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What About Us Ukulele Play along

The “What About Us” ukulele play-along is an interactive musical guide. It helps ukulele players learn to perform Pink’s hit song.

Delving into a musical tutorial can be a joyful way to master your favorite tunes, and that’s exactly what the “What About Us” ukulele play-along offers. It’s a delightful resource for ukulele enthusiasts eager to play along with Pink’s powerful anthem.

This play-along provides chord progressions and strumming patterns that align perfectly with the track, giving both beginners and intermediate players the chance to enhance their skills. Not only does it make practicing more enjoyable, but it also encourages players to keep pace with the actual song. The video format is typically user-friendly, often including lyrics and chord diagrams onscreen, ensuring a holistic learning experience. For music fans and ukulele learners, this kind of play-along simplifies the process of music-making, making it accessible and fun for everyone.

What About Us Ukulele Play along


Striking A Chord With ‘what About Us’

‘What About Us’ by Pink finds a new breath of life on the ukulele. This anthem, known for its powerful lyrics and Pink’s dynamic voice, becomes an intimate experience on the ukulele. It’s a song that touches hearts and encourages unity. Here’s how you can join this musical movement with just four strings.

The Pop Anthem On Four Strings

The ukulele, with its charming sound, is perfect for upbeat and melodic songs. Playing ‘What About Us’ on this instrument brings out a unique blend of empathy and strength. Learning the chords can be a joyful experience:

  • Understand the Strumming Pattern: Simple yet expressive.
  • Master the Chord Progression: A sequence of chords that repeats throughout.
  • Feel the Rhythm: Let the ukulele’s vibe flow through the song.

Pink’s Message Resonating Through Ukulele

Pink’s powerful anthem carries a message of resilience and questioning. The ukulele echoes this sentiment in a soft yet striking way. Here’s what makes it resonate:

Lyrical ConnectionUkulele Effect
Emotional Lyrics: Encourages deep feeling.Intimate Sound: Personal and close.
Call for Change: Inspires action.Bright Tones: Sparks hope.

The ukulele can transform ‘What About Us’ into an acoustic cry for change that resonates with listeners on a deeper level. Whether you’re a seasoned player or picking up a ukulele for the first time, this song is a wonderful addition to your playlist.

What About Us Ukulele Play along


Tuning Up For Emotion

Tuning up for emotion involves more than just getting the chords right. It is essential to connect with the song. For ‘What About Us’ on the ukulele, the emotion is key. This tune, with its powerful lyrics and melody, calls for a special kind of attention to detail. Let’s prepare for a play-along that resonates right to the heart.

Getting Your Ukulele Ready For Play

Preparing your ukulele is the first step to a great play-along.

  • Check your strings. They must be in good shape and not frayed.
  • Ensure tuners are tight. Loose tuners can cause strings to slip and go out of tune.
  • Use a clip-on tuner or a tuning app to get each string to the right note. Remember GCEA is standard tuning for a soprano, concert, and tenor ukuleles.

Setting The Tone For A Heartfelt Performance

Creating an emotional atmosphere starts with setting the right tone.

The song ‘What About Us’ demands a delicate balance of strength and vulnerability. Adopt this mindset before playing.

  1. Breathe and relax. Let the music flow through you.
  2. Play with feeling. Emphasize the dynamics of the song.
  3. Express the song’s message. Your performance should reflect its essence.

Learning The Basics

Starting on the ukulele brings a joy unlike any other instrument. The lightweight and simplicity of the ukulele make it a perfect choice for beginners. ‘What About Us’ is a captivating song that ukulele enthusiasts aspire to learn. Mastering this song requires knowledge of a few chords and strumming patterns. Without further delay, let’s dive into the essentials needed to play along to ‘What About Us’ on the ukulele.

Fundamental Chords For ‘what About Us’

Every great ukulele song relies on a set of fundamental chords. ‘What About Us’ is no different. Here are the key chords you need to learn:

  • Am (A minor)
  • F (F major)
  • C (C major)
  • G (G major)

Start by practicing these chords separately. Then, try to transition between them smoothly. Practice is crucial to getting comfortable with these chords.

Strumming Patterns To Drive The Rhythm

The strumming pattern is the heartbeat of any ukulele song. It gives life and rhythm to the chords. A basic strumming pattern for ‘What About Us’ can be:

This pattern, also known as DUDU, is simple yet effective. Practice this strumming pattern slowly at first.

Once proficiency increases, speed up the strumming to match the tempo of ‘What About Us’. Consistent practice will lead to smooth and rhythmic strumming.

With these basics in hand, you’re well on your way to performing a heartful rendition of ‘What About Us’ on your ukulele. Remember, patience and persistence unlock the beauty of ukulele music. Strum along, and let the music flow!

Mastering The Play Along

Welcome uke enthusiasts to your guide on ‘Mastering the Play Along’ for “What About Us”. Playing the ukulele along with a track is not just about strumming the right chords. It involves timing, technique, and emotion. Get your ukulele ready as we help you sync perfectly with the song and add expressive touches to make your performance shine!

Synchronizing With The Track

To create an engaging musical experience, you need to sync flawlessly with the track. It starts with listening. Focus on the beat and melody. Feel the rhythm of “What About Us” washing over you. Before diving in with your uke, it’s vital to immerse yourself in the music.

Expressive Techniques For Impact

To truly connect with any song, your playing must be full of feeling. On the ukulele, a few simple techniques can turn a regular play along into a powerful performance. Let’s explore how.

  • Dynamic Strumming: Vary your strumming intensity. Match the song’s energy as it changes.
  • Vibrato and Bends: On longer notes, add vibrato. Bend strings for emotional emphasis.
  • Use of Silence: Sometimes, not playing speaks volumes. Harness the power of pauses.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Keep playing, keep feeling the song, and make it your own. The ukulele is a versatile instrument that allows for a rich, expressive performance, so make every note count!

Adding Personal Touch

Adding a personal touch to a ukulele play-along can transform your performance. When we explore “What About Us” on the ukulele, it’s not just about mirroring the original. It’s about making the tune uniquely yours. This approach breathes new life into the song, making it memorable and more enjoyable for both you and your listeners.

Incorporating Your Own Style

Your style is your musical signature. It’s bold, personal, and tells your story. When you embrace this concept, every chord you strum adds depth to the song’s narrative. Begin by understanding the essence of “What About Us”. Recognize the song’s mood. Identify its pace. Feel every beat. With this foundation, you can introduce your style organically.

  • Experiment with strumming patterns: Don’t stick to the original. Try different rhythms.
  • Vary the tempo: Play around with the song’s speed. Slow it down or speed it up to see what sticks.
  • Personalize the intro and outro: Craft unique sections to bookend the song.

Tips For Making The Song Your Own

Personalizing “What About Us” on the ukulele invites creativity. Here are tips to carve your signature into the song:

  1. Change the key: Match the song to your voice to make it more comfortable for you to sing.
  2. Add fingerpicking: Introduce a fingerpicked section to highlight a pivotal moment in the song.
  3. Include a solo: A short ukulele solo can showcase your skills and mark your version as distinct.
  4. Play with dynamics: Soften your strum for a verse, then increase intensity for the chorus.
  5. Use percussive elements: Gently tap the body of the ukulele to add an extra layer of rhythm.

Remember, the ukulele is a tool for self-expression. Trust your instincts. Feel free to inject your personality into every note, every chord, and every riff. When you perform with authenticity, “What About Us” becomes more than a cover; it becomes a part of your musical identity.

Sharing Your Rendition

Sharing Your Rendition of “What About Us” on the ukulele isn’t just about hitting the right notes. It’s an invitation to join a vibrant, global community of music lovers. By sharing your music, you spark connections, inspire others, and continue to grow as a musician. The journey from solo practice to online sharing is thrilling. Now let’s explore how to amplify your ukulele play-along across various platforms.

Platforms For Ukulele Enthusiasts

Musicians today have incredible platforms at their fingertips. Each serves a unique purpose for sharing your ukulele covers. Here are a few you should consider:

  • YouTube: Post your video and get feedback from viewers.
  • Instagram: Share short clips or stories of your practice sessions.
  • SoundCloud: Perfect for audio-only renditions.
  • Ukulele-Tabs: Join to post tabs and videos.
  • Ukulele Underground: Engage with other ukulele players.

Engaging With The Ukulele Community

Interaction is crucial for growth. Playing the ukulele is more than a solo activity; it’s about community. Engaging with other enthusiasts will enhance your skills and provide a delightful exchange of tips and encouragement. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Join online forums and participate in discussions.
  2. Comment on and like others’ posts to build relationships.
  3. Participate in or start your own ukulele challenge.
  4. Attend or host virtual jam sessions.
  5. Give and seek feedback on performances.
What About Us Ukulele Play along


Frequently Asked Questions For What About Us Ukulele Play Along

How Do You Play What About Me On Ukulele?

To play “What About Me” on the ukulele, learn the chord progression. Strum the chords in sequence while singing along to match the song’s melody. Practice changes between chords smoothly for a consistent rhythm.

Which Is Easier Ukulele Or Guitar?

The ukulele is generally considered easier to learn than the guitar. It has fewer strings and a smaller size, making chord grasping and strumming simpler for beginners.

Is It Hard To Learn Ukulele By Yourself?

Learning ukulele by yourself is generally not hard. Its simple design and limited number of strings make it beginner-friendly. Online tutorials and resources can greatly aid self-teaching efforts.

Can Ukulele Play Any Song?

Yes, a ukulele can play any song, but adaptations might be necessary due to its four-string limitation and tuning.


Wrapping up our ukulele journey with “What About Us,” we’ve strummed to a compelling tune that unites us. This play-along guide aims to make music accessible and enjoyable for all skill levels. Grab your ukulele, embrace the rhythm, and let the music speak.

Here’s to many more songs that bring us together in harmony. Keep strumming and smiling!

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