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What Acoustic Guitar Does Keith Urban Play

Keith Urban plays the Eagle Series acoustic guitar by Cole Clark. Cole Clark’s Eagle Series guitars are known for their exceptional sound quality and craftsmanship.

What Acoustic Guitar Does Keith Urban Play


Frequently Asked Questions Of What Acoustic Guitar Does Keith Urban Play

What Guitar Brand Does Keith Urban Play?

Keith Urban plays guitars from several different brands, including Gibson and Fender.

Are Keith Urban Guitars Made By Yamaha?

No, Keith Urban guitars are not made by Yamaha. They are produced by a different manufacturer.

Who Makes The Keith Urban Guitar?

Keith Urban guitars are made by the Urban Guitar Collection. They offer a range of high-quality guitars designed to meet the needs of guitar enthusiasts and beginners alike. The collection includes acoustic, electric, and bass guitars with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

What Kind Of Keith Urban Guitars Yamaha Is?

Keith Urban guitars from Yamaha are high-quality instruments designed in collaboration with the renowned country music artist. They offer a range of models that combine excellent craftsmanship, distinctive styling, and rich, balanced tones suitable for various playing styles.


Keith Urban, the renowned country musician, uses a variety of acoustic guitars in his performances. From the famous Fender Telecaster to his signature Urban Acoustic Collection, he chooses instruments that perfectly complement his musical style and bring his songs to life.

By exploring the guitars Keith Urban plays, fans and aspiring musicians alike can gain insight and inspiration for their own musical journeys. Discovering the acoustic guitars that resonate with you can unlock new levels of creativity and expression in your music.

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