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10 Things To Know About Vinci Signature Acoustic Guitar

Find out everything you need to know about the Vinci Signature acoustic guitar, including history, build quality, sound quality, playability, and versatility.

Vinci is one of the entry-level budget acoustic guitar brands which have become popular with people who like shopping at big box stores. It is a Chinese-made brand specifically aimed at novice players. The Vinci Signature acoustic guitar retails for around $80 new and a good deal less used, so from that point of view, it’s ideal if you want to try out a guitar. At least if you decide against pursuing the hobby, you won’t have spent too much on your initial purchase.

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On the other hand, even experienced players have a place for a cheap acoustic. Around half of the guitars priced at less than $300 are made in China these days, even if the distributor is based elsewhere. Some brands even share the same manufacturing facility, so instruments are essentially the same, just with a different name on the headstock.


Vinci Signature guitars are made in China of laminate wood. Many musicians say they are great for the price and that the manufacturing and build quality have improved massively in the last few years. The brand is part of US Music Corp Group, alongside Washburn, Randall, and Oscar Schmidt. The range has acoustic, acoustic-electric, and electric variations. The focus of this article is the acoustic version.

Build Quality

A cheap guitar is unlikely to have the very best build quality, but it will be sufficient for a new player to learn on and then to keep as a backup as they improve. Many guitar teachers have a selection of budget acoustics for students to try, especially if they are still trying to work out which brand suits them best.

Novice players are advised to buy a cheap entry-level new guitar rather than a used model. There is less risk of buying something unsuitable if you buy out of the box rather than bidding for a second-hand instrument on an auction site. If you are determined to buy a second-hand model, then it is better to have an experienced player to help you evaluate the instrument before purchase.

The Vinci Signature has a mahogany and spruce body with the standard maple neck and rosewood fretboard.

Sound Quality

The guitar has a laminated body, so the sound quality will not be as good as a solid-body guitar. However, it is likely to be perfectly acceptable for the level of player it is aimed at. Students are less likely to be concerned with the sound quality and more with the fingering and fretting ability.

Satisfaction with the sound of your instrument comes later, as your playing fluency and ability increase. Many people who have been playing for 10 years or more still keep and play their first guitars because, to them, the sound quality compares well with a more expensive guitar.



In common with much cheaper acoustics, playability is emphasized over the sound quality. For beginners, the most important thing should be how easy any instrument is to play and if it is portable at the same time. The Vinci Signature is definitely meant to be easy to play because it is designed primarily for students. It is the sort of model a guitar teacher would be likely to have in reserve in case one of their pupils needed a replacement.


The Vinci Signature acoustic is suitable for both beginners and more advanced players. It is a good student instrument but also has a place in an intermediate or experienced guitarist’s collection. Because it is a budget model, it could perhaps be regarded as disposable by some players. For that reason, it’s a good traveling guitar because if it is damaged, it’s cheap to replace. A Vinci is the kind of guitar a pro musician would have in the back of a tour bus for composing. Other players may decide to take theirs on holiday or to a festival.


The Vinci Signature acoustic has a gig bag available, which is likely to be sold with any second-hand model. Buyers of second-hand guitars may also find that the strings have been upgraded or changed, so there may be a chance of acquiring the original strings plus the set the guitar is currently carrying. Starter packs bought new typically include a selection of picks, a tutorial DVD, a strap, and the gig bag. This will raise the cost to between $100 and $150.



The Vinci Signature acoustic guitar is super affordable for any level of player. New or used, it is at the budget end of acoustic guitar models. They retail for around $80 to $100 new and may vary from around $50 to $60 for a used Vinci.


Because the Vinci Signature acoustic guitar is a budget-level instrument, it’s unlikely to win any awards. However, it is good for acoustic players as a first instrument. It could also be suitable for a more experienced musician to use as a backup or when traveling. Overall, it’s absolutely good stuff for your practice room without spending a real fortune.


The Vinci Signature acoustic guitar is not valuable. It is definitely at the budget end of the market, and potentially its only value will be on the sentimental side if it was your first guitar. On the flip side, that budget price tag means that if it is damaged, the owner will be able to replace it easily with a similar model.


You can buy a Vinci Signature acoustic guitar online or in big box retailers such as Walmart and Target. Used models are often available on the online marketplace and listings sites.

Final Verdict

Generally, a Vinci Signature acoustic will meet the needs of a novice player or a more advanced-level musician who wants a backup instrument. Many more experienced players say they are well-made and have decent sound quality. The build quality is reasonable, being described as ‘straight, flat and tight’ by one reviewer.

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