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Can You Play Ukulele Left Handed

Yes, you can play the ukulele left-handed by either restringing the instrument or adjusting your playing technique. Left-handed ukuleles are also available for purchase.

Playing the ukulele left-handed is a viable option for left-handed musicians, allowing them to strum and fret in a way that feels natural and comfortable. This versatility caters to personal preference and physical requirements, ensuring that the joy of creating music is accessible to everyone.

While standard ukuleles are set up for right-handed players, left-handed individuals can either choose a left-handed model or restring a right-handed ukulele to accommodate their playing style. Adapting to left-handed playing may involve flipping chord charts and learning mirrored finger positions, but with dedication and practice, left-handed players can easily achieve proficiency and enjoy all the ukulele has to offer.

Can You Play Ukulele Left Handed


Is Left-handed Ukulele Playing Possible?

Is Left-Handed Ukulele Playing Possible? Yes, playing the ukulele left-handed is a reality for many musicians. With the right approach and adjustments, lefties can strum and fingerpick with as much skill and passion as right-handed players. Let’s debunk common myths and explore adaptations for left-handed ukulele enthusiasts.

Myths Surrounding Left-handed String Instrument Players

Many myths suggest left-handers face an uphill battle when playing string instruments.

  • Lefties can’t play traditional ukuleles – This is false.
  • Special ukuleles are a must for left-handers – Not always necessary.
  • Switching string order is too hard – It’s a manageable adjustment.

These misconceptions don’t hold true in the face of creativity and determination.

Physical Adaptations For Lefties On The Ukulele

Different approaches help left-handed players master the ukulele.

  • Re-stringing – Flip the string order to suit left-handed playing.
  • Flipping the ukulele – Play it upside-down with or without re-stringing.
  • Left-handed ukuleles – Instruments designed for lefties are available.

Hand orientation doesn’t spell the end for ukulele dreams. Lefties can shine with the right adjustments.

Can You Play Ukulele Left Handed


The Different Approaches To Left-handed Ukulele

Welcome to the melodious world of the ukulele, an instrument that holds no barriers when it comes to handedness. If you’re a lefty keen on strumming the gentle tunes, fear not. You have different approaches to choose from when it comes to playing the ukulele left-handed. Let’s explore these fascinating options!

Flipping The Ukulele: Pros And Cons

Flipping the ukulele means turning a right-handed uke around to play it left-handed. It’s a simple method: imagine a mirror reflection of a right-handed player.

  • Pros:
    • No need to re-string or modify the instrument.
    • Easier to get started with.
    • Ideal for casual play or learning.
  • Cons:
    • Chord shapes and finger positions are reversed, which might be confusing.
    • Playing techniques might be limited.
    • Not suitable for ukuleles with cutaways or electronics that are designed for right-hand orientation.

    Re-stringing For Left-handed Play

    Re-stringing involves changing the order of the strings so that the lowest note is closest to the player’s nose when holding the ukulele left-handed.

    Steps Description
    1. Remove Strings Detach current strings carefully.
    2. Re-string Place them in reverse order for left-handed tuning.
    3. Tune Tune the strings to standard left-handed tuning.
    • Pros:
      • Chord shapes and finger positions remain standard.
      • Better long-term solution.
      • Enables full range of playing techniques.
    • Cons:
      • Requires some work to re-string and tune.
      • Not ideal if you plan to share the instrument with right-handed players.
      • May need adjustment to the nut or saddle for optimal playability.

Famous Left-handed Ukulele Players

Famous Left-Handed Ukulele Players

Did you know some of the most creative ukulele players are left-handed? It’s a unique flair in the music world. Left-handed ukulele players have made their mark with incredible talent. Let’s explore some of these inspiring artists!

Inspiring Musicians Who Play Left-handed

  • Paul McCartney – The Beatles legend occasionally strums the ukulele left-handed in honor of George Harrison.
  • Tiny Tim – Known for his hit “Tiptoe Through the Tulips,” he played a left-handed ukulele.
  • Zach Condon – The Beirut band’s frontman brings unique sounds with his left-handed play.

Learning From Left-handed Ukulele Masters

These iconic left-handed players are not just performers but teachers too. Watching them play, listening to their music, and following their techniques can enhance your skills. They prove that the ukulele is for everyone, regardless of which hand you strum with.

Artist Song Left-Handed Technique
Paul McCartney “Something” Strumming and fingerpicking with finesse.
Tiny Tim “Livin’ in the Sunlight, Lovin’ in the Moonlight” High-pitched voice with soft strumming.
Zach Condon “Postcards from Italy” Incorporating various international styles.
Can You Play Ukulele Left Handed


Tips For Left-handed Beginners

Are you a lefty eager to strum the ukulele? Fear not! Playing the ukulele left-handed is entirely possible. Special tips for left-handed beginners can make the learning curve smoother and enjoyable. Hence, let’s dive into how you can pick the right ukulele and adapt chord fingerings for comfortable left-handed play.

Choosing The Right Ukulele

First things first, selecting a ukulele that fits your unique needs is crucial. A standard ukulele can transition into a left-handed instrument with some tweaks. Nonetheless, left-specific models are also available for those seeking a ready-made solution. Consider the following tips:

  • String arrangement: Ensure strings are ordered correctly for left-handed tuning or opt for a left-handed ukulele.
  • Strap buttons: They should be accessible and comfortable for left-hand hold.
  • Nut and saddle: For optimal playability, adjustments may be needed to accommodate left-handed string tension.

Adapting Chord Fingerings For Left-handed Play

Adapting chord fingerings is vital for a seamless left-handed ukulele experience. Focus on mirroring right-handed fingering. Chord charts exist for left-handed players, but here are general tips to get you started:

  1. Mirror Images: Visualize chord diagrams as if looking through a mirror.
  2. Chord Shapes: Practise forming chord shapes in reverse from the standard right-handed positioning.
  3. Consistency: Be consistent. Repetition will build muscle memory.

Persistence and practice are key components to mastering the ukulele as a left-handed player. Embrace your uniqueness and enjoy the vibrant, joyful sounds of the ukulele tailored to your perspective.

Modifications And Customizations For Left-handed Ukes

Modifications and Customizations for Left-Handed Ukes can transform the ukulele experience for southpaws. Often, left-handed ukulele players face a unique challenge. Stock ukes are set up for right-handed play. But, with a few tweaks, lefties can enjoy the same ease and comfort as right-handed players. These modifications not only enhance playability but also ensure the instrument is tailored to the player’s needs.

Adjusting The Nut And Saddle

Adjusting the nut and saddle is crucial for left-handed players. It involves flipping the positions of the strings. This ensures the ukulele’s playability aligns with left-handed strumming and fretting. To do this:

  • Remove the strings from your ukulele carefully.
  • Reverse the nut and saddle to accommodate left-hand string order.
  • Re-string the ukulele in a mirror-image format.

Custom Ukuleles Designed For Lefties

For a perfect fit, custom ukuleles are an ideal option. Many luthiers create instruments with left-handed orientations from scratch. These ukes are tailored with the left-handed player in mind. Key features include:

  1. String arrangement for left-handed play
  2. Adjusted bracing and intonation
  3. Control placement for ease of access

Owning a custom ukulele means the instrument is a perfect match for your playing style. Always consult with your builder to ensure all your needs are met. Expect smoother play, greater comfort, and a truly personalized experience.

Resources And Communities For Left-handed Ukulele Players

Left-handed ukulele players, rejoice! Resources tailored specifically for you abound. Whether searching for tutorials, courses, or communities, rest assured that support and instructional material are just clicks away.

Online Tutorials And Courses

Learning the ukulele left-handed is an exciting journey. Online platforms cater to this unique need with aplomb. Here’s a peek of what you’ll find:

  • Video Lessons: Search for instructors offering left-hand-specific lessons.
  • Virtual Workshops: Join live sessions and get instant feedback.
  • Ukulele Courses: Full-fledged curriculums for left-handed strumming and chord transitions.

Remember, most tutorials can be mirrored. So, a right-handed video can still guide effectively.

Finding Left-handed Ukulele Groups And Forums

Connecting with fellow left-handed players enriches your musical voyage. Here’s how you can find your tribe:

Platform How to Engage
Social Media Groups Forums on Facebook and Reddit offer community and tips.
Ukulele Clubs Search for local or virtual clubs welcoming left-handers.
Online Forums Join discussions on sites like Uke Underground.

Meet-ups and group jams could also present opportunities for in-person learning and sharing.

Frequently Asked Questions On Can You Play Ukulele Left Handed

Is There A Difference Between Left And Right-handed Ukulele?

Yes, left-handed ukuleles have the string order reversed for comfortable play by left-handed musicians. Right-handed ukuleles are strung oppositely for right-handed players.

Do They Make Left-handed Ukuleles?

Yes, manufacturers produce left-handed ukuleles designed for left-handed players, offering the same diversity and quality as right-handed models.

Can You Strum A Ukulele With Your Left Hand?

Yes, you can strum a ukulele with your left hand. Left-handed players often flip the string arrangement or adapt their playing technique to suit their preference.

Which Hand Should I Play Ukulele With?

Play the ukulele with your dominant hand strumming or plucking the strings, and your other hand pressing the frets. Most right-handed players strum with their right hand, while left-handed individuals generally use their left.


Certainly, left-handed individuals can master the ukulele with ease and comfort. Options for left-handed ukes broaden daily, catering to diverse musical aspirations. So, embrace your uniqueness and let your left-handed melody resonate. Start strumming your story—your left-handed ukulele awaits.

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