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How High the Moon Ukulele

“The ‘How High the Moon’ ukulele arrangement captures the song’s jazzy essence on a smaller scale. It’s accessible for players at an intermediate skill level.”

Engage in the melodic rhythm of the 1940s classic, “How High the Moon,” as it transitions seamlessly onto the ukulele. With its smooth chords and reflective melody, this tune has become a favorite among ukulele enthusiasts seeking to add some vintage jazz flair to their repertoire.

The song’s arrangement for ukulele maintains the original’s sophistication while catering to the distinctive sound of the instrument. In playing “How High the Moon” on the ukulele, musicians can develop their chord transitions, timing, and expression. The piece ultimately serves as a delightful challenge that rewards practice with a timeless melody that resonates as much today as it did back in its heyday.

How High the Moon Ukulele


Strumming To The Stars With ‘how High The Moon’ On Ukulele

Imagine dancing fingertips across the moonlit strings of a ukulele. ‘How High the Moon’ invites you to do just that. This timeless tune transforms the humble ukulele into a vessel, soaring through jazz-infused skies. Let’s explore the allure carrying many ukulele enthusiasts strumming to the stars.

Origins Of The Jazz Standard

‘How High the Moon’ first shone its light in 1940. Composed by Morgan Lewis with lyrics by Nancy Hamilton, this jazz standard quickly captured hearts. It gleamed across Broadway and soon became a staple in jazz repertoires.

  • Debuted: 1940 in Two for the Show
  • Composer: Morgan Lewis
  • Lyricist: Nancy Hamilton
  • Popularized by: Les Paul, Ella Fitzgerald

Popularity In Ukulele Culture

The ukulele, with its four silken strings, proves an ideal instrument for ‘How High the Moon’. Ukulele gatherings and tutorials often feature the song, testifying to its beloved status. Its charm lies not just in melody but in how seamlessly it weaves into the ukulele’s voice.

  1. Featured in ukulele tutorials and play-alongs
  2. Frequent request at ukulele clubs and jams
  3. Perfect for beginners and advanced players

Preparing Your Ukulele For Jazz

If you want your ukulele to sing with the smooth sound of jazz, preparation is key. Jazz ukulele requires a setup that’s a bit different from your regular strumming tune. Turn those four nylon strings into a powerhouse of jazz by fine-tuning your ukulele’s setup. Get ready to make beautiful melodies and sophisticated harmonies ring out from your fingertips with these vital steps!

Tuning Up For The Perfect Sound

Before playing jazz on your ukulele, ensure it’s perfectly in tune. Standard tuning might suffice for folk or pop songs, but jazz often demands precise intonation to capture its essence. Use a reliable tuner and consider tuning slightly sharper to accommodate for finger pressure changes when playing jazz chords.

  • Standard tuning: GCEA
  • Check string tension and adjust if needed
  • Verify intonation along the fretboard

Jazz Chords On The Ukulele Fretboard

Mastering jazz chords is essential for bringing out the genre’s complex sound. Start with basic jazz chords and then explore extended harmonies like 7ths, 9ths, and diminished chords.

Chord Type Example Chords
Major 7th Cmaj7, Emaj7
Minor 7th Cm7, Em7
Dominant 7th C7, E7
Diminished Cdim, Edim

Practicing these new chords will give you the versatility needed to navigate through jazz standards. Always keep your Ukulele chord chart handy while practicing.

Fundamentals Of Jazz Ukulele

Strumming a tune on the ukulele can feel like a gentle ocean breeze. But when jazz steps in, the humble uke transforms. The ukulele with its four strings is a playground for jazz enthusiasts. Jazz on the ukulele is not just about complex chords. It’s an art. It speaks in syncopated rhythms and whispers through improvisation. Buckle up as we explore the realms of jazz on this pint-sized powerhouse.

Common Jazz Chord Progressions

Chord progressions are the backbone of any jazz standard. On the ukulele, they create a tapestry of sound and emotion. Two-five-one (II-V-I) is the king of jazz progressions. It’s where most songs find their resolve. The ukulele demands precision in these progressions. You should be familiar with majors, minors, and seventh chords. Let’s start off with a basic II-V-I progression in C major:

Try these variations with a ukulele in hand. Here’s a table to help you grip those chords:

Chord Finger Position
Dmin7 2213
G7 0212
Cmaj7 0002

This is a stepping stone. Before long, you’ll dance through more complex progressions like the minor two-five-one.

Mastering The Swing Rhythm

The swing rhythm makes jazz feel like jazz. It’s about playing two notes unevenly – a bit like a heartbeat. With the ukulele, the subtleness of the swing is crucial. Your strumming hand needs to glide in a long-short pattern. Think of saying “hum-ditty” where ‘hum’ is a long strum and ‘ditty’ is short. Here is a basic pattern:

// Down-Up pattern
          D– U D– U (where D– is a long down strum and U is a short up strum)

Practice makes perfect. Start slow then speed up. But remember, jazz is not a race. It’s an experience. Feel every strum resonate. Trust your ears. They will guide you to that sweet swing rhythm that defines jazz.

How High the Moon Ukulele


Learning ‘how High The Moon’ Step-by-step

Imagine playing the classic tune ‘How High the Moon’ on your ukulele. Your fingers dance over the strings, creating beautiful music. This blog post will guide you through the process, from chords to melody. Let’s strum our way to the moon with your ukulele!

Breaking Down The Chord Structure

Start with the basics: the chords. ‘How High the Moon’ has a mix of jazzy chords that might seem daunting. Fear not! With practice, they’ll become second nature. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

  • Learn each chord individually. Start slow, get comfortable.
  • Chord progressions are key. Practice transitioning smoothly.
  • Use a metronome. This keeps your timing tight.
  • Repeat. Muscle memory is your friend.
Chord Fingering Position
Am7 Open Position
D7 2223
Gmaj7 0222
Cmaj7 0002

Incorporating Melody And Harmony

Once you’ve got the chords down, it’s time to add in the melody. Playing chords and melodies together may seem tough, but it’s all about practice.

  1. Learn the melody line. Hum it or play it note by note.
  2. Combine with chords. Start with a slow tempo.
  3. Listen to the song. Copy how the melody flows.

Strum the chords while weaving in the melody notes. This creates harmony. Your ukulele will sing with a full, rich sound.

Take your time with each step. Patience is crucial in mastering ‘How High the Moon’. Soon, you’ll play it with ease. Grab your ukulele, and let’s make music!

Advanced Techniques For Jazz Uke Enthusiasts

Jazz on the ukulele? Absolutely! The sweet, melodic tones of this compact instrument add a unique twist to jazz standards. ‘How High the Moon’ emerges as a playground for those looking to up their game. So, grab your uke and let’s dive into the rich world of jazz uke techniques!

Soloing Over ‘how High The Moon’

Mastering solo improvisation breathes new life into this jazz classic. Soloing is about expressing yourself. Follow these tips:

  • Start with the melody before venturing into your own riffs.
  • Understand the song’s chord progression. This creates a solid soloing foundation.
  • Keep your timing tight. Feel the rhythm and sway with the beat.
  • Get comfortable with jazz scales, particularly the pentatonic and blues scales.

Remember, practice creates confidence. Jam along with other recordings of the song!

Experimenting With Improvisation

Improvisation is the jazz musician’s secret weapon. Dare to experiment with these methods:

  1. Play with Rhythms: Shake up your strumming patterns.
  2. Use Syncopation: Add accents on off-beats for a jazzy feel.
  3. Try New Chords: Substitute standard chords with jazz chords.
  4. Embrace Mistakes: They could lead to your next big musical idea.

Record your practice sessions. Listening back might surprise you.

Keep your charm and stay nimble on those strings. With advanced techniques, your ukulele will have you soaring ‘How High the Moon’ before you know it!

How High the Moon Ukulele


From Practice To Performance

Mastering ‘How High the Moon’ on the ukulele opens a world of musical delight. Transitioning from practice to a stunning performance requires dedication, technique, and passion. Let’s explore how to enhance your skills and captivate your audience.

Practicing With A Metronome

Using a metronome builds timing and rhythm. It is essential for jazz standards like ‘How High the Moon’. Start slow, focusing on precision with each strum.

  1. Set your metronome to a comfortable tempo.
  2. Play through the song, matching the beat.
  3. Increase speed gradually, only when ready.

Consistent practice with a metronome ensures your performance is both confident and engaging.

Joining A Ukulele Jazz Jam Session

Interactive play sharpens your skills. A jam session offers real-time experience. It also boosts your confidence. Here’s how to make the most of it:

  • Listen closely to others.
  • Adapt and improvise as needed.
  • Share ‘How High the Moon’ with peers.

Enjoy the community spirit. Learn from others. Showcase your improving talents. Bring your ukulele to life for everyone to hear.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How High The Moon Ukulele

What Is The Hardest Ukulele Chord In The World?

The hardest ukulele chord varies per individual, but the E chord often challenges players due to its finger-stretching position.

What Is The Hardest Note On The Ukulele?

The hardest note to play on a ukulele is typically the E major chord. Due to the ukulele’s small fretboard, finger placement for this chord is quite challenging.

Who Sang How High The Moon First?

Nancy Hamilton first sang “How High the Moon” in the 1940 Broadway revue “Two for the Show. “

How Do You Play Moon Song On Ukulele?

To play “Moon Song” on the ukulele, learn the chord progression, strumming pattern, and melody. Practice changing chords smoothly, synchronize your strumming with the tempo, and memorize the lyrics for singing along.


Mastering the ‘How High the Moon’ melody on your ukulele brings immense satisfaction. Embrace the challenge and feel the rhythm vibrate through each chord. Keep practicing, stay patient, and above all, enjoy every strum. Journey through the tunes – your musical adventure awaits.

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