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How Did Piano Cat Died

Piano Cat, also known as Keyboard Cat, passed away due to complications from a urinary tract infection. The internet sensation was a beloved figure before his 1987 death.

The charm of Piano Cat, officially named Fatso, captured the hearts of millions through a whimsical video where he seemingly played the piano. Uploaded to YouTube in 2007, this iconic feline, dressed in a blue shirt, paw-tapping the keys, quickly became a viral hit.

The footage, actually filmed by Charlie Schmidt in the 1980s, inspired countless memes and remixes. Despite his passing decades before becoming a viral star, Piano Cat’s legacy continues to live on in the digital era, symbolizing the joy and humor pets bring into our lives. His endearing performance is immortalized on the internet, illustrating the timeless nature of our love for quirky, endearing pets.

How Did Piano Cat Died


The Internet Phenomenon: Piano Cat

It’s been years since a charming feline captured the internet’s heart, hitting piano keys with unsuspecting paws. The world knew him as Keyboard Cat, the original meme superstar. This orange tabby wasn’t just a pet, but a musical marvel who became an iconic figure in viral video history.

Viral Stardom And Memorable Melodies

The tale of Keyboard Cat began with a catchy tune and a video destined for fame. Across the globe, people laughed and shared the sight of a cat playing the keyboard. This wasn’t simply a one-hit wonder; Keyboard Cat became a symbol of joy and creativity online. Let’s explore the magic of how this piano-playing pet soared to internet stardom.

  • Originally uploaded in 2007
  • Became a staple of internet culture
  • Sparking countless memes and remixes

The Story Behind Keyboard Cat’s Fame

Charlie Schmidt, the owner and mastermind, transformed his pet into a cultural phenomenon. With a cleverly crafted video, the world was introduced to a sensation. The clip showed the cat, named Fatso, wearing a shirt, poised at a keyboard, and seemingly playing a melody.

The genius behind this trick was simple yet effective. Schmidt manipulated the cat’s paws, creating the illusion of a musical performance. The internet went wild, and soon Keyboard Cat was everywhere.

Year Event
2007 Original video upload
2009 Rise to meme stardom

Keyboard Cat’s Charm

The story of Keyboard Cat is not just about a feline playing piano. It’s about a quirky character that became an internet sensation, touching the hearts of millions with its offbeat humor and charming antics. This meme transcended beyond cute pet videos, becoming a symbol of joy and creativity in online culture.

Why The Meme Captured Hearts

Keyboard Cat rose to fame for many reasons. First and foremost, the idea of a cat playing a keyboard was intrinsically funny and adorable. The cat, named Fatso, was donned in a blue shirt, which only added to the comic effect. The juxtaposition of a household pet engaging in such a human-like activity sparked delight and laughter globally.

  • Instant Joy Sparking
  • Human-like Behavior from Pets
  • Universal Love for Cats

Viewers found something deeply heartwarming about witnessing a cat seemingly creating music. The originality of the content made it stand out in a vast sea of internet memes. Keyboard Cat became an icon, representing the unexpected surprises and feel-good moments people cherish online.

The Appeal Of Animal Antics In Digital Culture

In digital times, the fascination with animals doing extraordinary things only grows stronger. A simple video clip of Keyboard Cat sparked widespread adoration. The joy we derive from animal antics ties back to our innate love for nature and its creatures.

  • Lighthearted Entertainment
  • Connection to Nature
  • Relatable Animal Expressions

Animal videos like Keyboard Cat’s performance provide a universal language of happiness. They break barriers, uniting viewers across different cultures and backgrounds. These moments capture the playful spirit that dwells within the internet and encourages a shared experience of pure amusement.

It’s the simplicity, innocence, and unpredictability of such content that anchors its appeal. Keyboard Cat’s reach demonstrates how furry friends, combined with the power of the digital age, can create an infectious and lasting charm.

End Of A Viral Era

The ‘End of a Viral Era’ marks a significant moment in internet history. Keyboard Cat, the beloved feline who charmed millions with his musical antics, is no longer with us. This loss touches the hearts of many, signaling not just the passing of a pet celebrity, but the conclusion of a chapter in the digital world’s narrative.

Events Leading To Keyboard Cat’s Passing

Keyboard Cat, real name Fatso, captured the internet’s heart in the late 2000s. In a poignant twist, the original video that went viral was actually recorded in 1984, though the sensation began much later. Fatso passed away in 1987, long before his internet stardom. Recent times, unfortunately, saw the passing of Bento, the second Keyboard Cat, who stepped into the spotlight after Fatso. It was in March 2018 that Bento left us, causing ripples across social media platforms.

Impact Of Internet Icons On Online Communities

The roles that meme-worthy animals play in online communities are monumental. They offer shared joy, a common language, and a collective memory for internet users worldwide. Keyboard Cat’s influence extended beyond entertaining videos; the feline became a symbol of internet culture. Losing such an icon feels like saying goodbye to a dear friend many grew up with online. The legacy of Keyboard Cat and others like him remains etched in the fabric of social interactions across the digital sphere.

How Did Piano Cat Died


Tributes And Memorials

The internet said farewell to one of its most beloved feline friends. Piano Cat captured our hearts with keyboard melodies. Fans worldwide are now paying homage to this furry legend. We take a moment to celebrate the joy Piano Cat brought into our lives through memes, videos, and stories.

Fans Mourn The Furry Musician

Keyboard Cat’s passing left a void in the online community. Messages flooded social media. #PianoCat and #KeyboardCatForever trended worldwide. Admirers shared clips of their favorite performances. Tributes poured in as drawings, songs, and heartfelt posts. These gestures showed everlasting affection for the whiskered artist.

  • Social media tribute posts
  • Artwork dedicated to Piano Cat
  • Cover versions of the iconic tune

Continuing Legacy In The Meme World

The legacy of Keyboard Cat lives on. Digital creators keep the spirit alive through remixes and parodies. New memes emerge, blending old tunes with current trends. This ensures Keyboard Cat stays relevant to a new generation.

  1. Remixes with popular songs
  2. New memes featuring Keyboard Cat
  3. Revivals in unexpected formats

Life After Piano Cat

The legacy of Piano Cat lived on well beyond his mortal years. This exceptional feline ignited a global smile with every keystroke of his whimsical melodies. Behind the adorable videos and viral fame, Piano Cat left a lasting impact, paving the way for a new era in internet pet stardom. His passing marked an end of an iconic life, yet his influence continues to catalyze a vibrant culture of animal antics online.

Inspiring Future Feline Sensations

After Piano Cat’s viral fame, countless whiskered virtuosos have risen to the spotlight. The bar set high, cuddly contenders now reflect Piano Cat’s spirit in their feats. Creative owners around the world harness the power of social media to share their cats’ quirky talents, inspiring a new wave of purry prodigies.

  • Keyboard-playing kittens
  • Acrobatic alley cats
  • Mischief-making mousers

The Evolution Of Internet Pet Celebrities

The endearing charm of Piano Cat showed us pets are more than companions—they’re stars. Today, pet celebrities take many forms: dogs with dance moves, birds who beatbox, or even skateboarding skunks. The standards for internet fame have evolved, inviting a diverse crew of animal influencers, each bringing unique talents to the global audience. The phenomenon continues to engage and entertain, showcasing the boundless potential for our furry friends to become viral sensations.

Year Internet Pet Trend Viral Sensation
2007 First Wave Piano Cat Memorable Melodies
2010-2015 Diverse Talent Showcase Dogs, Birds, and More
2016-Present Innovative Animal Antics Skateboarding Skunks
How Did Piano Cat Died


Frequently Asked Questions For How Did Piano Cat Died

Is The Piano Cat Dead?

Yes, the original “Piano Cat,” named Fatso, passed away in 1987. The viral video, however, continues to entertain many.

What Happened To El Gato?

El Gato, also known as Sammy “The Bull” Gravano’s bodyguard, was murdered in 1988. His death was allegedly ordered by Gravano over suspicions of disloyalty.

How Did The Grumpy Cat Die?

Grumpy Cat, whose real name was Tardar Sauce, passed away due to complications from a urinary tract infection. She was seven years old at her time of death.

Was The Piano Cat Real?

Yes, the “Piano Cat” was a real feline named Fatso who played a keyboard in a viral video. The cat’s owner manipulated its paws for the effect.


The tale of Piano Cat’s end is a poignant one, touching hearts and sparking memories. This feline phenom’s journey, from internet sensation to cherished memory, resonates with pet lovers and music fans alike. As we bid farewell, we carry the legacy of those keyboard melodies and the joy they inspired.

Let Piano Cat’s memory be a gentle reminder of the quirky, fleeting moments that bring us together online and off.

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