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What Kind of Acoustic Guitar Does Bonnie Raitt Play

Bonnie Raitt plays a Martin OM-42 acoustic guitar. Bonnie Raitt, the renowned American blues singer-songwriter, is known for her soulful voice and exceptional guitar skills.

A true icon in the music industry, Raitt has a distinct style and sound that captivates audiences worldwide. One instrument that has become synonymous with her performances is the Martin OM-42 acoustic guitar. With its rich tone and superb craftsmanship, the Martin OM-42 perfectly complements Raitt’s unique style and enhances the depth and resonance of her music.

Whether she’s strumming chords or playing intricate fingerpicking patterns, Raitt’s choice of the Martin OM-42 guitar showcases her dedication to creating an unforgettable musical experience for her fans.

What Kind of Acoustic Guitar Does Bonnie Raitt Play


The Beginnings Of Bonnie Raitt’s Passion For Acoustic Guitars

The Beginnings of Bonnie Raitt’s Passion for Acoustic Guitars

From an early age, Bonnie Raitt showed a deep love for music. Growing up in a musical household, with her father being a Broadway performer and her mother being a pianist, it was inevitable that Bonnie would follow in their footsteps. Her passion for music was ignited by her exposure to diverse musical influences, which eventually led her to discover her love for acoustic guitars.

The Early Musical Influences

Bonnie Raitt’s musical journey began with her exposure to a wide range of genres, from blues and folk to rock and jazz. Inspired by artists like Mississippi Fred McDowell and Howlin’ Wolf, she developed a deep appreciation for the raw and heartfelt sound of the blues. This early exposure to the blues laid the foundation for her distinct style and her eventual affinity towards acoustic guitar.

The Discovery Of Acoustic Guitar

As Bonnie Raitt delved deeper into the world of music, she had a transformative moment when she discovered the enchanting sound of the acoustic guitar. Captivated by its versatility and ability to evoke emotion, she found herself irresistibly drawn to this instrument. The acoustic guitar became her preferred companion for expressing her soulful voice and powerful storytelling.

Fun fact: Did you know that Bonnie Raitt’s first acoustic guitar was a 1969 Martin D-18? This iconic instrument played a significant role in shaping her early sound and has remained a loyal companion throughout her career.

With her unique playing style and masterful command of the acoustic guitar, Bonnie Raitt has captivated audiences around the world. Her ability to infuse soul into each note and create a deep emotional connection is a testament to her profound passion for this instrument.

Exploring Bonnie Raitt’s Acoustic Guitar Collection

Bonnie Raitt, the legendary blues singer-songwriter and guitar virtuoso, has long been admired for her soulful voice and incredible guitar skills. But have you ever wondered what kind of acoustic guitars she plays? Let’s take a closer look at Bonnie Raitt’s diverse range of acoustic guitars and the iconic instruments that have shaped her sound.

A Glimpse Into Bonnie Raitt’s Diverse Range Of Acoustic Guitars

When it comes to acoustic guitars, Bonnie Raitt’s collection is nothing short of impressive. From vintage classics to modern gems, she has curated a diverse range of instruments that each offer a unique tonal character. Let’s delve into some of the standout guitars from her collection:

Iconic Acoustic Guitars Played By Bonnie Raitt

Gibson J-45

One of the most iconic acoustic guitars in Bonnie Raitt’s arsenal is the Gibson J-45. Known for its warm and balanced tone, the J-45 has been a go-to choice for many blues and folk musicians for decades. Bonnie Raitt’s skillful fingerpicking and slide guitar work truly come alive on this instrument, capturing the essence of her soulful sound.

Martin 000-28

The Martin 000-28 is another beloved acoustic guitar in Bonnie Raitt’s collection. With its rich tonal palette and incredible projection, it’s no wonder why this guitar has become a staple in her performances. Whether she’s strumming chords or playing intricate fingerstyle arrangements, the Martin 000-28 delivers a balanced and expressive sound that complements Bonnie Raitt’s versatile playing style.

Fender Stratocoustic

While Bonnie Raitt is primarily known for her acoustic guitar skills, she has also been spotted playing the Fender Stratocoustic on occasion. This unique instrument combines the familiar body shape of a Stratocaster with the tonal qualities of an acoustic guitar, offering a distinctive sound that blends the best of both worlds. With its versatility and signature Stratocaster design, the Fender Stratocoustic adds an exciting dynamic to Bonnie Raitt’s live performances.

Taylor 814ce

No acoustic guitar collection would be complete without a Taylor, and Bonnie Raitt has chosen the Taylor 814ce as one of her trusted instruments. Renowned for its clarity, responsiveness, and exceptional playability, the Taylor 814ce is a powerhouse that brings out the best in Bonnie Raitt’s fingerstyle playing. Its balanced tone and impressive projection make it a perfect companion for both studio recordings and live shows.

These are just a few examples of the acoustic guitars that Bonnie Raitt has incorporated into her captivating performances. From the warmth of the Gibson J-45 to the versatility of the Fender Stratocoustic, each guitar in her collection contributes to the rich tapestry of her sound. So next time you listen to Bonnie Raitt’s soulful tunes, take a moment to appreciate the craftsmanship and sheer beauty of the guitars that accompany her every note.

Uncovering Bonnie Raitt’s Preferred Acoustic Guitar Features

Bonnie Raitt, the iconic American singer-songwriter and guitarist, has been mesmerizing audiences for decades with her soulful voice and exceptional guitar skills. While she is widely recognized for her bluesy electric guitar solos, Bonnie Raitt’s acoustic guitar choices are equally important in shaping her unique sound. In this article, we dive into the key factors that contribute to Bonnie Raitt’s preferred acoustic guitar features, and explore the kind of sound and tone she aims to achieve with her acoustic guitars.

Examining The Key Factors That Contribute To Bonnie Raitt’s Acoustic Guitar Choices

When it comes to selecting an acoustic guitar, Bonnie Raitt considers a range of significant factors that contribute to her overall playing experience. Let’s take a closer look at a few key features that she values in her preferred acoustic guitars:

  1. Comfort and playability: For Bonnie Raitt, a guitar’s comfort and playability are paramount. She prefers guitars that feel good in her hands, allowing her to effortlessly glide her fingers across the fretboard and produce smooth melodies. Whether it’s the neck shape, action height, or overall ergonomics, Bonnie Raitt pays close attention to these aspects to ensure a comfortable playing experience.
  2. Tonal versatility: Bonnie Raitt is known for her ability to effortlessly blend different genres and styles. Therefore, it’s no surprise that she gravitates towards acoustic guitars that offer a broad range of tones and versatility. Guitars that can produce warm, mellow tones for ballads, as well as bright and punchy tones for energetic blues numbers, are her preferred choices.
  3. Build quality and craftsmanship: As a seasoned musician, Bonnie Raitt understands the importance of a well-crafted instrument. She seeks out acoustic guitars that are built with care and precision, using high-quality materials. Solid wood construction, meticulous attention to detail, and excellent craftsmanship are all qualities that contribute to the overall sound and durability of the guitar.
  4. Acoustic-electric capability: While Bonnie Raitt is primarily known for her acoustic performances, she also occasionally incorporates electric elements into her music. Therefore, many of her preferred acoustic guitars are equipped with built-in pickups or microphones, allowing her to amplify her sound when needed. This feature provides her with the flexibility to seamlessly transition between intimate acoustic moments and electrifying solos.

What Kind Of Sound And Tone Does Bonnie Raitt Aim For With Her Acoustic Guitars?

When Bonnie Raitt selects an acoustic guitar, the sound and tone it produces play a crucial role in her decision. She aims for a rich, resonant sound characterized by clarity, warmth, and a well-balanced tonal spectrum. Bonnie Raitt’s chosen acoustic guitars often exhibit a distinct midrange presence, which allows her expressive slide guitar playing to truly shine. Whether she’s performing heartfelt ballads or fiery blues tunes, Bonnie Raitt consistently seeks a guitar that complements her signature vocals and soulful playing style.

A Look Into Bonnie Raitt’s Favorite Acoustic Guitar Brands

When it comes to acoustic guitars, Bonnie Raitt is a force to be reckoned with. Her unique playing style and soulful sound have made her one of the most influential guitarists of our time. In this blog post, we delve into the acoustic guitar brands favored by Bonnie Raitt, highlighting their unique characteristics and the impact they have had on her playing style.

Delving Into The Acoustic Guitar Brands Favored By Bonnie Raitt

Bonnie Raitt is known for her preference for high-quality acoustic guitars that offer rich tones and exceptional playability. Let’s take a closer look at the brands she has favored throughout her career:


Fender is a legendary guitar brand that needs no introduction. Known for their solid build quality and excellent sound projection, Fender guitars have been a staple in Bonnie Raitt’s collection. One notable model she has been seen playing is the Fender PM-1 Deluxe Dreadnought. This guitar’s solid-wood construction and versatile electronics make it a perfect choice for Bonnie Raitt, allowing her to achieve the warm and balanced tones she is famous for.


Gibson guitars have a long-standing reputation for producing instruments of exceptional craftsmanship and tone. Bonnie Raitt has been seen playing a few different Gibson models, including the Gibson J-200. This classic jumbo-sized acoustic guitar offers a big, bold sound and exquisite resonance, allowing Bonnie Raitt to create those powerful, soul-stirring melodies she is renowned for.

Paul Reed Smith

Paul Reed Smith (PRS) guitars are known for their attention to detail and stunning aesthetics. While Bonnie Raitt is primarily associated with acoustic guitars, she has also been seen playing a PRS Hollowbody Electric on occasion. The PRS Hollowbody offers a unique combination of warmth and sustain, providing Bonnie Raitt with a versatile instrument that complements her bluesy style.


Taylor guitars are widely recognized for their impeccable craftsmanship and innovative designs. Bonnie Raitt has been a long-time fan of Taylor guitars and has been frequently spotted with a Taylor 810 model. This classic dreadnought guitar features a spruce top and rosewood back and sides, delivering a rich, balanced tone with plenty of volume. The smooth playability of Taylor guitars allows Bonnie Raitt to effortlessly express her deep emotions through her music.

These are just a few of the acoustic guitar brands that Bonnie Raitt has favored over the years. Each brand brings its own unique characteristics, contributing to Bonnie Raitt’s distinctive sound and style. Whether she is playing a Fender, Gibson, PRS, or Taylor, Bonnie Raitt’s choice of instrument reflects her commitment to quality and her passion for creating soul-stirring music.

Recreating Bonnie Raitt’s Acoustic Guitar Sound

The distinctive acoustic guitar sound of Bonnie Raitt is a testament to her exceptional musical talent and unique playing style. If you’re a fan of her music and want to capture that signature Bonnie Raitt tone, then you’re in the right place. In this section, we’ll explore various tips and techniques to help you recreate Bonnie Raitt’s acoustic guitar sound. By making adjustments to your gear and playing style, you’ll be well on your way to achieving that unmistakable sound that has made Bonnie Raitt an iconic figure in the world of music.

Tips And Techniques To Capture Bonnie Raitt’s Distinctive Acoustic Guitar Sound

If you want to capture the essence of Bonnie Raitt’s acoustic guitar sound, there are several tips and techniques to keep in mind. By incorporating these into your own playing, you’ll be able to channel her unique style and sound. Here are some suggestions:

Earning Bonnie Raitt’s Signature Tone Through Gear And Playing Style Adjustments

Recreating Bonnie Raitt’s acoustic guitar sound requires careful consideration of both gear and playing style adjustments. Let’s explore how you can achieve her signature tone through these adjustments:

Adjusting Your Gear

The gear you use plays a crucial role in shaping your acoustic guitar sound. To replicate Bonnie Raitt’s tone, you may want to consider the following gear adjustments:

  • Choose a suitable acoustic guitar: Bonnie Raitt is known for playing a variety of acoustic guitars, with her preference often leaning towards vintage-style models. Look for a guitar with a rich and balanced tone, preferably with a spruce or mahogany top.
  • Experiment with different strings: Finding the right strings can make a noticeable difference in your sound. Try using phosphor bronze or coated strings to achieve a warm and robust tone similar to Bonnie Raitt’s.
  • Consider using a slide: Bonnie Raitt’s slide guitar playing has become an integral part of her sound. Using a slide can add a unique texture and sustain to your playing, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.

Adjusting Your Playing Style

Aside from gear adjustments, honing your playing style is equally important when striving to recreate Bonnie Raitt’s acoustic guitar sound. Here are some playing style adjustments to consider:

  1. Focus on expressive phrasing: Bonnie Raitt’s guitar playing is renowned for its soulful and expressive phrasing. Pay attention to her use of dynamics, bends, and vibrato to add emotion to your playing.
  2. Develop a strong fingerpicking technique: Fingerpicking is an essential element of Bonnie Raitt’s playing style. Practice different fingerpicking patterns and incorporate them into your repertoire to achieve that distinctive sound.
  3. Experiment with rhythmic variations: Bonnie Raitt employs various rhythmic techniques to add groove and flair to her playing. Experiment with syncopation, accents, and percussive elements to inject your own style into her sound.

By incorporating these suggestions and adjusting your gear and playing style accordingly, you’ll be well on your way to capturing the unmistakable acoustic guitar sound of Bonnie Raitt. Remember that achieving a signature tone takes time and practice, so don’t be afraid to experiment and make it your own. Now, pick up your guitar and let the magic begin!

Frequently Asked Questions On What Kind Of Acoustic Guitar Does Bonnie Raitt Play

What Tuning Did Bonnie Raitt Use?

Bonnie Raitt primarily used an Open G tuning for her slide guitar playing. It allowed her to achieve a unique sound and create soulful blues melodies.

What Acoustic Guitar Does Luke Combs Play?

Luke Combs plays a Gibson J-200 acoustic guitar.

Does Bonnie Raitt Use Finger Picks?

Yes, Bonnie Raitt uses finger picks.

Does Bonnie Raitt Play Slide Guitar?

Yes, Bonnie Raitt plays slide guitar.


To sum up, Bonnie Raitt, renowned for her bluesy sound and masterful guitar skills, favors the performance and craftsmanship of a Martin OM-21 acoustic guitar. With its rich tone and balanced projection, this instrument perfectly complements her soulful vocals and resonates with her musical style.

With the timeless combination of Bonnie Raitt’s talent and the Martin OM-21, it’s no wonder why she consistently captures the hearts of audiences worldwide. Embrace the magic of this iconic guitar and witness the enchantment it brings to Bonnie Raitt’s music.

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