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What Acoustic Guitar Does John Mayer Play

John Mayer plays a Martin OM-28JM signature acoustic guitar. Introduced in collaboration with John Mayer, the Martin OM-28JM is a sought-after instrument known for its balanced tone and exceptional craftsmanship.

As one of the most influential guitarists of his generation, John Mayer’s choice of instrument holds significant weight among musicians and fans alike. Known for his distinctive guitar playing style, Mayer has become synonymous with the Martin OM-28JM signature acoustic guitar.

Crafted by the renowned guitar manufacturer Martin in collaboration with Mayer, the OM-28JM combines traditional design elements with modern features. The guitar features a solid Sitka spruce top, East Indian rosewood back and sides, and a modified low oval neck shape for optimal playability. These specifications contribute to the guitar’s balanced tonal character, making it suitable for a wide range of playing styles and genres. Whether he is performing on stage or recording in the studio, John Mayer’s choice of the Martin OM-28JM reflects his dedication to quality craftsmanship and exceptional tone. This iconic acoustic guitar has become synonymous with Mayer’s sound and has inspired countless musicians worldwide.

John Mayer’s Preference For Acoustic Guitars

John Mayer, A Renowned Guitarist And Singer-songwriter

John Mayer is widely recognized as one of the most talented guitarists and singer-songwriters of his generation. With his soulful vocals and virtuosic guitar playing, he has captivated audiences around the world. While he is known for his versatility across various musical genres, Mayer’s preference for acoustic guitars is particularly notable.

Influenced By Various Acoustic Guitarists

Throughout his career, John Mayer has been influenced by a diverse range of acoustic guitarists. From legendary musicians like Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix, to contemporary folk artists like John Prine and Bob Dylan, Mayer has drawn inspiration from their distinctive styles and incorporated them into his own unique sound.

His Preference For Playing Acoustic Guitars In His Music

John Mayer’s love for acoustic guitars is evident in his music. Whether he is performing solo or accompanied by a band, he frequently incorporates the acoustic guitar into his compositions. This choice allows him to showcase his intricate fingerpicking, melodic phrasing, and heartfelt lyrics.

Mayer’s preference for acoustic guitars extends beyond his studio recordings. During live performances, he often showcases his skills on different acoustic guitar models, captivating audiences with his dynamic playing and soulful renditions.

Mayer’s dedication to the instrument also extends to the finer details. He pays meticulous attention to the tonal qualities, craftsmanship, and playability of the acoustic guitars he chooses to play, ensuring that they complement his musical style and meet his high standards.

The Acoustic Guitar Models John Mayer Plays

The Acoustic Guitar Models John Mayer Plays

John Mayer is renowned for his exceptional guitar playing skills, both electric and acoustic. While he is widely recognized for his prowess on the electric guitar, he also showcases his talent on various acoustic guitar models. In this article, we will delve into the acoustic guitar models that John Mayer commonly plays, exploring their features and reasons for his choice.

Martin D-45

The Martin D-45 is a legendary acoustic guitar known for its exceptional craftsmanship and tone. It is often regarded as one of the finest acoustic guitars produced by Martin Guitar Company. With its exquisite appearance and stellar sound quality, it is no wonder that John Mayer is captivated by the Martin D-45.

The Martin D-45 features a solid Sitka spruce top and East Indian rosewood back and sides. This combination of tonewoods produces a rich and balanced sound with excellent projection. The D-45 also boasts intricate abalone inlays on the top, sides, back, and fingerboard, adding to its elegance and beauty.

Key Features of the Martin D-45:

  • Solid Sitka spruce top for impeccable resonance
  • East Indian rosewood back and sides for a warm and full-bodied tone
  • Intricate abalone inlays for a visually stunning appearance
  • Scalloped X-bracing for enhanced projection and sustain
  • Select mahogany neck with low-profile shape for comfortable playability

Martin Om-28

The Martin OM-28 is another acoustic guitar that has caught the attention of John Mayer. Known for its versatility and exceptional sound quality, the OM-28 is a favorite among many professional musicians, including Mayer himself.

The Martin OM-28 features a smaller, orchestra-style body, which makes it lightweight and comfortable to play. Its solid Sitka spruce top and East Indian rosewood back and sides contribute to its balanced and articulate tone.

Notable features of the Martin OM-28:

  • Smaller orchestra-style body for enhanced playability
  • Solid Sitka spruce top for clear and dynamic sound
  • East Indian rosewood back and sides for warmth and richness
  • Low-oval neck profile for comfortable fretting

Gibson J-45

The Gibson J-45 is a classic acoustic guitar with a rich history and a distinctive sound. It has been a popular choice among folk and blues musicians for decades, and its timeless appeal has also captivated John Mayer.

The Gibson J-45 features a round-shouldered dreadnought body shape, which delivers a loud and resonant tone. Its solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides contribute to its warm and full-bodied sound. The J-45 also offers a comfortable playing experience, making it an ideal choice for long gigs or recording sessions.

Key features of the Gibson J-45:

  • Round-shouldered dreadnought body for powerful projection
  • Solid spruce top for a balanced and responsive sound
  • Mahogany back and sides for warmth and depth
  • Traditional hand-scalloped X-bracing for enhanced tonal resonance
  • Slim-taper mahogany neck for smooth playability

John Mayer’s Custom Signature Acoustic Guitars

When it comes to acoustic guitars, John Mayer is undeniably one of the most celebrated musicians of our time. Renowned for his soulful melodies and captivating performances, Mayer has a unique connection with his instruments. In collaboration with renowned guitar manufacturer Martin, he has created two remarkable custom signature acoustic guitars that perfectly capture his distinctive playing style and preferences.

Martin 00-45sc John Mayer Edition

Journeying into the realm of expertise, Mayer collaborated with Martin guitars to produce the extraordinary Martin 00-45SC John Mayer Edition. This masterpiece is a visual and sonic delight with its unique design elements and meticulous attention to detail.

Featuring a stunning solid Sitka spruce top and Brazilian rosewood back and sides, this guitar boasts exceptional tonal qualities that are characteristic of the Martin brand. The rare woods used in its construction contribute to its rich and resonant sound, making every strum truly magical.

In this John Mayer signature model, Martin has incorporated a custom neck shape to satisfy Mayer’s preferences for a comfortable and effortless playing experience. This neck shape, combined with the low oval profile and high-performance taper, ensures that Mayer’s unique playing style is accommodated and allows for maximum playability.

Additionally, the 00-45SC John Mayer Edition features Mayer’s personal touches, such as a modified nut width for easy fingerstyle playing, as well as Micro Pearl “30-S” fingerboard inlays that add a touch of elegance to its appearance.

Martin Omjm John Mayer Signature Model

In response to the success of their first collaboration, Martin and John Mayer joined forces once again to create another exceptional acoustic guitar – the Martin OMJM John Mayer Signature Model.

Developed to meet Mayer’s specific playing style and preferences, this guitar offers a unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern enhancements. The OMJM features a spruce top and East Indian rosewood back and sides, which provide a balanced and well-defined tone with excellent projection.

To cater to Mayer’s playing style, the Martin OMJM incorporates an exclusive “Low Profile” neck shape that offers optimal comfort and ease of playing. Mayer’s intricate fingerstyle technique is enhanced by the radiused fingerboard, which provides effortless playability across the entire fretboard.

Another noteworthy feature of the OMJM is the Scalloped X-bracing, which allows for increased resonance and responsiveness, providing a more open and dynamic sound.

In conclusion, the collaboration between John Mayer and Martin Guitars has resulted in the creation of two extraordinary custom signature acoustic guitars that embody Mayer’s distinctive style and preferences. From the precise design elements and specifications to the innovative enhancements, these guitars are a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of both Mayer and Martin.

What Acoustic Guitar Does John Mayer Play


John Mayer’s Acoustic Guitar Playing Style And Technique

John Mayer is renowned for his incredible guitar skills, and his acoustic playing style is no exception. From his early blues-inspired works to his later folk-inspired albums, Mayer has showcased his versatility and mastery of the instrument. His unique fingerpicking techniques, strumming patterns, and incorporation of percussive elements have all contributed to his distinct sound. Let’s dive deeper into John Mayer’s acoustic guitar playing style and technique, exploring his fingerstyle approach, the influences that shaped his playing, and his creative use of rhythm and percussive elements.

Fingerstyle Approach

One of the defining features of John Mayer’s acoustic guitar playing is his fingerstyle approach. Rather than using a pick, Mayer uses his fingers to pluck and strum the strings, allowing for greater control and a wider range of tonal possibilities. This technique lends itself well to the expressive nature of his playing, enabling him to deliver intricate melodies, complex chord progressions, and dynamic rhythms.

Influenced By Blues And Folk Guitarists

Like many great guitarists, Mayer’s playing style is heavily influenced by the blues and folk genres. He has openly expressed his admiration for blues guitar legends such as Stevie Ray Vaughan and B.B. King, as well as folk guitarists like Nick Drake and Joni Mitchell. By studying the techniques and styles of these greats, Mayer has developed a unique blend of blues and folk elements that are evident throughout his acoustic repertoire. This fusion of genres adds depth and richness to his playing, setting him apart from other contemporary guitarists.

Mayer’s Unique Fingerpicking Techniques And Patterns

When listening to John Mayer’s acoustic performances, you’ll notice his distinct fingerpicking techniques and intricate patterns. He often employs a combination of Travis picking and hybrid picking, incorporating alternating bass notes, arpeggios, and melodic lines. This approach adds complexity and texture to his playing, allowing him to create lush and engaging arrangements that showcase his technical prowess and musicality.

Strumming And Rhythm Techniques

Beyond fingerstyle playing, Mayer also utilizes various strumming and rhythm techniques on the acoustic guitar. His strumming patterns range from gentle and delicate to energetic and aggressive, depending on the mood and feel of the song. Moreover, his ability to create intricate rhythms and syncopated patterns adds a captivating dynamic to his performances. Mayer’s command over rhythm is evident in his live shows, where he effortlessly weaves in and out of different tempos and feels, captivating audiences with his undeniable groove.

Incorporating Percussive Elements Into His Playing

One of the hallmarks of John Mayer’s acoustic guitar playing is his skillful incorporation of percussive elements. By incorporating finger taps, hand slaps, and drum-like effects on the body of the guitar, he adds rhythmic complexity and depth to his sound. These percussive accents not only showcase his technical abilities but also enhance the overall musical experience by creating a full and immersive sound.

Mayer’s Approach To Creating Dynamic Rhythms On Acoustic Guitar

John Mayer’s acoustic guitar playing is characterized by his ability to create dynamic rhythms. Whether it’s through his fingerpicking, strumming, or percussive techniques, Mayer knows how to build tension and release within his musical arrangements. He skillfully combines soft and gentle passages with powerful and driving sections, creating a compelling ebb and flow that keeps listeners engaged from start to finish.

The Impact Of John Mayer’s Acoustic Guitar Choices

When it comes to acoustic guitars, John Mayer’s choices have had a resounding impact on both aspiring guitarists and guitar enthusiasts alike. With his exceptional taste in acoustic guitars, Mayer’s instrument choices have not only influenced a whole generation of guitar players but also shaped the acoustic guitar market itself.

Influence On Aspiring Guitarists

John Mayer’s skilled and soulful guitar playing has inspired countless aspiring guitarists around the world. His ability to seamlessly blend intricate fingerpicking, melodic lines, and expressive strumming on an acoustic guitar has captivated audiences and motivated many to pick up the instrument themselves. Mayer’s guitar choices serve as an aspirational benchmark for those looking to emulate his distinctive sound and style.

Recognition Of Mayer’s Exceptional Taste In Acoustic Guitars

With a discerning ear for tone and playability, John Mayer has gained recognition for his exceptional taste in acoustic guitars. Whether it’s the warm and rich tones of a vintage Martin or the versatile tonal palette of a Gibson, Mayer’s guitar choices exhibit a deep appreciation for instruments that offer a wide range of expression. His reputation for selecting high-quality, well-crafted acoustic guitars has solidified his status as a connoisseur in the guitar community.

The Impact Of His Guitar Choices On Guitar Enthusiasts

John Mayer’s guitar choices have had a profound impact on guitar enthusiasts, who avidly study and analyze his instrument selection. This attention to detail has resulted in an increased awareness and demand for the specific models Mayer plays. Guitar enthusiasts not only seek out the same guitars as Mayer but also strive to replicate the specific modifications and setup he employs to achieve his signature sound. This has fueled a vibrant community of guitar enthusiasts who meticulously study and discuss Mayer’s guitar choices.

Shaping The Acoustic Guitar Market

Thanks to the influence of John Mayer’s guitar choices, the acoustic guitar market has seen a noticeable shift. Manufacturers have taken note of the increased demand for the models Mayer plays and have sought to cater to the desires of guitarists looking to capture Mayer’s sound. This has led to collaborations between Mayer and renowned guitar makers, such as Martin and Gibson, resulting in signature models that bear his name and carry his stamp of approval.

Increased Demand For The Models Mayer Plays

The impact of John Mayer’s guitar choices is not limited to the guitar community alone. As his popularity as a musician continues to grow, so does the demand for the specific acoustic guitar models he plays. This surge in demand has made these models highly sought after, often commanding higher prices in the second-hand market. The influence of Mayer’s guitar choices extends beyond the realm of music, resonating with a wider audience who appreciates the craftsmanship and sonic prowess of these instruments.

Martin And Gibson’s Association With John Mayer, Ensuring

John Mayer’s influence is so significant that renowned guitar manufacturers, Martin and Gibson, have recognized the value of their association with him. By associating their brand with Mayer, these companies have solidified their reputation as makers of exceptional acoustic guitars. This alignment provides guitar enthusiasts with a stamp of approval, assuring them that the instruments Mayer plays are of the highest craftsmanship and musicality.

Frequently Asked Questions On What Acoustic Guitar Does John Mayer Play

What Type Of Guitars Does John Mayer Play?

John Mayer plays various types of guitars including Fender Stratocasters, Gibson ES-335s, and Martin acoustic guitars.

What Size Acoustic Guitar Does John Mayer Use?

John Mayer uses a variety of acoustic guitars, including his signature Martin OMJM model.

What Type Of Guitar Does John Mayer Play For Dead And Company?

John Mayer plays various guitars for Dead and Company, including his signature PRS Silver Sky model.

What Size Guitar Does John Mayer Use?

John Mayer uses a variety of guitars, but he is most often seen playing a Fender Stratocaster.


Overall, John Mayer’s love for acoustic guitars is well-known in the music industry. Through his career, he has found his perfect match in the Martin OM-28JM signature model. With its rich and resonant tone, it perfectly complements Mayer’s exceptional playing style and elevates his musical expression to new heights.

Whether you’re a fan or an aspiring musician, investing in a Martin OM-28JM can bring you closer to capturing Mayer’s mesmerizing sound and passion for the acoustic guitar.

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