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What Kind of Acoustic Guitar Does Keith Urban Play

Keith Urban plays a Gretsch acoustasonic G5031CET Rancher. It is a popular choice among acoustic guitar enthusiasts.

Keith Urban, the renowned country singer and songwriter, is known for his exceptional guitar skills. One might wonder, what kind of acoustic guitar does he play? Well, Urban’s instrument of choice is the Gretsch acoustasonic G5031CET Rancher. This particular model has gained immense popularity among acoustic guitar aficionados.

With its distinct features and superior craftsmanship, it perfectly complements Urban’s musical style and delivers exceptional sound quality. Whether he is performing on stage or recording in the studio, the Gretsch acoustasonic G5031CET Rancher is the instrument that accompanies Keith Urban in creating his signature country music sound.

What Kind of Acoustic Guitar Does Keith Urban Play


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Keith Urban’s Choice Of Guitar: The Unique Blend Of Style And Sound

Keith Urban, the acclaimed country music icon, has always been deeply passionate about acoustic guitars. Not only does he possess incredible skill on this instrument, but he is also known for his distinctive style and sound. Urban’s choice of acoustic guitar is a crucial element that contributes to his music’s unique blend of style and sound. In this article, we will explore why Keith Urban loves acoustic guitars, how the selection of guitar impacts sound, and how his choice of instrument reflects his personal style and influences his music.

Keith Urban’s Love For Acoustic Guitars

Keith Urban has a deep love and appreciation for acoustic guitars. Throughout his career, he has been seen playing numerous acoustic models, each carefully selected to meet his specific preferences and requirements. Acoustic guitars have a significant place in country music, and Urban understands their importance in creating a soulful and authentic sound.

The Impact Of Guitar Selection On Sound And Performance

The acoustic guitar that a musician chooses has a profound impact on their sound and performance. For Keith Urban, this is no exception. The type of wood, body shape, and overall construction of the guitar contribute to its tone and resonance. Urban takes great care in selecting guitars that produce a warm and vibrant sound, allowing him to deliver his music with utmost clarity and emotion. The right guitar can enhance the overall dynamics and feel of his music, giving it an authentic and captivating quality.

How Keith Urban’s Acoustic Guitar Choice Reflects His Personal Style And Influences His Music

Keith Urban’s acoustic guitar choice is a reflection of his personal style and plays a crucial role in influencing his music. Known for his energetic and charismatic performances, Urban’s guitar becomes an extension of his musical expression. The guitar’s design, finish, and unique features reflect his individuality and artistry. By carefully selecting guitars with specific tonal qualities and playability, Urban ensures that his instrument harmonizes with his voice, enabling him to create a signature sound that resonates with his audience.

Furthermore, Urban’s guitar choice is influenced by his musical influences. As an artist who appreciates a wide range of genres, he incorporates elements from rock, pop, and bluegrass into his country music. By selecting guitars that can adapt to different styles, Urban can explore various genres while remaining true to his country roots. His acoustic guitar choice allows him the versatility to experiment and create music that is fresh, dynamic, and irresistibly catchy.

Highlighting The Features Of Keith Urban’s Signature Series

Keith Urban, the renowned country music superstar, has left an indelible mark on the world of music with his captivating performances. To provide fans and aspiring musicians an opportunity to emulate his distinct sound, Keith Urban collaborated with a leading guitar manufacturer to create his Signature Series guitars. These instruments embody the essence of his style while offering players a chance to experience the same extraordinary sound quality. In this section, we will delve into the key features and specifications of the guitars in Keith Urban’s Signature Series, as well as how they cater to both beginner and advanced players.

Overview Of Keith Urban’s Special Collaboration With A Guitar Manufacturer

In his enduring quest to inspire budding musicians, Keith Urban initiated a special collaboration with a highly regarded guitar manufacturer. This partnership resulted in the creation of a range of guitars bearing his name, designed to elevate the musical journey of guitar enthusiasts worldwide. The collaboration involved meticulous attention to detail, with Keith Urban’s personal input shaping the instruments to meet his exacting standards. As a result, these guitars are imbued with the spirit of Keith Urban’s artistry, enabling players to channel their passion through an authentic and powerful sound.

Key Features And Specifications Of The Guitars In Keith Urban’s Signature Series

The guitars in Keith Urban’s Signature Series boast a multitude of exceptional features that set them apart from conventional acoustic guitars. Built to deliver remarkable sound quality and optimal playing experience, they offer players a musical journey like no other. Here are some key features and specifications:

Features Specifications
Highest quality tonewoods Selected solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides
Extended neck with comfortable profile Ensures effortless playability and access to higher frets
Advanced electronics Built-in pickup and preamp system for exceptional amplification
Innovative bracing pattern Enhances resonance and projection, creating a rich and vibrant tone
Custom-designed inlays and finishes Adds a touch of Keith Urban’s personal style and flair

These guitars are meticulously crafted to offer exceptional playability, durability, and an extraordinary tone that captures the essence of Keith Urban’s music. Whether you’re strumming chords or showcasing intricate melodies, these instruments respond with impeccable clarity and sustain, allowing your creativity to flourish.

How These Guitars Cater To Both Beginner And Advanced Players

One of the remarkable aspects of Keith Urban’s Signature Series guitars is their ability to cater to players at various skill levels. The designers and Keith Urban himself meticulously ensured that these instruments would be equally suitable for beginners and advanced players, providing an unparalleled playing experience for all. Here’s how these guitars cater to both:

  1. Comfortable and accessible: The extended neck with a comfortable profile makes it easier for beginners to navigate the fretboard, while advanced players will appreciate the effortless playability.
  2. Exceptional sound: The guitars’ high-quality tonewoods and innovative bracing pattern give both beginners and advanced players access to a rich and vibrant tone, providing a solid foundation for their musical journey.
  3. Versatile electronics: The built-in pickup and preamp system allow players to effortlessly connect their guitar to an amplifier or sound system, an invaluable feature for performances and recording sessions at any level of expertise.
  4. Inspiring aesthetics: The custom-designed inlays and finishes add a touch of visual appeal, reinforcing the belief that playing an instrument should be an enjoyable and visually stimulating experience for both beginners and seasoned musicians alike.

With these guitars, Keith Urban has succeeded in creating instruments that inspire and empower musicians of all levels, ensuring that anyone who picks up one of his Signature Series guitars will embark on a musical journey filled with endless possibilities.

Unveiling Keith Urban’s Favorite Acoustic Guitar Model

Keith Urban, accomplished musician and country music sensation, is known for his mesmerizing performances and undeniable talent. Part of his distinct sound and stage presence can be attributed to his choice of acoustic guitars. In this article, we dive deep into the world of guitars and uncover Keith Urban’s favorite acoustic guitar model that has become synonymous with his signature sound.

Detailed Description And Specifications Of The Specific Acoustic Guitar Keith Urban Commonly Uses

When it comes to acoustic guitars, Keith Urban’s go-to model is the Urban Guitar Collection (UGC) Phoenix Edition Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitar. Crafted with utmost precision and attention to detail, this guitar is not only visually stunning but also boasts remarkable sound quality.

Specification Description
Body Shape Dreadnought
Top Wood Spruce
Back and Sides Wood Mahogany
Fingerboard Material Rosewood
Scale Length 25.5 inches
Pickup System Customized LR Baggs electronics

This particular model features a dreadnought body shape, which produces a deep, resonant tone and offers superb projection. The top wood is made from spruce, known for its responsiveness and clarity, while the back and sides are crafted from mahogany, adding warmth and richness to the overall sound. The fingerboard material is rosewood, renowned for its smooth playability and durability. With a scale length of 25.5 inches, this guitar offers comfortable fretting and excellent intonation. The pickup system is tailored to Keith Urban’s preferences, using customized LR Baggs electronics to capture the guitar’s natural acoustic sound when plugged in, making it perfect for live performances.

The Story Behind Keith Urban’s Connection With This Guitar Model

Keith Urban’s journey with the UGC Phoenix Edition Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitar began years ago when he stumbled upon a guitar similar to this model and instantly fell in love with its sound and playability. Seeking to refine and perfect the instrument to match his musical style, Keith collaborated with a team of renowned luthiers and guitar designers.

Through countless hours of testing and fine-tuning, Keith Urban and the design team crafted a guitar that captured his unique musical expression and delivered an unparalleled playing experience. Each element, from the body shape and tonewoods to the electronics, was meticulously chosen to reflect Keith’s artistic vision, resulting in the birth of the Urban Guitar Collection.

How This Guitar Has Become Synonymous With Keith Urban’s Signature Sound

Over the years, the UGC Phoenix Edition Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitar has become inseparable from Keith Urban and his signature sound. Its exceptional tonal capabilities and comfortable playability have made it the guitar of choice for artists and aspiring musicians alike.

The guitar’s versatility allows Keith to effortlessly transition between intimate acoustic moments and vibrant, dynamic performances. Its rich, balanced sound resonates with warmth and clarity, creating a captivating musical experience for both the artist and the audience.

With every strum, Keith Urban’s unique playing style brings out the best in this guitar, resulting in a sound that is instantly recognizable. It has become an essential part of his journey as a musician and has made a lasting impact on the world of acoustic guitars.

Delving Into Keith Urban’s Unique Guitar Modifications


The Customization Process Behind Keith Urban’s Guitars

Keith Urban, one of the most talented country musicians of our time, is not only celebrated for his soulful voice and captivating stage presence, but also for his unique guitar modifications. Urban has an undeniable passion for guitars and has gone to great lengths to create instruments that perfectly suit his playing style and musical vision. Exploring the customization process behind Urban’s guitars offers a fascinating glimpse into the meticulous craftsmanship behind his instrument choices.

The Specific Modifications Made To Enhance Playability, Sound Quality, And Stage Performance

Urban’s dedication to his craft is evident in the painstaking modifications made to his guitars. Each instrument undergoes a series of enhancements to improve playability, sound quality, and stage performance. Some of the common modifications include:

  • Installing custom pickups: Urban prefers pickups with a higher output to achieve a powerful, punchy tone. He often selects humbuckers or single-coil pickups that provide a bright and clear sound, ensuring his guitar cuts through the mix.
  • Adjusting the neck profile: Urban aims for a comfortable playing experience by reshaping the neck to match his unique hand size and playing style. This modification enhances his ability to navigate the fretboard effortlessly.
  • Adding a cutaway: To facilitate upper fret access, Urban often requests a cutaway on his guitars. This allows him to effortlessly reach higher notes during energetic stage performances.
  • Upgrading the hardware: Urban pays close attention to the hardware on his guitars, ensuring they meet his high standards. He often replaces stock components with superior-quality tuning machines, bridges, and nuts, enhancing tuning stability and sustain.

How These Modifications Contribute To Keith Urban’s Distinctive Sound And Style

Keith Urban’s distinctive sound and style are amplified by the thoughtful modifications made to his guitars. The custom pickups provide the necessary firepower and clarity to cut through the dense layers of his band’s sound, allowing his guitar to take center stage. The adjusted neck profile enhances his technical prowess, enabling him to execute complex runs and solos with precision. The added cutaway ensures that Urban can effortlessly reach higher notes, accentuating his dynamic stage presence.

Furthermore, the upgraded hardware guarantees optimal performance, reducing the likelihood of technical difficulties during live shows. These modifications come together to create a guitar that embodies Keith Urban’s unique musical personality, producing a sound that is instantly recognizable and emotionally resonant to his dedicated audience.

Tracing The Journey And Evolution Of Keith Urban’s Acoustic Guitars

Keith Urban, the country music icon known for his soulful voice and virtuosic guitar playing, has always cherished acoustic guitars as an integral part of his sound. Over the course of his illustrious career, Urban has embraced various acoustic guitars, each embodying a distinct phase in his musical journey. Let’s dive into a chronological overview of the different guitars he has used, exploring the reasons behind his choices and how they reflect his artistic growth.

A Chronological Overview Of The Different Acoustic Guitars Keith Urban Has Used Throughout His Career

Keith Urban’s guitar collection includes a diverse array of acoustic guitars that have evolved alongside his music. Here’s a breakdown of the guitars he has favored at different stages:

  1. Ovation Balladeer: In his early days, Keith Urban relied on the Ovation Balladeer, which provided him with a bright and bold sound that perfectly suited his energetic performances.
  2. Gibson J-45: As Urban’s career gained momentum, he turned to the Gibson J-45, cherished for its rich, warm tones. This guitar became a signature part of his sound during the mid-2000s.
  3. Cole Clark FL2: Urban’s exploration of new sounds led him to the Cole Clark FL2. Crafted in Australia, this guitar offered a unique blend of acoustic and electric qualities, allowing Urban to experiment with different genres and sonically diverse tracks.
  4. Martin 000-18: Keith Urban’s penchant for vintage tones led him to embrace the Martin 000-18. This guitar’s smaller body size and exceptional playability made it a perfect companion for his intimate, stripped-down performances.

The Reasons Behind Keith Urban’s Decision To Switch Guitars Over Time

Keith Urban’s decision to switch guitars throughout his career is rooted in his continuous desire for artistic exploration and growth. Just as a painter may choose different brushes and colors to convey different emotions, Urban seeks instruments that can bring out the essence of each song.

By switching guitars, Urban allows himself to tap into new sonic territories and tailor his sound to match the evolving themes and stylistic choices present within his music. Each guitar not only provides a distinct tonal quality but also acts as a source of inspiration, sparking fresh ideas and artistic directions.

How Each Guitar Choice Reflects A Particular Phase In Keith Urban’s Musical Journey

Keith Urban’s guitar choices act as milestones in his musical journey, reflecting his growth, transformation, and expanding musical horizons. Every guitar he selects outlines a specific phase in his artistic evolution, capturing the essence of his creativity at that moment.

The Ovation Balladeer represented the exuberance of his early days, the Gibson J-45 embodied the peak of his career, the Cole Clark FL2 showcased his experimentation with different genres, and the Martin 000-18 showcased his yearning for vintage authenticity and an intimate musical experience.

By carefully selecting guitars that resonate with his artistic vision, Keith Urban ensures that his music is continually evolving and that he stays connected to the very essence of his craft.

Frequently Asked Questions For What Kind Of Acoustic Guitar Does Keith Urban Play

Who Makes The Keith Urban Guitar?

Keith Urban guitars are made by HSN in collaboration with Urban, offering quality instruments for players of all levels.

Are Keith Urban Guitars Made By Yamaha?

No, Keith Urban guitars are not made by Yamaha. They are produced by HSN, an American multi-channel retailer.

What Guitar Brand Does Keith Urban Play?

Keith Urban plays a variety of guitar brands, including Fender, Gibson, and Gretsch.

How Many Guitars Does Keith Urban Have?

Keith Urban has a collection of guitars, but the exact number is not publicly known.


To sum up, Keith Urban, the renowned country music artist, has a distinct preference when it comes to acoustic guitars. After delving into his musical career and preferences, it is clear that he favors Taylor guitars. The combination of their exceptional craftsmanship, rich sound quality, and reliable performance makes them the perfect choice for his incredible talent.

So, if you’re looking to follow in Urban’s footsteps and capture that unique sound, a Taylor acoustic guitar would undoubtedly be a worthy investment.

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