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Artall 39-inch Handcrafted Acoustic Guitar Review

Artall 39-inch handcrafted acoustic guitar review: This guitar is a cutaway model suitable for players over 12 years old. It comes in a selection of bright colors to liven up your lessons.

The Artall 39-inch handcrafted acoustic guitar is a beginner’s model suitable for players aged 12 and over. It’s slightly less than the full size at 39 inches, which may make it easier for new players and anyone (like some of our reviewers) with smaller hands to get to grips with learning to play the guitar. It scores highly in online reviews, with 4.5 out of 5 or better.

It is a right-handed guitar in the dreadnought style, available in a variety of bright colors to liven up your lessons. The Artall 39-inch acoustic comes with an impressive starter kit comprising a gig bag, strings, picks, and a strap. We like guitars that come fully equipped.

At A Glance

9.3out of 10

Body And Neck9.3
Fretboard and Bridge9.3
Hardware and Finish9.3
Value for Money9.3

Best For Jump Start
  • Elegant cutaway design appearance with a luxury glossy finish
  • Unique handcrafted solid basswood body with brass frets
  • Produce superb graceful and melodic sound
  • Comes with a gig bag, strings, picks, and a strap
  • Easy to carry with its black nylon gigbag
  • Handcrafted basswood body well suited to the smaller player
  • Lightweight, compact, and durable cutaway design
  • Simple tuning with excellent woody and warm tone
  • The combination of Linden and Maple offers a rich resonance
  • Comes with a full starter kit
  • Very much affordable
  • Not suitable for children under 12
  • Tuning does not last long and doesn't feature Spruce top
  • Ordinary Strings that can be damaged easily
  • The fretboard’s maple (not Rosewood). This might suit those who like a brighter tone, though!

History And Origin

Artall’s name comes from the company motto: Art All Customer. Instruments should be as good to look at as they are to play, in the company’s view. To make their range even more attractive, it is available for easy purchase through Amazon.

Artall has years of experience in the musical instruments industry. They have a good reputation for quality, aftercare, and especially pricing. Their guitars use solid wood and are handmade.

The 39-inch dreadnought acoustic model was first produced in 2017, with other colors being made available in 2018.

Body And Neck

The top, body, and back of this guitar are made of solid basswood or linden as it is also known. The neck is maple, which is often popular for the construction of guitar necks. It is bound with black ABS, more or less an industry standard.

In our opinion, there are few surprises in this construction, the woods used are pretty much the standard for entry-level acoustic guitars. The use of solid wood at this price point is slightly more unusual, as many lower-priced models use laminate wood.

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Fretboard And Bridge

The Artall 39-inch acoustic has a maple fretboard and bridge. The frets are made of brass.

Hardware And Finish

Whichever color you choose, you will receive a guitar with a highly glossy finish. The solid body and brass frets, together with the look of the guitar, make this instrument a striking one to see as well as hear. 

Sound Quality

The sound quality is due to the solid basswood body. In our opinion, this produces a very melodious sound, although solid wood always seems to sound better than laminate, to us. One reviewer says that the sound ‘chimes’, and as this is an accurate description of the sound, we’ll borrow that description, thank you.

Sound Demo

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Build Quality

The Artall 39-inch guitar has a handcrafted solid wood dreadnought-style basswood body. It weighs just over six pounds and arrives in a package that measures approximately 40 inches long x 18 inches wide x 5 inches high. 


The playability of the Artall 39-inch guitar is helped by its smaller size and right-handed orientation. A wider number of interested students will be able to play it as it is slightly smaller than full size. This increases its accessibility, as it is suitable for guitarists over 12 years old, especially students and teens. It sounds just as good whether it is strummed or picked; that melodious tone makes it a pleasure to play.

A guitar that is easy to fret and play will make your lessons more fun. You will feel like you’re making progress if you’re comfortable with your instrument. This works for any instrument available in different sizes but is especially true for guitars, where it is easy to spot someone with an instrument too big for them. 


The Artall 39-inch dreadnought acoustic is suitable for playing any genre usually played on acoustic guitar. This will help new players and students who are working their way through a tutorial, whether the classes are online or in person.

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Design And Looks

This guitar certainly has looks. The cutaway body is eye-catching, while the popular dreadnought shape means it sounds as good as it looks. Available in a range of vibrant colors, this instrument could easily turn heads. The natural color models are matte, the brighter colors are glossy. The maple neck is smooth and comfortable to play and the handcrafted linden body gives the guitar beauty to match its chiming sound quality. 

Available Options

There is a range of sizes available in the Artall acoustic range, of which the 39-inch dreadnought is just one. Whether you fancy a bright red, glossy purple-blue, jewel emerald green, or traditional sunset shade, the right-handed acoustic has a color to suit. This model also comes with an extensive starter kit, so if you’re looking to be able to start lessons quickly, you will only need to tune up and you’ll be ready to go. 

Customization Tips

The biggest customization option with the Artall 39-inch is the fact that it comes in a variety of colors. Whatever catches your vibe, the rainbow has an option for you. 

As always there is the option of changing strings to your preferred brand, although the starter pack includes spare strings just in case. The black nylon gig bag could technically also be customized if you chose to add patches or other decorations. 


This lovely handmade guitar comes with a variety of accessories. If you choose the starter pack, you will have a gig bag, strings, picks, a tuner, and a strap to go with the instrument, all of which are useful if you have to take it to lessons. The inclusion of a strap means you will be able to move around more easily with your guitar. Who knows, you could even decide to go busking with it or perform for your friends and family. The electric tuner clips onto the head of the guitar and the display flickers until the strings are in tune. 

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Value For Money

This guitar is definitely value for money. It costs under $100 and has a range of accessories available as a starter pack. It may not sound as good as a big-name brand, but it’s not meant to either. It’s designed to be a guitar for new and intermediate players, which looks good and sounds good for the price.

It’s no use paying out for a top-of-the-range guitar if you’re not sure you will continue to play it. It’s far better to have one which costs less. You can always upgrade if you reach that stage in your playing. If you don’t, then that’s not a problem.

What Sets Artall 39 Inch Apart From Its Competitors  

One thing that sets the Artall 39-inch acoustic apart from its many competitors is it’s a purely handmade acoustic, 39 inches long, which is less than full size. This makes it more appealing to younger students because it is likely to be a better fit for them than a full-size model. It is marketed specifically at teenagers and beginners because of this.

The guitar is made of solid wood rather than being made of laminate wood layers. It is also handbuilt.

Choose Artall 39-inch Handcrafted Acoustic Guitar If

  • You need it shipped worldwide (taxes are quoted on some websites).
  • You prefer a colorful guitar.
  • You need a smaller-sized model.
  • You are right-handed.
  • You want a hand-built model.

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Don’t Choose Artall 39-inch Handcrafted Acoustic Guitar If

  • You want to play a full-size guitar.
  • You would prefer top branded guitar.


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  • Includes the Ashthorpe guitar, a soft nylon "gig bag" guitar case, 3 celluloid picks, onboard 4-band pickup EQ, cable, a shoulder strap, an extra set of strings, and an owner's manual.
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Is Artall a good brand?

Artall is a lesser-known brand. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a good brand. It may be ideally suited to a new player who doesn’t know whether they will continue playing, as it has affordable guitars.

Is 39 inches a full-size acoustic guitar?

39 inches is slightly less than the typical maximum size of 41 inches. It is a good choice for teenage players and anyone with smaller hands, who may find a full-sized guitar too big to form chords on and play easily. 

Is the Artall 39-inch A Good Guitar for a Child to Learn to Play? 

The Artall 39-inch guitar is a good guitar for an older child to learn to play. It is marketed to guitarists over 12 years old. 

Does the Artall 39-inch Acoustic Guitar come Pre-tuned? 

No, the guitar will have to be tuned before it can be played. Often, the strings are slackened before shipping to prevent damage to the neck in transit. 

How is the Artall 39-inch Guitar Packaged for Shipping? 

The guitar arrives in a box approximately 40 inches long by 18 inches wide by 5 inches thick. It weighs under 7 pounds. 

Does the Artall 39-inch Acoustic Guitar come with Pre-installed Straplocks? 

The Artall 39-inch guitar has a strap lock on the base of the guitar and the other end of the strap has to be tied to the neck of the guitar. The strap comes as part of the starter kit. Typically entry-level acoustic guitars have this configuration.

Final Words

The Artall 39-inch guitar looks good and sounds good. In common with other reviews, we reckon it scores a solid 8 out of 10. The packaging could potentially be slightly better, but the sound quality, build quality, customer support, range of colors, and value for money are all spot on.

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