something specific and informative for everyone.


What Else We Do

Besides all of these, we are currently working on finding the best courses available online as well as producing e-books for music enthusiasts and passionate learners to make Instruments Insight more resourceful for musicians.


Final Words

We suggest you not to make yourself confused with the decision making process. Just read our blogs with patience and choose the one that best fits your needs. Not interested to buy an instrument now? That’s also absolutely fine. Read our blogs for fun and have some serious knowledge.

If you’re still around and reading this line, we must say that your passion for music is immense. Keep up the good work and support Instruments Insight.

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