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Arcadia DL41 Review (Best For Starters)

Arcadia DL41 review. An acoustic guitar plus a starter pack with all the things you will need to start playing. The DL41 is a 41” dreadnought-style guitar targeted at novice players.

The Arcadia DL41 is a full-size acoustic guitar in the popular dreadnought style. With a 41-inch scale and steel strings, this instrument is designed for beginners but is also suitable for more experienced players.

You may find the smaller 36” or 38” ¾ size models will suit you if you have smaller hands, or if the guitar is going to be used by a child or young adult. 

The guitar comes in a pack with all the things any player will need from the start. The pack includes a gig bag, strings, picks, strap, and tuner as well as the guitar. It is designed to be played straight out of the box with no setup required.

With a comfortable neck and easy playing action, this acoustic is definitely angled towards the totally new or novice players among us. The pandemic saw an uptick in guitar purchases as people sought to put the time to good use, so if you’ve been inspired by someone you’ve heard recently, this cheap acoustic is a good place to start. 

At A Glance

9.1out of 10

Body And Neck9.1
Fretboard and Bridge9.1
Hardware and Finish9.1
Value for Money9.2

Best For Starters
  • Dreadnought body with Spruce top
  • Capable of producing balanced tone and projection
  • Hand-sanded meranti Mahogany neck profile
  • Superior internal bracing
  • Deluxe black-back die-cast tuners
  • Gigbag, digital tuner, strings, picks, shoulder strap, and more
  • Well-balanced sound and tone with nice craftsmanship
  • Attractive look with great value for the money
  • Easy to play with nice quality fit and finish
  • You can't really complain about the materials
  • Limited lifetime warranty, no flaws, no defects
  • No sharp frets and awesome low action
  • Comes with a full accessories kit (always a bonus)!
  • Great guitar for kids and beginners (as it has 36 and 38 versions as well)
  • Available in 3 different styles and 3 different colors
  • Strings may feel loose and tuning might not last long
  • You may have to change the strings in the first place
  • You might find glue on the fingerboard
  • The quality of the gig bag isn't so good (very thin with no padding)

History And Origin

The Arcadia DL series has been available for several years and, judging by the majority of the reviews, has proven to be popular with many new players and those returning to the guitar after many years’ break. Whatever your age, the Arcadia DL range has an instrument to suit. 

Body And Neck

The laminate body is a mixture of wood. The top is spruce, and the back and sides are lindens. The neck is hand-sanded meranti mahogany.

The truss rods are double action, while the spruce top enhances the balanced tone afforded by the stable internal bracing. The guitar also has an ivory ABS binding. The neck is comfortable to hold and the easy playing action also suits less experienced musicians.

Fretboard And Bridge

The fretboard is rosewood and the guitar comes supplied with medium-weight steel strings. Some players consider these to be inferior to nylon but steel is generally preferred for beginner-level guitars. Yes, it can be hard on the fingers, but any new skill takes its toll on bits of the body we didn’t know we could hurt.

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Hardware And Finish

The tuners are deluxe black back diecast tuners that are designed to hold their accuracy – very important for new players. The straight headstock is also black. 

Sound Quality

The Arcadia DL41 guitar has a spruce laminate top which gives a good tone and projection. This means it is perfect for all styles of music. 

The internal bracing may be thicker than some more experienced players are used to, but this enhances stability and resonance. With the die-cast tuners, you are also guaranteed slip-free tuning, which means one less thing to worry about when you’re learning.

Build Quality

The mixture of laminate wood in this guitar gives it a balanced and well-rounded sound. Some reviewers have found the quality, not to their liking, but many more, including me, like the fact that it is a good quality for the price, as an entry-level guitar. 


The Arcadia DL41 has great balance and projection, making it an easy guitar to play. The internal bracing offers stability and the mahogany neck adds to the smooth playing experience. Our view is that playability ranks above sound quality for beginner guitarists and the Arcadia DL41 certainly delivers on both counts. 

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The Arcadia DL41 is a very versatile instrument. This basic acoustic can handle any genre of music that you would usually use an acoustic guitar for. It is not electric-acoustic but can be played with a microphone or soundhole pickup close to the strings to help with sound projection and this can be plugged into an amp.

As a beginner’s guitar, it is easy to play but can be used by more experienced players as needed.

Design And Looks

This guitar has a scale length of 41 inches and is available in Natural, Black, and Tobacco Sunburst colorways. It is constructed of mixed laminate woods so will stand up to most things. You may not mean to be heavy-handed with your new guitar, but accidents can happen. 

Available Options

The Arcadia DL41 has a right-handed orientation. It has steel strings, robust tuning pegs, and a smooth mahogany neck for ease of playing.

The guitar comes with a starter pack so in theory all any new player has to do is pick it out of the box and start playing. Of course, if you’re a total rookie you really ought to consider some lessons or follow online tutorials to get the most from your new acquisition.

It’s available in three colors, Natural, Black, or Tobacco Sunburst to suit any taste.

You will also get a limited lifetime warranty with your instrument. 

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Customization Tips

The starter pack contents should help you get the best out of your new purchase. There is a gig bag, an easy-to-use clip-on digital tuner, a strap, a selection of marble-print picks, and a spare set of strings. There is also a chord chart and a tuning instruction guide.

It is, of course, possible to choose a different tuner and to change the strings for your own preference, if you have one. The guitar is optimized for steel strings and will not take kindly to being played with nylon strings, however. Changing the strings may also change the sound, so if that’s important to you, you may wish to experiment with various brands of strings until you find a set that you like the feel of and which offers the sound you’re after.

The guitar comes with a strap button on the body and a strap tie on the neck. The strap itself is a standard adjustable 2-inch wide nylon webbing design with leather ends to protect the guitar and add strength. It should be possible for you to modify the neck of the guitar near the body to fit a second strap button if that would suit your playing style better. According to at least one comment left by a player, there are videos available on this subject.

The tuner requires a battery, which is supplied with the starter pack. The DL41 also supports the use of a ChordBuddy.

Further customization is possible for more experienced players. You can lower the string action, adjust the truss rod, and remove the bridge saddle and the shims underneath it.

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Value For Money

The Arcadia DL41 is considered to be a good value for money, given that the starter pack contains everything a new player will need. As one review says, you can never have too many picks or spare strings.

Reviewers agree that you’re getting a decent guitar for the price, which will stand up robustly to rough treatment and is easy to travel with too. The items in the starter pack are functional but welcome, even by the more experienced musicians.

The materials used are good and the sound produced is considered adequate for a guitar in this price range.

What Sets Arcadia DL41 Apart From Its Competitors?

The Arcadia DL41 is a standard entry-level acoustic guitar. It is a good all-around instrument in terms of the price it comes with, suited for all styles of music.

Some reviewers have said they think the guitar has features generally found on higher-priced models, including trim, bolt-on tuner heads, and the well-stocked starter pack. I’d agree with that opinion. 

Choose Arcadia DL41 If

  • You are looking for an entry-level acoustic guitar.
  • You need an instrument that can be set up simply and played straight away.
  • You would prefer a starter pack to buy accessories separately.
  • You’re happy to make adjustments to the setup to meet your requirements, such as lowering the action, sanding sharp ends and rough patches, and adjusting the truss rod.

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Don’t Choose Arcadia DL41 If

  • You would find it difficult to play a full-size guitar (other options in the DL range may suit your needs better).
  • You prefer real wooden guitars.
  • You have a high level of expectation for how a guitar should look and sound – this is an entry-level model, after all!
  • The level of sound from your instrument is important to you – laminate does not give the same sound quality as real wood.


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Is the Arcadia DL41 A Good Guitar for a Child to Learn to Play?

You can buy the Arcadia DL41 for a child to learn to play on, although the smaller size of their hands means they may be better off using one of the other ¾ size guitars in the range instead. The starter pack means that it is possible to pick the guitar out of the box, tune and play it.

Does the Arcadia DL41 Acoustic Guitar come Pre-tuned?

The Arcadia DL41 does not come pre-tuned. However, you will find a digital tuner included in the starter pack together with tuning instructions. The die-cast tuning pegs should hold their position once tuned, which will make things easier for a movie player.

How is Arcadia DL41 Guitar Packaged for Shipping?

The guitar is shipped together with the starter pack. Shipping seems to generally be quite fast and I certainly had no complaints with the way it was packed.

Does the Arcadia DL41 come with Pre-installed Straplocks?

There is a strap lock on the base of the guitar, but the other end of the strap will have to be tied around the neck of the guitar. Your strap comes in your starter pack.

Final Verdict

The Arcadia DL41 is a good entry-level acoustic guitar. It is robust, has good sound, and is well-balanced. New players should find it easy to use for lessons and simple to play at home, while more experienced musicians are likely to find it a good choice for a backup or traveling guitar.

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