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How Much are Electric Guitars in the Philippines

Electric guitars in the Philippines range from PHP 5,000 to over PHP 50,000. The cost varies based on brand, quality, and features.

Whether you’re a seasoned guitarist or a novice eager to strum your first chord, the varied selection of electric guitars in the Philippines offers something for every skill level and budget. Standard beginner models are quite affordable, providing a perfect entry point for newcomers.

For seasoned musicians, high-end guitars with advanced features justify their premium prices. Renowned global brands alongside local manufacturers contribute to a diverse marketplace, ensuring you can find an instrument that resonates with your personal style and playing preferences. As you decide on the perfect electric guitar, remember that the price often reflects craftsmanship, sound quality, and durability – all crucial factors that contribute to a great musical experience.

How Much are Electric Guitars in the Philippines


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Introduction To Electric Guitars In The Philippines

Electric Guitars in the Philippines – Price Guide and Buying Tips

The electric guitar stands as a symbol of musical revolution, igniting the passion of countless musicians across the globe. In the Philippines, this iconic instrument resonates deeply within the vibrant music scene. Enthusiasts and professional performers alike gravitate towards the electric guitar, inspired by both its sonic versatility and the cultural ethos it represents. From rock and blues to indie and pop, electric guitars fuel the fervor of Filipino artists as they craft their unique soundscapes. This surge in popularity has naturally influenced the market, leading to a varied range of prices and brands that cater to different needs and preferences.

Popularity Of Electric Guitars Among Filipino Musicians

Electric guitars enjoy a prestigious status in the Filipino music community. The instrument’s ability to meld into multiple genres makes it essential for musicians exploring new sonic territories. Talented guitarists from chart-topping bands to underground acts tap into the electric guitar’s capabilities to produce music that resonates with fans. Local artisans are also contributing to the instrument’s popularity by crafting custom-made guitars that are both aesthetically and acoustically pleasing, reflecting the rich musical diversity of the Philippines.

Influence Of Local And International Music Scene On Guitar Prices

The dynamics of the local and international music scene shape electric guitar pricing in the Philippines. With the influx of global music trends, there’s a heightened demand for specific models and brands that iconic musicians popularize. This fan-driven demand influences not only the prices but also the availability of certain electric guitars in the Philippine market. Locally, the rise of indie bands and solo artists can shift interest towards more affordable or mid-range models, which can create shifts in pricing to meet the financial reach of these emerging talents.

Overview Of Electric Guitar Brands Available In The Philippines

The Philippines offers a rich selection of electric guitar brands, encompassing both renowned international names and esteemed local manufacturers. Brands such as Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, and Yamaha are readily available, catering to both budget-conscious beginners and discerning professionals. Moreover, the Filipino market enjoys access to high-quality homegrown brands, ensuring that there’s an electric guitar for every level of musician. Here is a brief overview:

Brand Price Range (PHP) Target Musician Level
Fender 20,000 – 90,000 Intermediate to Professional
Gibson 50,000 – 200,000+ Professional
Ibanez 15,000 – 80,000 Beginner to Professional
Yamaha 10,000 – 50,000 Beginner to Intermediate
Local Brands 5,000 – 30,000 Beginner to Intermediate

Note: Prices of electric guitars can vary based on features, models, and the point of sale. Always research and compare prices for the best deals.

How Much are Electric Guitars in the Philippines


Factors Influencing The Prices Of Electric Guitars

How Much are Electric Guitars in the Philippines

The quest for the perfect electric guitar, while enthralling, often leads down a path of varied price points. Understanding the eclectic aspects that mould these prices is invaluable for enthusiasts and musicians in the Philippines searching to strike the right chord with their budget. Let’s explore the primary elements that shape the costs of electric guitars in this vibrant market.

Impact Of Import Taxes And Duties On Guitar Costs

For guitar aficionados in the Philippines, import taxes and duties can significantly alter the price landscape of electric guitars. These compulsory fees are levied by the government and can vary based on several factors, including:

  • The country of manufacture: Guitars crafted outside of the ASEAN region may incur higher taxes.
  • Type of guitar: Specialized or luxury models might attract additional duties.
  • Value and shipping costs: As these increase, so does the overall cost upon entry into the Philippine market.

This taxation layer often results in marked-up price tags for imported electric guitars, making it a pivotal aspect for potential buyers to consider.

The Role Of Brand Reputation And Demand On Pricing

Brand power cannot be overemphasized, with established names often commanding higher prices due to:

  • Legacy and prestige: Historic brands benefit from a storied reputation, often equating to greater demand and pricing.
  • Endorsements: Artists’ choice of instruments can sway public preference and push prices upward.
  • Innovation: Brands that consistently innovate may see a surge in demand, bolstering prices.

Consequently, guitars from iconic brands are typically pricier due to the weight their names carry in the music world.

Quality And Features Impacting Electric Guitar Prices

Highly skilled craftsmanship and advanced features are principal determinants of price in the electric guitar market. These include:

Quality/Feature Aspect Impact on Price
Construction Materials Finer woods and materials lead to superior sound quality and durability, thus a higher price.
Electronics and Hardware High-fidelity pickups and reliable hardware necessitate a steeper investment.
Design and Aesthetics Custom designs and finishes can significantly inflate the cost.

For electric guitar enthusiasts, the quest for exceptional sound and playability often merits the higher cost associated with premium features.

Effects Of Currency Exchange Rates And Economy On Market Prices

Fluctuating exchange rates and the current economic climate play non-trivial roles in determining electric guitar prices. The Philippine Peso’s strength against currencies like the US Dollar impacts:

  1. Importation costs: Weaker peso results in higher prices for imported guitars.
  2. Spending power: A volatile economy can affect consumer’s ability to purchase luxury items like electric guitars.
  3. Local market competition: Exchange rate variations might incentivize or deter local sellers from adjusting their prices.

Therefore, market prices are often in flux, responding to the ebb and flow of economic forces and currency values.

Average Price Range Of Electric Guitars In The Philippines

Embarking on the quest to find the perfect electric guitar in the Philippines opens up a symphony of choices, with prices that resonate with the diverse range of musicians, from eager novices to seasoned professionals. Identifying the average price range is essential for any enthusiast looking to invest in an electric guitar that not only fits their playing style but also aligns with their budget.

Entry-level Electric Guitars: Affordable Options For Beginners

The Philippine market offers a wealth of entry-level electric guitars that blend affordability with decent performance. Novices can expect to find instruments in this tier priced between PHP 5,000 to PHP 12,000. Brands like Squier, Epiphone, and LYRIC cater to beginners, providing a cost-effective springboard to start their musical journey. Features typically include basic pickups, simpler build quality, and a favorable set-up for learning.

Mid-range Electric Guitars: Balancing Cost And Quality

For those desiring a step up, mid-range electric guitars offer a sweet spot in the market where cost intersects with quality. The price bracket between PHP 15,000 and PHP 35,000 opens the doors to superior craftsmanship, enhanced electronics, and a wider variety of tonal options. Brands like Fender, Ibanez, and Yamaha provide models that cater to progressive players keen on honing their craft without breaking the bank.

High-end Electric Guitars: Premium Choices For Professionals

For the virtuoso demanding excellence, high-end electric guitars offer unparalleled performance, top-tier materials, and meticulous attention to detail. These premium models often start at around PHP 40,000 and can soar well beyond PHP 100,000. Established brands such as Gibson, PRS, and Fender’s American series reign supreme in this category, providing the exquisite sound and feel that professional players seek.

Understanding Second-hand Market Pricing For Electric Guitars

Diligent seekers of value will find the second-hand market a treasure trove of options. Pricing can vary widely based on the guitar’s condition, brand, model, and age. Second-hand electric guitars can range from as low as PHP 3,000 for a no-frills older model, to upwards of PHP 50,000 for a well-maintained instrument from a revered brand. Scouring through online marketplaces and local music stores provides ample opportunity for a serendipitous find.

How Much are Electric Guitars in the Philippines


Where To Buy Electric Guitars In The Philippines

The Philippines boasts a vibrant music scene and a growing number of electric guitar enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned shredder or a beginner, the quest to find the perfect electric guitar that strikes the right chord with your budget and style can lead you through various avenues. With options ranging from local music stores to online marketplaces and international retailers, let’s explore where you can find electric guitars that will have you rocking out in no time!

Local Music Stores And Their Inventory

Finding an electric guitar in the Philippines is a thrilling adventure, and it often starts in the bustling aisles of local music stores. These shops offer a hands-on experience and a chance to test guitars firsthand. Here’s what you can expect from them:

  • A diverse selection of brands, including popular names like Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, and Yamaha.
  • Expert advice from knowledgeable staff on the best guitar to suit your needs.
  • Immediate availability and the opportunity to take your guitar home the same day.

Online Marketplaces: Options And Caveats

Online marketplaces have revolutionized the way we shop for guitars. They offer convenience, variety, and often competitive pricing. Consider the following while shopping online:

Lazada & ShopeeDiscounts and promotions, wide range of choicesQuality verification is a challenge
Facebook MarketplaceLocal deals, potential for hagglingRisks of scams

Always check seller reviews and ratings, and opt for secure payment options.

International Retailers And Import Options

For those seeking specialty or high-end guitars, international retailers might be the key. They offer:

  1. Exclusive models not found in local stores.
  2. A more extensive range in terms of price and quality.
  3. Direct shipping options – though be wary of the import taxes and additional fees.

It’s advisable to research shipping policies and customer experiences before placing an order.

Exploring Custom And Boutique Guitar Makers In The Philippines

Philippine craftsmanship is celebrated worldwide, and the country’s custom and boutique guitar makers are no exception. These artisans offer:

  • Custom-built guitars tailored to your exact specifications and style.
  • Exceptional quality using locally sourced materials.
  • The unique opportunity to support local luthiers and the economy.

You can often meet the luthiers in person or visit workshops to get a feel for their craftsmanship, adding an intimate touch to your purchase.

Advice For Purchasing Electric Guitars In The Philippines

An enticing melody and the allure of stringed harmonies could lead you on a quest for the perfect electric guitar in the Philippines. This exhilarating journey requires more than just an appreciation of music; it calls for a well-informed approach to selecting your instrument. Addressing questions such as “How much are electric guitars in the Philippines?” involves examining factors beyond mere price tags. Whether you’re a budding musician or a genuine virtuoso, grasping the nuances of quality, price negotiation, warranty terms, and service options can significantly enhance your purchasing experience. Unlock the secrets to acquiring your dream electric guitar with this essential advice.

How To Assess Quality And Value For Money

Understanding the art of evaluating electric guitars proves crucial in identifying exemplary craftsmanship and sound investment. Delve into these clear-cut strategies:

  • Study the materials used, such as the type of wood for the body and neck, and the quality of the hardware.
  • Listen to the tone and sustain of the guitar, acknowledging that each model offers a unique sound signature.
  • Peruse user reviews and ratings to gauge the guitar’s reputation within the musician community.
  • Inspect the guitar for any imperfections in the finish, fret alignment, and the integrity of its construction.
  • Request a playtest to ensure the action is comfortable and the guitar maintains tuning stability.

Bargaining And Negotiating Prices In Physical And Online Stores

The art of negotiation can turn the tide in your favor, whether you’re in the aisles of a music store or navigating e-commerce platforms. Embrace these strategic bargaining tips:

  1. Research the average prices of the electric guitar models you’re interested in to establish a baseline.
  2. In physical stores, exhibit a friendly yet assertive demeanor; rapport can lead to remarkable discounts.
  3. For online purchases, reach out via chat or email to inquire about potential price reductions, coupons, or ongoing promotions.
  4. Consider bundle deals that might include accessories like cases, straps, or amplifiers at a better overall price.
  5. Always be polite and respectful; aggressive bargaining may backfire, leading to a less favorable outcome.

Warranties And Service Options To Consider

Protection for your prized possession merits attention. Scrutinizing warranties and services ensures long-term satisfaction and security. Keep an eye out for:

  • Manufacturer warranties that cover potential defects or malfunctions.
  • Local store policies regarding returns, exchanges, and repairs.
  • Extended warranty options that offer additional coverage at an extra cost.
  • Service packages, which may include setup, maintenance, and technical support from the retailer.

Tips For First-time Buyers And Seasoned Guitarists

Embarking on your guitar purchasing journey, whether it’s your first or fifth, demands an individualized approach. Heed these tailored suggestions:

For the Novice:

  • Focus on playability and comfort over high-end features you may not yet need.
  • Consider starting with a moderately priced model to develop your skills.
  • Seek advice from experienced players or guitar instructors for personalized recommendations.

For the Veteran:

  • Explore niche brands or custom shops for a unique addition to your collection.
  • Test guitars through your own rig to assess compatibility with your existing gear.
  • Keep an open mind to emerging technologies and innovations in guitar design and electronics.

Conclusion: Striking The Right Chord With Your Purchase

As we draw this discussion to a close, let’s reflect on the essential points to consider as you hit the right note with your electric guitar purchase. Navigating the vibrant and diverse guitar market in the Philippines requires not only awareness of your budget but also a deep understanding of your musical needs and aspirations.

Recap Of Key Considerations In Choosing An Electric Guitar

Electing the perfect guitar is a blend of art and specificity:

  • Price Range: Understand the cost spectrum and set a reasonable budget.
  • Brand and Quality: Assess reputable brands and the durability of materials used.
  • Design and Features: Ensure the guitar aligns with your genre and style.
  • Playability: Check for comfort and ease of use, especially for beginners.
  • Sound: Be certain the guitar’s tone resonates with your desired sound.

Encouragement To Invest In Learning And Playing

Purchasing your guitar marks the beginning of a thrilling musical journey. Immerse yourself in mastering chords, riffs, and melodies. Dedicate time to practice and consider lessons to elevate your skills. The joy derived from playing and the prospect of future performances make it a worthy investment.

Final Thoughts On The Ever-evolving Guitar Market In The Philippines

The Philippines’ guitar scene is continually advancing, offering an array of choices tailored to meet the demands of every guitarist. From novices to professionals, the market caters to all with options that encompass a variety of functions and innovations. Prices for electric guitars vary widely, thus it’s paramount to research and take advantage of the diverse selections available.

Ultimately, your decision should harmonize with your personal goals and the unique flair you wish to bring to your music. With thoughtful consideration and passion, the right electric guitar can be the key to unlocking your full musical potential.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How Much Are Electric Guitars In The Philippines

How Much Does A Guitar Cost In The Philippines?

Guitar prices in the Philippines vary widely, ranging from ₱1,500 for basic models to over ₱30,000 for premium guitars.

How Much Does A Electric Guitar Cost?

Electric guitar prices vary widely, ranging from around $100 for beginner models to over $3,000 for professional instruments.

How Much Can I Get An Electric Guitar?

Electric guitars vary widely in price, ranging from about $100 for entry-level models to over $3,000 for professional instruments.

What Brand Of Electric Guitar Is The Best?

The best brand of electric guitar often depends on individual preference, style, and budget. Renowned brands include Fender, Gibson, and Ibanez, each offering unique qualities and iconic models.


Exploring the range of electric guitars available in the Philippines reveals a diverse market. Prices can cater to both budding guitarists and seasoned musicians alike. Remember, the final choice should balance cost, quality, and personal preference for the best musical journey.

Dream big, rock on, and let your fingers find the perfect strum within your budget.

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