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What Acoustic Guitar Does Dave Grohl Play

Dave Grohl plays a Gibson DG-335 electric guitar. As a versatile musician, he is known for using a variety of guitars to suit his style and sound.

Introduction To Dave Grohl’s Acoustic Guitar Preferences

When it comes to rock music, few names stand out as prominently as Dave Grohl. Known for his exceptional talent and energetic presence, Grohl has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the industry. While he is primarily recognized as the drummer and frontman for the legendary band Foo Fighters, his guitar skills are equally impressive. This article delves into Dave Grohl’s acoustic guitar preferences, shedding light on his passion for playing, the significance of acoustic guitars in his music, and the guitars he gravitates towards.

Dave Grohl’s Passion For Playing Guitar

Grohl’s passion for playing guitar can be traced back to his early musical journey. Before his rise to fame as the drummer of Nirvana, Grohl discovered his love for this versatile instrument. As he honed his skills, the guitar became an essential outlet for his creativity, allowing him to express his emotions and connect with his audience in a profound way.

This passion for guitar playing continued to grow throughout Grohl’s career, extending beyond his successful tenure as a drummer. His dedication to the instrument is evident in his live performances, where he effortlessly transitions from thunderous drumming to captivating guitar riffs. Whether it’s an electric or an acoustic guitar, Grohl’s fervor for playing is consistently demonstrated and resonates deeply with his fans.

The Significance Of Acoustic Guitars In His Music

Acoustic guitars play a crucial role in Dave Grohl’s music, bringing an intimate and raw quality to his compositions. While his roaring electric guitar chords are celebrated, it is Grohl’s ability to captivate an audience with the simplicity and warmth of an acoustic guitar that truly showcases his musical genius.

Many of Grohl’s renowned acoustic performances, such as the heartfelt “Everlong” and the poignant “My Hero,” highlight his ability to create emotional depth through stripped-down arrangements. These acoustic moments allow the audience to connect with Grohl on a deeper level, emphasizing the power of vulnerability in his songwriting. As he strums the strings of an acoustic guitar, Grohl shares authentic stories and evokes powerful emotions, creating timeless musical memories.

Moreover, acoustic guitars also offer Grohl the opportunity to experiment with different sounds and textures. From delicate fingerpicking patterns to energetic strumming, he explores the full range of acoustic guitar techniques, infusing his music with an unparalleled richness and variety.

In conclusion, Dave Grohl’s acoustic guitar preferences reflect his unwavering passion for playing the instrument and showcase the significance of acoustic guitars in his music. Whether it’s his profound connection with the guitar or the raw vulnerability he communicates through acoustic performances, Grohl continues to prove himself as a master of both electric and acoustic realms. In the next sections, we will explore the specific acoustic guitars that Dave Grohl favors and the distinctive qualities they bring to his music.

Dave Grohl’s Go-to Acoustic Guitar Brand And Model

Taylor Guitars As Grohl’s Top Choice

When it comes to acoustic guitars, Dave Grohl, the legendary frontman of the Foo Fighters, has a clear preference – Taylor guitars. Known for their exceptional craftsmanship and superior sound quality, Taylor guitars have been a mainstay in Grohl’s collection for years.

The Specific Taylor Guitar Model He Commonly Plays

Among the wide range of Taylor guitar models, there is one that Dave Grohl commonly reaches for – the Taylor 814ce. This iconic acoustic guitar has become synonymous with Grohl’s signature sound, making it his go-to instrument for both live performances and studio recordings.

The Taylor 814ce is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a perfect blend of rich tonal characteristics and exceptional playability. With its solid Sitka spruce top and solid rosewood back and sides, this guitar delivers a balanced and resonant sound that can cut through any mix.

Equipped with Taylor’s revolutionary Expression System 2 electronics, the 814ce offers unparalleled amplified sound, allowing Grohl to achieve his distinctive tone on stage. The guitar’s comfortable Grand Auditorium body shape and slim neck profile also contribute to its playability, making it a perfect choice for extended live performances.

Whether Grohl is performing acoustic renditions of Foo Fighters’ hits like “Everlong” or engaging in heartfelt acoustic ballads, the Taylor 814ce delivers the versatility and quality that he requires as a professional musician.

Features And Specifications Of Dave Grohl’s Preferred Acoustic Guitar

If you’re a fan of rock music, then you surely know Dave Grohl, the legendary frontman of the Foo Fighters. Besides his electrifying performances on stage, Grohl is also known for his incredible skills on the acoustic guitar. If you’ve ever wondered what acoustic guitar he prefers to play, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll explore the features and specifications of Dave Grohl’s preferred acoustic guitar, giving you an inside look into the instrument that brings such melodic magic to his music.

Description of the Guitar’s Body Shape, Size, and Tonal Qualities

When it comes to Dave Grohl’s choice in acoustic guitars, he has a clear preference for a particular body shape – dreadnought. The dreadnought is known for its larger size and full-bodied sound, which makes it perfect for producing powerful and resonant tones. With its wide waist and broad shoulders, this body style offers excellent projection and volume, allowing Grohl’s guitar playing to cut through even the loudest of performances.

As for the size of the guitar, Dave Grohl’s acoustic of choice typically falls into the standard dreadnought size range, with a body length of around 20 inches, a lower bout width of approximately 15.75 inches, and a depth of roughly 4.75 inches. These dimensions provide a comfortable playing experience while delivering a rich, balanced tone.

The tonal qualities of Dave Grohl’s preferred acoustic guitar are truly remarkable. The dreadnought body shape, combined with the expert craftsmanship, results in a guitar that exhibits deep and resonant lows, punchy mids, and clear, crisp highs. This tonal balance allows Grohl’s playing to shine across a range of music genres, from gentle fingerpicking to aggressive strumming.

Details About The Materials Used In The Guitar Construction

When it comes to the construction of Dave Grohl’s preferred acoustic guitar, only the finest materials are used. The combination of carefully selected tonewoods adds to the guitar’s exceptional sound quality and durability.

The top of Grohl’s guitar is typically constructed using spruce, a popular choice for acoustic guitars due to its ability to produce a broad dynamic range and rich tonal character. The back and sides often feature rosewood, known for its warm and well-balanced sound. This combination of spruce and rosewood creates a tonal palette that perfectly complements Grohl’s playing style.

The neck of his guitar is usually crafted from mahogany, a dense and stable wood that offers excellent sustain and stability. It provides a comfortable grip for Grohl’s hands as he navigates the fretboard with ease.

Additionally, the fretboard is typically made from ebony, a hard and smooth wood that enhances the playability and contributes to the guitar’s overall tonal response. The bridge, responsible for transmitting the strings’ vibrations to the soundboard, is often made from ebony as well.

Overall, Dave Grohl’s preferred acoustic guitar utilizes a combination of spruce, rosewood, mahogany, and ebony to create an instrument that not only looks amazing but also delivers exceptional sound quality. These carefully chosen materials contribute to the guitar’s tonal characteristics and playability, allowing Grohl to express his musical creativity to the fullest.

Dave Grohl’s Acoustic Guitar Modifications And Customizations

h2 align=”center”>Dave Grohl’s Acoustic Guitar Modifications and Customizations

When it comes to guitar legends, Dave Grohl certainly stands out with his distinct style and undeniable talent. But what many fans might not know is that Grohl’s musicianship extends beyond the realm of electric guitars – he is also a proficient acoustic player. His acoustic guitar of choice has gone through various modifications and customizations over the years, allowing Grohl to create his unique and signature sound. In this blog post, we will explore the aftermarket upgrades and personal touches that Grohl has made to his acoustic guitar, enhancing its sound and making it truly his own.

Aftermarket Upgrades Made By Grohl To Enhance The Guitar’s Sound

One of the ways that Grohl has tailored his acoustic guitar to suit his specific sound preferences is through aftermarket upgrades. These modifications aim to enhance the guitar’s sound quality, projection, and tonal versatility. Here are some of the notable aftermarket upgrades that Grohl has incorporated into his acoustic guitar:

  1. Improved pickups: Grohl opted to replace the stock pickups of his acoustic guitar with high-quality aftermarket pickups. This upgrade allows for enhanced clarity, responsiveness, and dynamic range, emphasizing the nuances in Grohl’s playing style. The improved pickups also contribute to minimizing unwanted noise and feedback, particularly during live performances.
  2. Upgraded bridge: The bridge of an acoustic guitar plays a crucial role in transmitting the vibrations from the strings to the soundboard. Grohl has chosen to upgrade the bridge of his acoustic guitar to a higher-end model, ensuring better sustain, resonance, and overall tonal balance. This upgrade contributes to a more vibrant and well-rounded sound.
  3. Customized bracing pattern: The bracing pattern inside an acoustic guitar significantly impacts its tonal characteristics. Grohl has worked closely with guitar luthiers to develop a customized bracing pattern that suits his playing style and sonic preferences. This unique bracing pattern enhances the guitar’s projection, improves note articulation, and adds warmth to the overall tone.

Personal Touches And Unique Modifications On His Acoustic Guitar

Aside from aftermarket upgrades geared towards sound enhancement, Grohl has also added personal touches and unique modifications to his acoustic guitar. These modifications not only create an instrument that feels like an extension of himself but also contribute to his distinctive playing style and stage presence. Here are some of the personal touches and unique modifications that Grohl has made:

  • Custom paint job: Grohl’s acoustic guitar often sports a custom paint job, featuring vibrant colors and eye-catching designs. This not only adds visual appeal but also makes his guitar instantly recognizable on stage. The custom paint job reflects Grohl’s artistic sensibilities and personal flair.
  • Decorative inlays: Grohl has incorporated decorative inlays on the fretboard of his acoustic guitar. These intricate and unique inlays serve as markers, enhancing the instrument’s aesthetics and visual allure. These personalized details contribute to the overall charm and individuality of Grohl’s acoustic guitar.
  • Strap locks: To ensure the safety and stability of his instrument during energetic performances, Grohl has installed strap locks on his acoustic guitar. This modification allows for secure attachment of the guitar strap to prevent accidental drops or slips. This practical addition gives Grohl peace of mind while delivering his explosive live performances.

Each aftermarket upgrade and personal modification on Dave Grohl’s acoustic guitar reflects his dedication to constantly refining his sound and creating a unique musical signature. These modifications not only enhance the guitar’s sonic capabilities but also make it truly his own.

Live Performances And Recordings Featuring Dave Grohl’s Acoustic Guitar

When discussing the legendary musician Dave Grohl, it’s impossible to ignore the incredible range of instruments he wields on stage and in the studio. While he may be best known as the drummer for Nirvana and the frontman of Foo Fighters, Grohl’s talent extends far beyond these roles. One instrument that shines prominently in his repertoire is the acoustic guitar. In this article, we’ll explore some of the notable songs where Dave Grohl showcases his acoustic guitar skills, as well as take a look at videos and performances that demonstrate his mastery of this versatile instrument.

H3notable Songs Where Dave Grohl Prominently Showcases His Acoustic Guitar Skills/h3

Dave Grohl’s ability to seamlessly transition from electrifying rock anthems to beautiful acoustic ballads is truly awe-inspiring. Here are just a few of the notable songs where he prominently showcases his acoustic guitar skills:

  1. “Everlong” – The Foo Fighters’ iconic hit features Grohl’s acoustic guitar taking center stage during the song’s intimate and heartfelt moments.
  2. “Times Like These” – Another Foo Fighters classic, this song highlights Grohl’s talent for crafting captivating acoustic melodies that perfectly complement the powerful lyrics.
  3. “Friend of a Friend” – Originally written during his time with Nirvana, this acoustic gem showcases Grohl’s ability to tell a genuine and heartfelt story through his playing.

H3videos And Performances Demonstrating His Mastery Of The Instrument/h3

If you’re looking to witness Dave Grohl’s mastery of the acoustic guitar firsthand, there are plenty of videos and performances that demonstrate his incredible skill and passion for the instrument. Here are a few notable examples:

1. MTV Unplugged performance:

  • During Nirvana’s iconic MTV Unplugged performance, Grohl’s acoustic guitar takes the spotlight as he delicately strums along to haunting renditions of songs like “About a Girl” and “Polly”.

2. Foo Fighters’ live shows:

  • Foo Fighters’ live performances are a testament to Grohl’s versatility and showmanship. From the energy-filled rock anthems to the intimate acoustic moments, his command of the acoustic guitar never fails to captivate the audience.

3. Solo performances:

  • Whether it’s on stage or in more intimate settings, Dave Grohl’s solo performances are a true showcase of his mastery of the acoustic guitar. From stripped-down versions of Foo Fighters’ hits to stunning covers, his talent and passion for the instrument shine through.

In conclusion, Dave Grohl’s acoustic guitar skills are a testament to his musical depth and versatility. From his unforgettable performances on iconic tracks to his captivating solo moments, his mastery of the instrument is undeniably awe-inspiring. Whether you’re a fan of rock or acoustic music, witnessing Grohl’s skill on the acoustic guitar is an experience not to be missed.

What Acoustic Guitar Does Dave Grohl Play


Frequently Asked Questions Of What Acoustic Guitar Does Dave Grohl Play

What Guitar Was Everlong Played On?

Everlong was played on a Gibson DG-335 guitar.

What Acoustic Guitars Does Dave Grohl Play?

Dave Grohl primarily plays a Gibson Dove acoustic guitar and a Martin D-18 acoustic guitar.

What Is Dave Grohl’s Favorite Guitar?

Dave Grohl’s favorite guitar is the Gibson Trini Lopez, known for its unique design and versatile sound.

How Much Is Dave Grohl’s Guitar?

Dave Grohl’s guitar varies in price depending on the specific model and condition. Some of his iconic guitars, like the Gibson Trini Lopez and the Gibson DG-335, can range from $10,000 to $20,000 or more in the market. However, prices may fluctuate due to factors such as rarity and demand.


To wrap up, Dave Grohl, the iconic musician known for his contributions to bands like Nirvana and Foo Fighters, has a penchant for playing a variety of acoustic guitars. From the legendary Martin D-18 to the resonant Gibson J-45, he has showcased his talent and love for these instruments throughout his career.

Whether you’re a fan of Grohl’s music or an aspiring guitarist yourself, exploring the guitars he plays can provide insight and inspiration for your musical journey.

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