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What Electric Guitar Does Joan Armatrading Play

Joan Armatrading is known for playing the Ovation Breadwinner electric guitar. This model became her iconic instrument.

Renowned singer-songwriter Joan Armatrading has carved out a niche in music history with her distinctive playing style. Her choice of the Ovation Breadwinner reflects her unique sound that blends folk, jazz, pop, and blues. This guitar has a solid body and distinctive shape, known for its quality build and versatility.

Fans and guitar enthusiasts recognize the Ovation Breadwinner as an extension of Armatrading’s musical persona. Her performances and recordings showcase the instrument’s rich tonal qualities and sustain, making it a perfect fit for her emotive songwriting and dynamic range. Armatrading’s use of the Ovation Breadwinner is a testament to the guitar’s ability to accommodate and even enhance her eclectic musical style.

What Electric Guitar Does Joan Armatrading Play


Introduction To Joan Armatrading And Her Musical Legacy

Introduction to Joan Armatrading and Her Musical Legacy

Renowned for her deep, emotive voice, sophisticated chord structures, and introspective lyrics, Joan Armatrading stands as a beacon of talent in contemporary music. As a versatile singer-songwriter and guitarist, Armatrading has carved an indelible niche in the hearts of music aficionados worldwide. Her unique blend of folk, jazz, pop, blues, and rock continually defies genre constraints, making her legacy one of innovation and inspiration. Beyond her magnetic performances, the instruments she chooses to play add a distinctive character to her signature sound — a sound that has influenced countless musicians and delighted millions of fans.

Background On Joan Armatrading’s Career

Born in Saint Kitts and raised in Birmingham, England, Joan Armatrading embarked on a musical journey that would lead her to international acclaim. With a career spanning over four decades, Armatrading has released numerous albums that showcase her dynamic range and skill as both a vocalist and a guitarist. Her breakout album, eponymous ‘Joan Armatrading’, was a critical and commercial success, featuring timeless tracks such as ‘Love and Affection’. Recognized by the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards and Ivor Novello Awards, Armatrading’s enduring career continues to be celebrated by fellow musicians and industry experts.

Contribution To Music And Unique Style

Armatrading’s music seamlessly transcends boundaries, incorporating influences across various genres. Her songwriting exhibits a rare depth, often exploring themes of vulnerability and resilience. A three-time Grammy Award nominee, Joan Armatrading’s distinctive style has made her a pioneer for female musicians, specifically in the art of guitar playing. Her ability to convey powerful messages through her compositions and performances has positioned her as a formidable force in the music scene.

Overview Of Armatrading’s Instrument Preferences

Joan Armatrading has always been associated with her impeccable taste in guitars, which contribute significantly to her soul-stirring melodies. She has often been pictured with high-quality instruments, including various models of Ovation and Gibson guitars. These brands are known for their rich tonality and excellent craftsmanship, aligning with Joan’s commitment to artistry. Whether strumming the folk-driven harmonies or articulating intricate blues solos, these instruments are central to the Joan Armatrading sound that is universally cherished.

What Electric Guitar Does Joan Armatrading Play


The Electric Guitar: Joan Armatrading’s Choice Instrument

Joan Armatrading’s rich musical career has been marked by her evocative songwriting and distinctive voice. Yet, it’s the electric guitar that often takes center stage, a testament to her multifaceted artistry. With a career spanning decades, Armatrading has employed her guitar prowess to convey a wide range of emotions, making the instrument an integral part of her musical identity.

Throughout her albums, Joan Armatrading has displayed an exceptional skill for weaving the electric guitar into her music in a way that complements her vocal delivery. From rhythmic strumming patterns to heartfelt solos, the electric guitar provides a dynamic foundation for her storytelling.

  • Melodic Solos: Armatrading’s solos are often crafted to highlight the emotional peak of a song, becoming a signature element in her music.
  • Rhythm and Groove: The guitar lays down a groove that carries the tune and engages listeners, creating an unforgettable auditory experience.

Armatrading’s distinctive sound owes much to her choice of guitar and playing style. The electric guitar is not just an afterthought; it is a deliberate selection that shapes the mood of each track. With each strum and pluck, Armatrading crafts a sonic landscape that is at once unique and familiar.

The guitar’s versatility allows her to transition between genres, from folk to pop to rock, showcasing her ability to adapt and innovate. It is this versatility that has made Joan Armatrading a stalwart in the music industry.

Joan Armatrading is a multi-instrumentalist, but the electric guitar holds a special place in her musical toolkit. Compared to other instruments she has played, like the piano or acoustic guitar, the electric guitar stands out for its ability to convey a wider range of tones and dynamics. A quick look at her musical choices underscores this:

Instrument Role in Music Contributions to Sound
Electric Guitar Main harmonic and rhythmic instrument Electric energy, expressive solos, versatility across genres
Piano Secondary harmonic instrument Subtle accompaniments, melodic underlays
Acoustic Guitar Occasional lead and rhythm Intimate, folk-driven sound, warmth

However, in the end, the electric guitar consistently emerges as the core of her sound, her go-to instrument for delivering the passion and sincerity fans have come to cherish in her music.

Specific Models Of Electric Guitars Used By Armatrading

Renowned for her rich, expressive vocals and her profound song-writing, Joan Armatrading has also made a lasting impact on the world of music with her exceptional guitar skills. With a career spanning decades, Armatrading’s choice of electric guitars has both influenced and been a testament to her evolving sound. Delve into the specific models of electric guitars that have been part of Armatrading’s musical journey.

List Of Known Electric Guitar Brands And Models Joan Armatrading Has Played

  • Gibson Les Paul – A staple in her collection, offering the unmistakeable warmth and sustain.
  • Fender Stratocaster – Through which she channels a classic rock tone with a signature sleekness.
  • Gibson Flying V – For when her performances demand a visually and sonically striking edge.
  • Gibson SG – Delivers a punchy sound that complements her robust vocal performances.
  • Ovation Breadwinner – A uniquely shaped guitar that stands out in her acoustic-led tracks.

Detailed Look At Her Most Favored Electric Guitars Over The Years

The Gibson Les Paul has been a favored model by Joan Armatrading over the years. Reflective of her rich tonal preferences, this guitar’s signature sound is present in many of her recordings. Its solid mahogany body and maple top provide a full-bodied warmth with clarity in the high end, attributes that suit Armatrading’s style.

The Fender Stratocaster is another icon in her lineup. Known for its bright and cutting sound, it serves as an ideal counterpoint to the Les Paul in her arsenal. With this guitar, Joan can switch from rhythm to piercing leads effortlessly, harnessing the versatility for which the Stratocaster is famous.

Anecdotes And Quotes About Her Personal Connection To Her Guitars

“My guitars are not just tools; they’re my companions,” Joan once remarked, highlighting the deep connection she has with her instruments.

Reflecting on the Gibson Les Paul, Joan shared, “There’s something about the way it feels in your hands… it’s like coming home every time I play it.” This guitar has not just been part of her music; it’s embedded in the emotions she conveys through her songs.

The link between Joan and her Fender Stratocaster is also significant. She recounted the story of how she acquired it: “I walked into the shop, and there it was. I knew we were meant to make music together.” Such anecdotes provide a glimpse into the serendipitous moments that have shaped her musical expression.

What Electric Guitar Does Joan Armatrading Play


Impact Of Armatrading’s Guitar Choice On Aspiring Musicians

Impact of Armatrading’s Guitar Choice on Aspiring Musicians

Joan Armatrading’s distinctive guitar style reshaped the way aspiring musicians approached the electric guitar. As a prolific singer-songwriter, Armatrading has always been recognized for her emotive lyrics and unique vocal delivery. But it’s her prowess with the guitar that has, in many ways, been a silent forceshaping the aspirations and techniques of guitarists across generations. Her choice of instrument not only distinguished her sound but also her identity as an artist.

Influence Of Joan Armatrading’s Guitar-playing Style On Other Musicians

Joan Armatrading’s approach to playing electric guitar has captivated players for decades. Known for her articulate phrasing and rhythmic precision, Joan has utilized her guitar to create a sound that is both complex and accessible. Aspiring musicians observe her technique—a blend of fingerpicking and strumming, and incorporate elements into their own style. This cross-pollination of skills ensures that her influence extends far beyond her own discography.

How Her Choice Of Electric Guitar Has Impacted Guitar Culture

Joan Armatrading has often been seen playing a Ovation Breadwinner or Gibson Les Paul. These models stand out for their tonal versatility and have been part of Armatrading’s signature sound. Guitar culture celebrates not only the musician but also the instruments they play. Her preference for these iconic electric guitars has led to a renewed interest among players, both in the history of these models and their capabilities. Fans and fellow musicians are inspired to explore the dynamic range offered by the same guitars, hoping to capture even a fraction of Armatrading’s tonal magic.

The Legacy Of Armatrading’s Sound And Its Inspiration For Future Generations

Joan Armatrading’s legacy is not only evident in her music but also in the impact her sound continues to have on future generations. Her unmistakable guitar tone—warm, bold, yet nuanced—resonates with young players seeking their own voice on the instrument. Armatrading’s sound, a harmonious blend of folk, rock, pop, and blues, becomes a beacon for versatility and emotion in music. Through her sound, aspiring guitarists learn that innovation on the electric guitar is not just about technical skills, but also about the power of expressing a broad spectrum of human experiences.

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What Are Some Interesting Facts About Joan Armatrading?

Joan Armatrading is a celebrated British singer-songwriter, known for her distinctive vocal range and emotive lyrics. She made history in 1976 as the first female UK artist to be nominated for a Grammy in the blues category. Her career spans over four decades, with hits like “Love and Affection”.

What Kind Of Guitar Does George Ezra Play?

George Ezra often plays a Classical Spanish guitar known for its distinct nylon strings. He has also been seen using steel-string acoustic guitars on stage.

How Old Is Joan Armitrading?

Joan Armitrading was born on December 9, 1950, which makes her 72 years old as of 2023.

Who Is Joan Armatrading Married To?

Joan Armatrading has not publicly disclosed details of her marital status. She keeps her personal life private.


Joan Armatrading’s choice of electric guitar reflects her unique style and musical excellence. Whether she’s strumming a Yamaha SG or a Fender Stratocaster, her talent is unmistakable. For aspiring guitarists, her selection underscores the importance of finding an instrument that complements one’s individual sound.

Embrace your musical journey with inspiration from Armatrading’s iconic legacy.

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