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Does Simply Piano Come With Simply Guitar

Simply Piano and Simply Guitar are separate apps; purchasing Simply Piano does not include access to Simply Guitar. Each application is individually developed and offered by JoyTunes to cater to different users.

Exploring the realm of music education through apps can be an exciting journey. Simply Piano and Simply Guitar stand out as innovative platforms designed to make learning piano and guitar engaging and accessible. Developed by JoyTunes, both apps offer interactive lessons, structured courses, and real-time feedback to users.

They cater to different needs yet share a common goal: to simplify and gamify music instruction. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced musician, these apps aim to sharpen your skills through comprehensive curriculums that adjust to your playing level. With intuitive interfaces and personalized progress tracking, Simply Piano and Simply Guitar provide a modern twist to traditional musical education.

Introduction To Simply Piano And Simply Guitar

Embarking on the journey of learning an instrument is exciting and now, simpler than ever. With apps like Simply Piano and Simply Guitar, music education enters the digital age. These apps serve as personal tutors, guiding users through each lesson with ease. But do they come as a package deal?

The Rise Of Music Learning Apps

Technology has revolutionized the way we learn music. Traditional lessons, once restricted to physical spaces, now fit into your pocket. With apps such as Simply Piano and Simply Guitar, learners of all ages gain access to lessons anytime, anywhere. Let’s unravel the technology that’s striking a chord with budding musicians worldwide.

Core Features Of Simply Piano

  • Interactive Piano Learning: Users follow on-screen instructions to master songs and techniques.
  • Personalized Practice: The app adjusts to the individual’s pace, offering tailored exercises.
  • Various Music Genres: Learners explore classical, pop, and more, keeping practice sessions fresh and diverse.
  • Instant Feedback: As notes are played, immediate feedback helps correct mistakes on the fly.

Exploring Simply Guitar

Simply Piano and Simply Guitar are siblings in the world of music learning apps. Simply Guitar steps into the spotlight, offering guitar enthusiasts a path to strumming success.

What Simply Guitar Offers

  • Interactive lessons for beginners to advanced players
  • Real-time feedback on playing
  • Diverse song library across various genres
  • Step-by-step video tutorials
  • Challenges to test skills and track progress

User Experience Comparison With Simply Piano

Feature Simply Guitar Simply Piano
Feedback Mechanism Instant, with chord recognition Instant, with note recognition
Library Content Songs tailored for guitar Songs tailored for piano
User Interface Easy-to-follow guitar visuals Simplified piano roll display
Tutorial Content Guitar-specific techniques Piano-specific techniques
Progress Tracking Yes, with earned badges Yes, with earned badges

Both Simply Guitar and Simply Piano focus on ease of use and interactivity. They offer customized learning experiences based on the instrument of choice.

Bundled Deals And Cross-app Functionality

Unlocking the full potential of music learning apps often comes down to understanding their bundled deals and cross-app functionality. Imagine learning piano and guitar with synced resources. This idea brings us to Simply Piano and Simply Guitar. Do these apps offer bundled deals or enhance the experience through shared features?

Examining App Bundles

When exploring the offerings of Simply Piano and Simply Guitar, potential users frequently ask about app bundles. Many apps today offer bundles for a more value-packed deal. This section digs into the current state of bundles for these two popular music apps.

  • Simply Piano and Simply Guitar are individual apps.
  • Weighing the benefits and pricing of potential packages for subscribers.
  • Updated information on promotional deals or combined access possibilities.

Interconnectivity Between Music Apps

The concept of interconnectivity between music learning apps like Simply Piano and Simply Guitar is enticing. Users benefit from seamless transition and shared learning methods. This could lead to faster mastery of instruments.

Feature Benefit
Shared Account Ease of use with one login.
Synced Progress Track learning across apps.
Cross-App Challenges Engagement through gamification.

However, it is vital to confirm these aspects directly with the app creators for the most accurate information.

Does Simply Piano Come With Simply Guitar


Subscription Models And Pricing

The digital music education scene is buzzing with intuitive apps like Simply Piano and Simply Guitar. Both apps offer comprehensive tutorials to master melodies and chords. Understanding how to unlock these tuneful tools involves examining their subscription models and pricing. Here’s the lowdown on what you need to know.

Analyzing Simply Piano’s Subscription Options

Simply Piano by JoyTunes offers various subscription plans catered to your learning pace.

  • Monthly access provides a quick dip into piano basics.
  • Annual subscriptions offer an extended learning journey at a cost-effective rate.
  • A lifetime membership is the best value for unlimited piano lessons.

All plans include a full song library and multiple courses. Prices vary but expect to pay more for shorter commitments.

Cost Of Simply Guitar Access

Simply Guitar, also by JoyTunes, follows a similar pricing strategy.

Plan Price Duration
Monthly Comparable to Simply Piano 1 Month
Yearly Less than monthly x 12 12 Months
Lifetime One-time payment Forever

To clarify, Simply Piano and Simply Guitar are separate apps. Each requires its own subscription.

The Verdict On Combined Access

The verdict on combined access for Simply Piano and Simply Guitar stirs curiosity. Music enthusiasts often wonder if one subscription covers both. This clarity can streamline their learning journey. Let’s unveil this mystery.

Are Both Apps Included In A Single Subscription?

When you sign up for Simply Piano, you access piano lessons exclusively. Similarly, Simply Guitar focuses on strumming and plucking chords. The key takeaway is – one subscription equals one instrument.

Alternative Ways To Learn Both Piano And Guitar

Those eager to master both instruments can explore other learning avenues:

  • Separate apps for focused learning
  • Online tutorials on platforms like YouTube
  • Dedicated music courses for comprehensive education
  • Private lessons for personalized guidance

Music progress thrives on consistency and practice. The choice is yours!

Does Simply Piano Come With Simply Guitar


User Testimonials And Feedback

User Testimonials and Feedback shine a light on the true value of a product. They provide insights into the practicality and efficiency of learning tools. For those considering a journey through the world of music with Simply Piano and Simply Guitar, feedback from users is invaluable.

Success Stories From Multi-instrumental Learners

  • Emma R.: “Mastered piano, now strumming chords on guitar. Simply amazing progress!”
  • Jack T.: “Used the app for piano last year. Now, I play guitar too. It all clicks!”
  • Lily D.: “I thought piano was my limit. With Simply Guitar, I proved myself wrong. Two instruments under my belt!”

Comparative Feedback On Simply Piano Vs Simply Guitar

Feature Simply Piano Simply Guitar
User Interface Intuitive and engaging Easy to navigate, guitar-focused
Song Library Vast choices for all levels Rich selection, great for beginners
Learning Curve Gentle and progressive Hands-on, practical approach
Technique Building Focused on hand placement Concentrates on chord transitions

Individual stories and blanket comparisons tell a story. Simply Piano and Simply Guitar meet different needs yet thrive on shared fundamentals. Real experiences reflect their transformative potential in the world of music learning.

Does Simply Piano Come With Simply Guitar


Frequently Asked Questions Of Does Simply Piano Come With Simply Guitar

Does Simply Piano Include Guitar?

Simply Piano is an app designed exclusively for learning piano and does not include guitar lessons.

How To Get Simply Guitar For Free?

Download Simply Guitar from the App Store or Google Play for a free trial. Access basic lessons without charge; subscriptions offer full content.

What Does Simply Piano Premium Include?

Simply Piano Premium offers full access to all courses, songs, and personalized workouts, enabling users to enhance their piano playing experience.

Is Paying For Simply Guitar Worth It?

Paying for Simply Guitar can be worth it for beginner guitarists seeking interactive, step-by-step lessons. Personal preferences and learning styles dictate its value.


Wrapping up, it’s clear that Simply Piano and Simply Guitar are two distinct apps crafted for unique musical pursuits. Embracing your journey of learning piano or strumming the guitar requires separate downloads. Before you dive in, verify if bundle offers are available for music enthusiasts eager to master both.

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