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Rogue RG-624 Left-Handed Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Review

The Rogue RG 624 is a full-size left-handed acoustic steel-string guitar suitable for beginners. It scores over 4 stars in most reviews and is generally agreed to have good sound quality.

Despite some of the best-known guitarists in the world being lefties, there is a limited selection of specific left-handed guitars. You’d maybe think that with the iconic status of players like Jimi Hendrix, Tony Iommi, Paul McCartney, Kurt Cobain, Albert King, and surf guitar great Dick Dale, there would be a wide selection out there, but it has mainly fallen to southpaws to partner with famous guitar makers to produce a signature line of their own.

Many left-handed players have resorted to simply flipping a right-handed model and either playing it as it is or restringing it to suit their left-handed abilities. However, it’s better for new players these days if they can start with a guitar specifically made for their style.

The Rogue RG 624 is one of those guitars. It is a left-handed acoustic guitar, made of a spruce and mahogany laminate mix. This is a full-size guitar and comes equipped with Martin steel strings. Generally scoring over 4 stars in reviews, and with an affordable price tag, it is definitely suitable for beginners. Our reviewer beamed very happily when it arrived and rushed off to unpack it and test it out. 

At A Glance

9.1out of 10

Body And Neck9.1
Fretboard and Bridge9.1
Hardware and Finish9.2
Value for Money9.0

Best For Left-Handers
  • Left-handed full-size dreadnought body style
  • The spruce top is able to produce great sound
  • Die-cast tuning machines
  • Inlaid body binding
  • Light-weight solid long-lasting construction
  • The low price makes it ideal for beginners
  • Spruce top and Mahogany back and sides deliver a lovely sound
  • This guitar is very well finished
  • Natural color results enrich aesthetics
  • One of the best for left-handed players in this price tag
  • You may need to adjust the action for easier play
  • Inconsistent sound

History And Origin

The Rogue range has been around since the mid-1990s, producing, among other things, low-cost acoustic and electric guitars, all suitable for novice players. Their instruments are both affordable and simple to learn to play. Rogue is a brand owned by Musician’s Friend music distribution company and named after the location of the company’s headquarters.

The instruments use a variety of wood laminates, which contributes to being able to keep costs low, and as with many entry-level models, the line is made in Korea.

Body And Neck

The Rogue RG 624 has a spruce and mahogany laminate construction. The top is spruce, the body a mix of spruce and mahogany. The back and neck are mahogany; the neck being the popular Nato wood. Steel Martin strings come with the guitar, although players can change these for the brand of their choice if required. 

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Fretboard And Bridge

The fretboard is another popular choice – bound rosewood. These days this is pretty much the standard choice wood for fretboards. 

Hardware And Finish

This left-handed acoustic guitar has a black straight headstock, die-cast tuning mechanisms, and inlaid body binding, which is usually seen on more expensive models. The case is sold separately, unlike some other guitar brands where the starter pack will include a case in the bundle deal. 

Sound Quality

Both the distributor and other reviewers state that the RG 624 has good sound quality. The spruce top was selected to ensure this would be the case. The die-cast tuning pegs mean that it should hold its tuning too, especially once the strings are broken in. The strings are lightweight, which means they’re easier on the fingers, but some reviewers believe the sound quality suffers a little for that.

Build Quality

Unfortunately, some reviewers have reported that their instruments arrived broken or broke soon after receipt. It is unclear whether this was due to inferior build quality or resulted from heavy handling during shipment. The model I received was in one piece, but clearly, others were not so fortunate. 

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This guitar is very playable. It also seems to stay in tune once the strings are broken in, which is a good thing. One of the most important things, when you start learning guitar, is to enjoy the learning experience, and a guitar that is highly playable, with a smooth neck and frets, and an easy strumming position, will help you get the most from the instrument. The strings are set quite high, but that is a common manufacturing detail on lower-end guitars. 


The Rogue RG 624 is suitable for lefties learning to play guitar. It can handle most genres where an acoustic guitar would be used. It is purely acoustic, with no option for the plugin, so if you wanted to play it in a larger room, you’d have to rig a microphone close to the soundhole so you can be heard effectively. 

Design And Looks

The guitar comes in natural wood color. Due to its laminate construction, it is lightweight and easy to handle. Some players with smaller hands have said they found the neck a bit wide, and it is true that many entry-level guitars have narrow necks which help players grip and form chords better. 

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Available Options

This left-handed six-string is a full-size instrument. It is intended for adults but could be suitable for children over 12 if they have big enough hands. It is available in natural wood only. 

Customization Tips

The guitar is supplied with Martin steel strings, but these can be replaced by your favorite alternative brand of steel strings. The case is sold separately, so this could be a way of splitting the cost among several people if the guitar is to be a gift. 

It has a strap button on the bottom but no neck fixings. You can either use a strap tie or look into fitting a second button on the heel of the neck if you prefer. 

Other options you could choose to customize your guitar include lowering the action or using lighter gauge strings. Many players choose one or both of those options, especially if they are looking for a cheap guitar rather than one specifically targeted at beginners.

Value For Money

The RG 624 is considered a good value for money, especially as it is a left-handed guitar. These models are often more expensive and there is less choice for a southpaw than their right-handed bandmates.

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Rogue has produced a range of affordable acoustic guitars, of which the RG 624 is one. The spruce top means it has a good sound quality, while there are quality touches such as inlaid body binding to make it a bit different from other similarly priced guitars.

However, unlike some beginner-level acoustic guitars from other brands, Rogue does not offer a starter pack with this instrument. The case is sold separately, and good-to-have items such as a spare set of strings, a tuner, or a strap will also cost extra.

What Sets Rogue RG 624 Apart From Its Competitors 

The Rogue RG 624 is part of a range owned by Musician’s Friend music distribution company. That in itself is unusual because many of the big-name guitar brands were either founded specifically to make guitars or evolved from guitar repair and customization workshops attached to musical instrument stores.

It is also a left-handed guitar, so no need for lefties to learn on upside-down right-handed guitars anymore. Given the prevalence of extremely high-profile left-handed players in the last six decades, it is only fair that aspiring left-handed players should have a guitar that suits their needs by now. 

Choose Rogue RG 624 If

  • You are a left-handed player.
  • Your preference is for die-cast tuners.
  • You like little touches such as inlaid body binding.
  • You simply need a left-handed entry-level acoustic guitar.
  • You already have a suitable case, tuner, spare strings, strap, picks, and other extras.

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Don’t Choose Rogue RG 624 If

  • You’re a right-handed player.
  • You need all the extras such as a case, tuner, spare strings, strap, and picks.
  • You need an electro-acoustic model.
  • You use Rocksmith, as this guitar does not work with it. 


Ashthorpe Thinline Guitar Package
  • Incredible sound, impressive tone, standout projection, and incredible sonics.
  • Fine hardwood construction: X-braced, A-grade Spruce wood, known for resiliency and versatility.
  • Thinline cutaway design full-size (41") guitar for better access and more comfortable playing.
  • Includes the Ashthorpe guitar, a soft nylon "gig bag" guitar case, 3 celluloid picks, onboard 4-band pickup EQ, cable, a shoulder strap, an extra set of strings, and an owner's manual.
Jameson Thinline Acoustic Electric
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  • Electric-acoustic versatility
  • Perfect for students and all levels
  • Designed for comfort
  • Sold as a complete kit
Rogue RA-090
  • 6-string
  • Dreadnought design
  • Whitewood body
  • 25-3/8" scale length
  • Nato neck


Is the Rogue RG 624 A Good Guitar for a Child to Learn to Play? 

The Rogue RG 624 may be suitable for a child to learn to play. It is a full-size guitar though, so may be too big for some players, especially those with smaller hands. 

Does the Rogue RG 624 Acoustic Guitar come Pre-tuned? 

The Rogue RG 624 will need to be tuned before being played for the first time. However, the die-cast tuner pegs should ensure the instrument holds its tuning, especially once the strings are broken in fully. 

How is Rogue’s RG 624 Guitar Packaged for Shipping? 

The Rogue RG 624 is shipped alone without any extras or bundles. On many sites, shipping is free, although if fulfillment is handled by a different company, this may add to the expected delivery time. 

Does the RG 624 Acoustic Guitar come with Pre-installed Straplocks? 

The RG 624 has one strap button on the base of the guitar body. The other end of the strap can be fixed to the neck with a strap tie. Alternatively, it may be possible to fit another strap button. You can either follow the instructions available online or take your instrument to a customizer if you prefer. 

Final Verdict

The Rogue RG 624 left-handed acoustic guitar is a good entry-level model for any left-hander to buy. The brand may not be as well known as some, but it has been established for several decades now. Left-handed musicians do not have the same level of choice as right-handed players but this instrument scores well in reviews and seems to be popular with many buyers. Our leftie reviewer quite liked it and recommended that her fellow Southpaws try it.

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