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What Electric Guitar Does Keith Urban Play

Keith Urban frequently plays the Fender Telecaster and his own signature line of guitars, the “Keith Urban Player.” Among Keith Urban’s preferred electric guitars, the Fender Telecaster stands out, a classic choice known for its clear, punchy tones well-suited to country music and his dynamic playing style.

This Grammy-award-winning artist has teamed up with brands to create a series of signature guitars, which embody the features and playability he values. These guitars are designed to offer both beginners and experienced guitarists a taste of Keith’s musical precision, with affordable options that don’t compromise on quality.

From their comfortable neck profiles to their versatile pickup configurations, Keith Urban’s guitars provide players with the tools to produce the wide array of tones he uses to captivate audiences around the world. Whether he’s performing on stage or working in the studio, Keith Urban’s guitar choices are a testament to his commitment to sound craftsmanship and performance excellence.

Introduction To Keith Urban And His Musical Style

Keith Urban has long been a luminous figure in the music world, especially within the country genre. Hailing from New Zealand and raised in Australia, Urban’s journey to Nashville set the stage for a groundbreaking career. His musical style is a dynamic fusion of country traditions and rock elements, infused with a noticeable dash of pop sensibility. The soundscape of his songs often features deft guitar work, engaging narratives, and Urban’s unmistakable vocal charm.

Exploring Keith Urban’s Impact On Country Music

Keith Urban’s arrival on the country music scene brought with it a fresh wave of innovation and appeal. His impact on the genre can be seen in his multiple Grammy Awards, chart-topping hits, and a legion of dedicated fans. Urban reshaped country music by integrating guitars, typically associated with rock, into his performances. This blend has led to a more versatile and inclusive country music landscape.

The Signature Sound And Techniques Of Keith Urban

Urban’s sound signature hinges on his masterful guitar playing. Whether he strums an acoustic ballad or shreds through a searing solo on his electric guitar, Keith Urban’s technique showcases incredible versatility and emotion. His instrument of choice is often a Fender Telecaster, partnered with a cranked-up amp to yield that gritty twang synonymous with his records. By employing a combination of fingerpicking and flatpicking, Urban adds texture and depth to his playing, making his performances unforgettable.

Keith Urban’s Electric Guitar Arsenal

Keith Urban’s Electric Guitar Arsenal is as diverse as his musical talents. The Grammy Award-winning country rocker is not just known for his compelling vocals and songwriting skills but also for his extraordinary guitar play. Whether he’s serenading with a ballad or rocking out on stage, Keith Urban’s choice in electric guitars plays a vital role in his signature sound. In the following sections, we’ll delve into the impressive collection of guitars that Urban wields to create his hit melodies.

Overview Of Keith Urban’s Favorite Guitars

Over the years, Keith Urban has showcased a variety of electric guitars that have become essential to his performances. Known for having a particular fondness for models that offer both excellent playability and unique tones, Urban often rotates between different brands and styles depending on the song or the show. His lineup includes an array of Fender Telecasters, Gibson electrics, and a number of customized pieces that add a special touch to his music.

The Fender Telecaster: Keith Urban’s Go-to Instrument

The Fender Telecaster stands out as Keith Urban’s primary choice when it comes to electric guitars. Its distinctive twang and solid body make it perfect for the bright, punchy chords in many of his country hits. Having wielded various Telecaster models over the years, Urban demonstrates the versatility of this iconic guitar, from leading a band in a packed arena to unplugged acoustic sessions. The Fender Telecaster is synonymous with Keith Urban’s dynamic stage presence and masterful stringwork.

Custom Models And Unique Finds In Urban’s Collection

Keith Urban’s eye for detail and quality doesn’t stop at production models. His collection features custom guitars tailored to his specific playing style and sound preferences. From instruments gifted by fellow artists to ones designed by master luthiers, these guitars are as unique as the musician himself. Urban’s array of six-strings includes rare finds and one-offs that guitar enthusiasts can only dream of, each with a story to tell and a role in his music-making journey.

The Iconic Guitars Keith Urban Played Over The Years

From the comforting strum of an acoustic to the electrifying riff of a solid-body, Keith Urban’s guitar collection tells the story of a world-class musician’s evolving career. Urban’s unmistakable blend of country flavor with rock dynamics comes not just from his skillful playing and heartfelt vocals but also from his choice of guitars. As we trace the musical journey of this country legend, let’s delve into the iconic guitars that have been a part of his signature sound, from his early days to the grand stages he commands today.

The Evolution Of Keith Urban’s Guitar Preferences

Keith Urban’s guitar preferences have shaped his music’s evolution. With a career that has spanned decades, Urban has held a variety of guitars that have accompanied him through different creative phases. The guitarist started his career with Fender Teles and Gibsons but gradually transitioned towards a more diverse selection, including lesser-known brands that helped forge his unique sound.

Notable Performances And The Guitars He Played

Over the years, Keith Urban’s performances have been marked by the presence of some standout guitars. Noteworthy performances often featured Urban wielding Fender Telecasters, especially during his compelling Grammy and CMA appearances. Beyond television, live concerts see Urban switching between different models, embracing the raw power of electric and the nuance of acoustic to connect with every audience member.

  • Grammy Awards: Fender Custom Shop Telecaster
  • CMA Fest: 1960 Fender Custom Shop ‘Masterbuilt’ Rosewood Telecaster
  • “Blue Ain’t Your Color” Music Video: Gibson Les Paul

Keith Urban’s Guitar Setup And Modifications

Keith Urban’s approach to music is personalized, a trait clearly seen in his guitar setup and modifications. With his tech team, he tweaks his guitars for optimum performance. Custom pickups, tailored neck profiles, and string gauges are just a few of the adjustments made to fit Urban’s playing style. Additionally, Keith often opts for alternate tuning to craft his signature sound.

Guitar Model Custom Modifications
Fender Telecaster
  • Hotter pickups
  • Slimmer neck profile
Gibson Les Paul
  • Weight relief
  • Personalized setup for action
Vintage Guitars
  • Refretted with preferred fret wire
  • Custom wiring for tonal versatility
What Electric Guitar Does Keith Urban Play


Keith Urban’s Influence On Guitar Craftsmanship

Keith Urban’s influence on the world of electric guitars extends beyond his mesmerizing performances and chart-topping hits. This Grammy Award-winning artist has left a significant mark on guitar craftsmanship. Urban’s choice of instruments and his collaboration with manufacturers have influenced guitar designs, inspired budding guitarists, and impacted the music industry as a whole.

Guitar Brands Endorsed By Keith Urban

Throughout his career, Keith Urban has been linked with various high-profile guitar brands. His preferences and endorsements have guided both seasoned players and novices in their choices of instruments.

  • Fender
  • Gibson
  • Maton

These brands have benefited immensely from Urban’s association, often experiencing a surge in popularity as fans rush to emulate his sound and style.

The Development Of The Keith Urban Player Guitar Line

The Keith Urban Player Guitar Line represents a direct collaboration between the artist and manufacturers. This line aims to provide quality instruments that are accessible to musicians of all levels. Urban’s involvement in the design process ensures that these guitars not only carry his name but also his personal touch. Here are a few critical features of this line:

Feature Description
Quality Wood Crafted with select woods for optimal sound.
User-Friendly Design Designed for playability, suiting both beginners and experts.
Affordability Priced to be budget-friendly without compromising on quality.

Urban’s dedication to sharing his passion for music is embodied in this guitar line, bringing his signature sound to a broader audience.

Impact On Guitar Design And Popularity Among Players

Keith Urban’s impact on guitar design resonates well beyond his personal brand. Features from his custom models have influenced the specifications of mainstream electric guitars, and his preferences have often set trends within the guitar-building community.

Unique elements such as fingerboard inlays, pickup configurations, and custom finishes have gained popularity, thanks in part to Urban’s presence in the industry. The Keith Urban Player Guitar Line has not only showcased these features but also made them more accessible to a diverse range of players.

  1. Custom Inlays: Individual style reflected in aesthetic details,
  2. Pickup Configuration: Personalized sound shaping,
  3. Finish and Craftsmanship: Distinctive looks paired with quality construction.

Promising musicians now have the opportunity to explore a piece of Keith Urban’s legendary sound and style through these innovations in guitar craftsmanship. The blend of quality, accessibility, and Urban’s star power has elevated these guitars, making them favorites among players worldwide.

Tips For Emulating Keith Urban’s Guitar Tone

Keith Urban’s electrifying guitar tone is as unmistakable as his hit songs. It’s a blend of crisp, articulate attacks with warm, singing sustain. For guitar enthusiasts looking to capture that distinct sound, understanding the essentials of his setup, his technique, and the type of guitar he plays is paramount. Below are tailored insights and suggestions on how to emulate the guitar tone of Keith Urban.

Essential Effects And Amplifiers Used By Urban

Keith Urban’s sound palette is crafted using a variety of effects and amplifiers. Among them, certain pieces of gear are key to achieving his signature tone:

  • Overdrive Pedals: To mirror Keith’s bite and sustain, a quality overdrive pedal is a must-have. It provides the subtle crunch that underpins his rhythm work and leads.
  • Delay and Reverb: Getting the space and depth in Keith’s music often involves the use of both delay and reverb effects, creating an atmospheric halo around his melodic lines.
  • Compression: A compressor can help even out the dynamics and add punch, crucial for cleaner, country-inspired tones in Urban’s repertoire.

Moreover, Urban’s choice of amplifiers lends greatly to his sound. A Fender Deluxe Reverb or a Vox AC30 can offer glassy cleans that punch through any mix, while a Dumble or a Two-Rock delivers rich overdriven tones he’s often known for.

Technique And Practice: Learning From Keith Urban’s Playstyle

Imitating Keith Urban’s tone extends beyond gear—his technique is an integral part of the equation. Observe these elements closely:

Technique Aspect Description
Picking Style Mix of flat-picking and finger-picking for versatility and expression.
Hybrid Picking Combination of pick and fingers allowing for simultaneous lead and rhythm playing.
Bends and Vibrato Careful use of bends and a strong, vocal-like vibrato add emotion to his playing.

Mastering these techniques through diligent practice will bring you closer to replicating Keith’s distinctive style. His fluidity and precision are the result of years of dedication, so be prepared to invest time to refine these skills.

Guidance On Choosing A Guitar To Match Keith Urban’s Sound

To step into Keith Urban’s musical shoes, choosing the right guitar is crucial. Keith Urban has been known to play various models, but here is a focused guide on what to look for:

  1. Brand and Model: He frequently uses Fender guitars, including the Telecaster, which is renowned for its bright, cutting tone. Alternatively, a Gibson Les Paul provides the thicker, creamier sounds found in Urban’s ballads.
  2. Wood and Construction: Pay attention to the wood types and guitar construction. Solid-body guitars with a single-cutaway design made from woods like alder or mahogany can be a good starting point for that Urban flair.
  3. Pickups: Consider models with single-coil pickups for clarity or humbuckers for warmth and power. Keith urban often uses single-coils for their pronounced twang and definition.

Remember, a guitar that feels comfortable and inspires you is just as important as its specs. Try out different guitars and trust your ears and hands to guide you to the right choice for that Keith Urban vibe.

What Electric Guitar Does Keith Urban Play


Conclusion: Keith Urban’s Legacy As A Guitarist

Through his illustrious career, Keith Urban has not only become a household name in country music but has also established himself as an influential figure in the world of guitar playing. The electric guitar, synonymous with Urban’s dynamic performances, is a testament to his exceptional talent and personal style. His choice of instrument, often a Fender Custom Shop Telecaster among others, complements his musical prowess, leaving an indelible mark on aspiring artists and fans alike.

Urban’s Contribution To Country Music And Guitar Playing

Keith Urban’s impact on country music is multifaceted, embracing guitar virtuosity and innovative musicianship. His contribution extends well beyond his vocal abilities:

  • Reinvention of Country Guitar: Urban’s guitar playing blends traditional country styles with rock elements, introducing a fresh, modern sound to country music.
  • Signature Licks: His unique guitar licks and use of effects have become signature elements, influencing guitarists across genres.
  • Live Performances: Urban’s live shows, characterized by his charisma and interactive guitar solos, have raised the bar for live country music performances.

Urban’s dedication to the craft and his innovative approach to guitar playing continue to inspire new generations of musicians. His guitars, meticulously chosen and handled with finesse, play a crucial role in his musical expression.

How Aspiring Guitarists Can Draw Inspiration From Keith Urban

Aspiring guitarists look to Urban for inspiration, learning from his versatility and commitment to excellence. Here’s how they can follow in his footsteps:

  1. Embrace Versatility: Explore various genres and integrate different playing styles, just as Urban combines traditional country with rock and pop.
  2. Practice With Purpose: Dedicate time to honing skills and experimenting with new techniques to develop a unique sound.
  3. Perform Passionately: Infuse performances with the same energy and passion that Urban displays, connecting deeply with the audience.
  4. Learn from the Best: Study Urban’s performances, noting his guitar choices, on-stage movement, and interaction with other instruments.

Guitarists around the world draw on Keith Urban’s legacy to enhance their musical journey, channeling his passion, style, and innovative spirit to better their craft. The electric guitar in Urban’s hands becomes more than an instrument—it’s a vehicle for creative expression and musical storytelling.

What Electric Guitar Does Keith Urban Play


Frequently Asked Questions On What Electric Guitar Does Keith Urban Play

What Guitars Does Keith Urban Play?

Keith Urban plays a variety of guitars, including his signature Phoenix model by Maton, Fender Telecasters, and Gibson Les Pauls.

Does Keith Urban Play Guitar Left Handed?

No, Keith Urban does not play guitar left-handed. He is a right-handed guitarist renowned for his skills in country music.

Does Keith Urban Use A Guitar Pick?

Yes, Keith Urban often uses a guitar pick when playing his songs, which contributes to his distinctive sound on the guitar.

What Gauge Strings Does Keith Urban Use?

Keith Urban typically uses light gauge (. 012-. 054) electric guitar strings for his performances and recordings.


Navigating the world of electric guitars can be electrifying, and Keith Urban’s choices highlight this. His favored Fender models, particularly the ’67 Mustang, become extensions of his musical soul on stage. Their synergy fuels timeless performances, inspiring countless guitar enthusiasts.

Embrace his sound or find your own; either way, let your six-string sing.

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