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What Kind of Electric Guitar Does Lindsey Buckingham Play

Lindsey Buckingham often plays a Turner Model 1 electric guitar. He is well-known for his distinctive sound and playing style.

Lindsey Buckingham, the acclaimed guitarist from Fleetwood Mac, has a rich musical legacy that is closely associated with his instrument of choice, the Turner Model 1 electric guitar. This guitar, crafted by luthier Rick Turner, has become synonymous with Buckingham’s dynamic performances and intricate fingerpicking technique.

The clean, well-defined tones and the comfort of the Turner Model 1 complement Lindsey’s unique approach to guitar playing, making it an integral part of his signature sound. Fans and guitar enthusiasts alike often associate the melodious riffs of classic Fleetwood Mac songs with the visual of Buckingham and his cherished Turner guitar, underlining the inseparable bond between the musician and his instrument.

What Kind of Electric Guitar Does Lindsey Buckingham Play


Introduction To Lindsey Buckingham And His Influence On Guitar Music

Lindsey Buckingham is not just a name – it is a legacy that resonates with the strum of guitar strings. As the former lead guitarist and one of the vocalists for Fleetwood Mac, Buckingham has left an indelible mark on the world of rock music. His innovative approach to the electric guitar and the raw emotion he conveys through his melodies have inspired countless artists and guitar aficionados worldwide. Renowned for his expressive playing style and exquisite tonal diversity, he is a true maestro whose impact on guitar music is etched into the annals of rock history.

Overview Of Lindsey Buckingham’s Career With Fleetwood Mac

Defining the soundscape of an era, Lindsey Buckingham brought his exceptional guitar work and songwriting prowess to Fleetwood Mac, propelling the band to stellar heights. His tenure with the band saw the release of legendary albums such as Rumours and Tusk, each showcasing his masterful use of the electric guitar to weave magical, lyrical narratives. Buckingham’s career isn’t just marked by hit singles; it forms the foundation of a musical style that has influenced generations.

His Unique Fingerpicking Style And Impact On Rock Music

Redefining the electric guitar’s role in rock music, Lindsey Buckingham’s fingerpicking style is both distinctive and ingenious. Eschewing the traditional pick, Buckingham’s approach involves intricate finger techniques that produce a sound rich with texture and rhythm. This novel approach not only distinguishes him among his peers but also underscores his influence on the genre. His mastery of fingerstyle has introduced a new lexicon of guitar playing, one that continues to inform the musical journeys of emerging guitarists.

The Iconic Guitars Of Lindsey Buckingham

Lindsey Buckingham, the legendary Fleetwood Mac guitarist, is as much known for his distinctive fingerpicking style as he is for the array of exceptional guitars he plays. Over the years, Buckingham’s guitar collection has become almost as iconic as his music. From custom-made treasures to classic models, each guitar has contributed to the unique soundscapes that define his career. Let’s dive into the details of the notable instruments that have become synonymous with Buckingham’s sound.

Lindsey’s Famed Turner Model 1 Guitar

The Turner Model 1 guitar is perhaps the most recognized in Lindsey Buckingham’s collection. Designed by luthier Rick Turner, the Model 1 has been a staple of Buckingham’s performances since the late ’70s. Its sleek design and clear, rich tone make it both visually and sonically distinct. Key features include:

  • Rotary pickup selector with a unique piezo pickup system
  • A semi-hollow body design for a warm, resonant sound
  • Compact body shape for ease of playability

The Model 1’s versatility and Buckingham’s artistry combine to capture the perfect sound for both live performances and studio recordings.

The Custom-made Rick Turner Guitars

Beyond the Model 1, Lindsey Buckingham has commissioned other guitars from Rick Turner, each with bespoke modifications tailored to his playing style. These custom-made instruments often feature personalized enhancements such as:

  1. Custom electronics and wiring for nuanced sound control
  2. Specific woods selected for tonal qualities and aesthetic appeal
  3. Ergonomic neck profiles for optimized playability

Buckingham’s close collaboration with Rick Turner has led to the creation of guitars that are as unique as the music they produce.

Use Of Other Guitars Like The Gibson Les Paul And Fender Telecaster

While the Turner guitars are a defining feature of Buckingham’s sound, his diverse guitar arsenal also includes historical stalwarts like the Gibson Les Paul and Fender Telecaster. These guitars offer a classic rock tone that contrasts beautifully with the more nuanced tones of his Turners. Buckingham’s ability to master these guitars underlines his versatility as a musician:

Guitar Model Tonal Characteristics Notable Use
Gibson Les Paul Warm, sustaining, and full-bodied tone Perfect for gritty, driving rhythms
Fender Telecaster Bright, cutting, and twangy tone Ideal for sharp lead lines

The juxtaposition of these guitars within Buckingham’s lineup showcases the breadth of his musical expression, from soft, intricate melodies to powerful, energized riffs.

The Evolution Of Lindsey Buckingham’s Guitar Preferences

Throughout his illustrious career, Lindsey Buckingham, the iconic Fleetwood Mac guitarist and vocalist, has intrigued audiences with his distinctive playing style. His choice in guitars has played a pivotal role in developing his signature sound. Tracking the evolution of Buckingham’s guitar preferences offers a window into how his unique style has been shaped by the instruments he has wielded.

Early Years And Initial Guitar Choices

In his formative years, Buckingham’s guitar choices were heavily influenced by the rock and pop sounds of the ’60s. He began on a Harmony Sovereign acoustic guitar before transitioning to his first electric, a single-pickup Kay. His search for a richer, more nuanced tone led him to the Fender Telecaster, which he played during the early recordings of Fleetwood Mac. The Telecaster’s bright, piercing quality complemented his fingerpicking precision and dynamic range.

Transition To The Turner Guitars And Reasons For Preference

Lindsey’s affinity for unique guitars became evident when he embraced Rick Turner’s creations. The Model 1 guitar became synonymous with Buckingham during the height of Fleetwood Mac’s fame. He favoured the Turner Model 1 for its ergonomic design and the ability to toggle between robust electric sounds and warmer, more acoustic tones. Crafted with a blend of mahogany and maple woods, the Turner Model 1 supported Buckingham’s complex fingerpicking technique and provided him with the versatility he required.

How Buckingham’s Playing Style Influenced His Guitar Selection

Buckingham’s playing style is characterized by his intricate fingerpicking and dynamic control. His choice in guitars reflects his need for instruments that offer seamless playability and a broad tonal range. Lindsey often opts for guitars with a flat fingerboard radius and a tailored set-up to accommodate his vigorous fingerpicking style. Additionally, he has a preference for customized electronics and unique pickups that can capture the nuances of his delicate to aggressive playing transitions. The synergy between Buckingham’s technique and his instrument selection culminates in melodious and resonant performances that continue to captivate audiences.

What Kind of Electric Guitar Does Lindsey Buckingham Play


Lindsey Buckingham’s Setup And Guitar Modifications

When it comes to iconic guitar sounds in the rock world, Lindsey Buckingham stands out as a master of tonal innovation. Best known for his work with Fleetwood Mac, Buckingham has developed a unique guitar setup that underscores his signature style. Let’s explore the intricacies of Buckingham’s custom-tuned arsenal, focusing specifically on the Turner Model 1 guitar he famously wields.

Customizations Done To His Turner Model 1

The Turner Model 1 is almost synonymous with Lindsey Buckingham. This guitar, which came into the limelight during his Fleetwood Mac days, has undergone a series of customizations to match his exact playing style. The luthier Rick Turner and Buckingham collaborated closely to develop a guitar that could accommodate Lindsey’s fingerpicking technique and cater to his particular sonic preferences. One distinctive modification is the slim neck profile, enabling quicker and more fluid transitions. The addition of a parametric EQ allows Buckingham to sculpt his tone directly from the guitar, providing him with unparalleled control over his sound. Additionally, the Turner Model 1 features a semi-hollow body with a unique rotating pickup, further enhancing its versatility.

Pickup Configurations And Unique Sound

Lindsey Buckingham’s approach to his pickup configurations stands at the heart of his distinct sound. The Turner Model 1 features a custom-wound humbucker and a system designed to split the coils, essentially turning the humbucker into a single-coil pickup for a brighter tone. This flexibility is central to Buckingham’s ability to switch between thick, warm tones and sharper, snappier sounds effortlessly. He often uses the guitar’s onboard piezo pickup system to blend acoustic and electric tones, further adding to the repertoire of sounds at his disposal.

Amplifiers And Effects Used In Conjunction With His Guitars

To complement his customized guitars, Lindsey Buckingham pairs his instruments with a carefully selected array of amplifiers and effects. His amp rig typically includes a Mesa Boogie Mark I, known for its rich, harmonically complex clean channel which gives Buckingham the pristine sound he favors. On the effects end, Buckingham often employs a deluxe reverb pedal to add depth and space to his playing without muddying the intricate details of his fingerstyle technique. Another staple in his effects lineup is a parametric EQ, ensuring he can fine-tune his tone on the fly. Paired together, these elements create a sound that is entirely Lindsey Buckingham’s own.

The Legacy And Influence Of Buckingham’s Guitar Choices

Throughout the realms of rock and pop, certain guitarists leave an indelible mark on the fabric of music through their unique sound and stylistic choices. Lindsey Buckingham, the legendary Fleetwood Mac guitarist, is one such musician. His eclectic guitar selections have contributed significantly to his distinct sound, leaving a legacy that resonates with artists and the industry alike. Buckingham’s armory mostly comprised of custom or modded instruments, with a penchant for unique tones that have carved his signature style into the annals of music history.

Impact On Guitarists And The Industry

Lindsey Buckingham’s innovative use of the electric guitar has not only inspired generations of guitar players but has also shaped the industry’s manufacturing trends. His leanings towards particular features have spurred brands to develop similar characteristics in their own designs. The most iconic element, his use of the Rick Turner Model 1 guitar, has set a precedent for how artistry can influence guitar production. Players across genres look to Buckingham’s tonal choices and playing techniques as a benchmark for achieving a mix of melodic prowess and technical finesse.

The Rise In Popularity Of Custom And Boutique Guitars

The choice of Buckingham’s equipment played a pivotal role in the ascendancy of custom and boutique guitars, paving the way for a wider acceptance of these handcrafted instruments. His affinity for personalized features—like the custom-designed Model 1—demonstrates the allure and functional benefits that these types of guitars offer. The Rick Turner Model 1, in particular, has become a sought-after guitar, spawning a trend that sees guitarists from all walks opting for instruments that cater to their individual playing styles and tonal preferences.

Contemporary Artists Influenced By Buckingham’s Style And Instrument Selection

  • John Mayer: Known for his versatile playing style, Mayer has often cited Buckingham as a key influence, and his choice of guitars reflects this inspiration.
  • St. Vincent: Annie Clark, also known as St. Vincent, has crafted a unique sound partially inspired by Buckingham, even collaborating with manufacturers for her custom model.
  • The Killers: This band’s lead guitarist, Dave Keuning, pulls elements from Buckingham’s sound, translating them into the modern rock arena with his guitar choices.

These artists, among others, have absorbed elements of Buckingham’s approach, evolving the impact of his guitar choices into the contemporary music scene. This lineage of influenced musicians continues to grow, showcasing the ongoing legacy of Lindsey Buckingham’s impact on guitar culture.

What Kind of Electric Guitar Does Lindsey Buckingham Play


Frequently Asked Questions Of What Kind Of Electric Guitar Does Lindsey Buckingham Play

What Kind Of Guitar Does Lindsey Buckingham Play On Never Going Back Again?

Lindsey Buckingham played a custom Rick Turner Model 1 guitar on “Never Going Back Again. “

Who Makes Lindsey Buckingham’s Guitars?

Rick Turner and his team at Rick Turner Guitars custom-make many of Lindsey Buckingham’s guitars. Lindsey frequently uses the Model 1 guitar designed by Turner.

What Guitar Does Lindsey Buckingham Play On Landslide?

Lindsey Buckingham famously plays a Turner Model 1 guitar during his performance of “Landslide” with Fleetwood Mac.

What Electric Guitar Did Fleetwood Mac Use?

Fleetwood Mac’s guitarist Lindsey Buckingham frequently used a Fender Telecaster and Gibson Les Paul models.


Lindsey Buckingham’s exceptional talent is matched by his iconic electric guitars. From his custom Rick Turner Model 1 to the Fender Stratocaster, each instrument contributes to his distinctive sound. Guitar enthusiasts and Fleetwood Mac fans alike can draw inspiration from Buckingham’s choice in guitars—each one a chapter in rock history.

Keep strumming, and who knows? Maybe you’ll find your own signature axe.

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