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What I Like About You Piano

“What I Like About You” on piano is an engaging and lively tune ideal for pianists. Its rhythm captures the essence of the rock hit by The Romantics.

Embrace the energy and pop-rock vibe of “What I Like About You” with its piano version, inviting musicians around the globe to indulge in the fun, upbeat melody that characterizes the 1980s classic. This tune, performed on piano, maintains the infectious spirit of the original song while offering a fresh take for keys enthusiasts.

Whether for practice, performance, or pleasure, the piano arrangement captures the song’s essence, allowing pianists to showcase their rhythmic skills and charisma. Perfect for those looking to expand their repertoire with a piece that’s as enjoyable to play as it is to listen to, this tune strikes a chord with audiences and performers alike. With its straightforward structure, “What I Like About You” makes a great choice for players aiming to infuse their piano playing with a touch of nostalgic rock flair.

What I Like About You Piano


Introduction To The Pop Hit

Rediscovering ‘What I Like About You’: A Piano Perspective

‘What I Like About You’ is more than a song—it’s a jubilant anthem that has been getting people on their feet since the 1980s. Its infectious beat and catchy lyrics make it a staple at parties and social gatherings. But what many may not realize is how integral the piano is to this classic pop hit. Let’s explore the magic behind the music.

The Lure Of ‘what I Like About You’

Delivering a punch of rock vibes and an unforgettable chorus, ‘What I Like About You’ quickly became a fan favorite. Its timeless appeal crosses generations, charming listeners with its effervescent energy. The magnetic pull of this track is undeniable—it invites everyone to sing and dance along.

Piano’s Role In The Upbeat Classic

While electric guitars and drums provide the backbone of the song, the piano adds a sparkling layer to the melody. This understated yet vital contribution enriches the texture, giving body to the joyous sound. The piano perfectly complements the riffs, driving the rhythm forward with enthusiasm.

Dissecting The Chords

Delving into the melody of “What I Like About You”,

reveals the magic woven by its chords. Playing it on the piano brings a new life to this classic hit. Let’s break down its harmonic structure and translate those iconic guitar riffs into piano keys.

The song’s foundation rests on its harmonic structure.

Vibrant progressions give the tune its catchy and memorable rhythm.

Chord Function
E Major Tonic
A Major Subdominant
B Major Dominant
  • Start with the E major chord.
  • Move to A major as the song builds.
  • Resolve with B major, adding tension.

The transition between these chords forms the backbone of the song’s appeal.

The original song’s guitar riffs define its energetic vibe.

On the piano, these riffs demand creativity. The key is to capture their essence.

  1. Identify the guitar’s notes and rhythm.
  2. Map out corresponding piano keys.
  3. Practice the sequence to maintain the riff’s energy.

Adapt the strumming pattern to piano strokes, maintaining the song’s soul in each note.

Exploring “What I Like About You” on the piano unveils a new way to experience this beloved tune. By dissecting the chords and reimagining guitar riffs, pianists can add their unique touch to this timeless track.

Rhythmic Elements On The Keys

Playing piano involves more than melody. It’s about rhythm, too. The best piano players know how to make their instrument sing and dance. The right rhythmic touch can turn a simple tune into a showstopper. Let’s explore how “What I Like About You” brings that energetic beat to the piano.

Mimicking The Drums

On the piano, drums aren’t missing; they are just hidden in the keys. To mimic the drumbeat, piano players can use certain techniques. These include:

  • Staccato chords: Short, sharp chords act like drum hits.
  • Accented beats: These give the sense of a drum kick.
  • Consistent tempo: This maintains the drive of the drum rhythm.

Every keystroke can tap like a snare drum or boom like a bass. It’s thrilling to turn keys into a rhythm section.

Maintaining The Energy

The piano doesn’t just echo drums. It keeps a song’s energy high. This takes certain skills:

  1. Dynamic range: Playing both loudly and softly adds excitement.
  2. Repetitive patterns: They build and sustain momentum.
  3. Tempo variations: Slight changes can keep listeners on their toes.

Dynamic playing is key to a pulsing piano performance. It makes the audience want to move.

What I Like About You Piano


Melodic Adaptation For Piano

Melodic Adaptation for Piano takes the essence of your favorite tunes and transforms them into beautiful piano renditions. Pianists often face the challenge of bringing a song to life that typically features various instruments. The piano, with its wide range of notes, provides a full canvas for creativity. The following sections will guide you through two critical aspects of adapting “What I Like About You” for the piano.

Playing The Iconic Melody Line

The melody line is what catches your ear and lingers in your memory long after the song ends. On the piano, translating this melody requires a keen ear and nimble fingers. Pianists use the higher octaves to mimic the sharpness and clarity of the original guitar riffs. With precise timing and dynamic expression, the piano breathes new life into the melody.

  • Identify the key notes
  • Practice smooth transitions
  • Emphasize rhythm

Incorporating Vocal Parts

Adapting vocal lines for piano is an art. It allows the instrument to ‘sing’ the lyrics without words. Skilled pianists craft a dialogue between melody and harmony. This adds depth to the performance.

Technique Benefit
Octave Doubling Richness in Tone
Arpeggios Textural Complexity
Fingering Variation Expressiveness

Through these methods, the piano not only mirrors the melody but also fills the role of backup singers. This creates a full bodied piano version of “What I Like About You” that can stand alone or accompany singers.

Creative Arrangements

Exploring What I Like About You on the piano opens a world of creativity. The possibility to twist and turn a classic tune into something unique is thrilling. Let’s dive into piano arrangements that breathe new life into this beloved song.

Solo Piano Interpretations

Solo performances showcase the piano’s versatility. Picture soft, tender keys whispering the melody. Then, imagine bold, striking chords that command attention. A solo pianist can express moods that the original song might not have touched on. This can include:

  • Softening the song’s upbeat tempo into a ballad.
  • Reimagining the melody with complex harmonies.
  • Injecting classical or jazz elements for a unique twist.

Duet Versions For More Fun

A piano duet transforms “What I Like About You” into a conversation. The interaction between two pianists can be playful and exciting. It’s like a musical dance. They might:

  • Take turns highlighting the melody and accompaniment.
  • Add layers of sound not possible with a single player.
  • Play with dynamics, going from soft whispers to loud exuberance.

Video tutorials and sheet music for duets are widely available. They allow pianists to learn and practice at home. Playing a duet version of this song is fun and engaging. It brings musicians together for a shared experience.

What I Like About You Piano


Learning Tips And Performance Advice

Mastering a catchy tune on the piano like ‘What I Like About You’ is both exciting and rewarding. Proper learning tips and performance advice can greatly enhance your piano journey. Whether you’re a beginner or hoping to captivate an audience, these strategies will elevate your playing.

Practicing For Beginners

  • Start slow: Work on mastering the melody at a comfortable speed before increasing.
  • Focus on rhythm: This upbeat song demands accurate timing. Use a metronome.
  • Small sections: Break the song into parts. Practice each until perfect.

Once you’re familiar with the basics, you can combine these elements. Mastery comes from consistent, focused practice. Keep your sessions regular and track your progress.

Capturing The Song’s Essence In Performance

Conveying emotion and energy is central to a memorable performance of ‘What I Like About You’.

Aspect Advice
Dynamics Play with volume variations to mirror the song’s intensity.
Expression Use facial expressions and body language to connect with your audience.
Practice Runs Perform in front of friends or record yourself to gain confidence.

Remember, your performance tells a story. Engage with the music and your audience will feel it. By applying these tips, you’re sure to deliver an energetic and authentic rendition of ‘What I Like About You’ on the piano.

The Lasting Impact Of ‘what I Like About You’

‘What I Like About You’ is a classic hit that continues to resonate with audiences worldwide. Its catchy melody captures hearts, leaving a timeless footprint in the music industry. This iconic tune finds its way into the fingers of pianists, breathing new life into the keys of pianos everywhere.

Cultural Significance

This rock anthem has etched its place in our culture. It’s been featured in movies, TV shows, and countless cover versions. Fans of all ages connect with its upbeat energy. People often crowd dance floors, united by this song’s unmistakable riff. Its popularity stands as a testament to its impact on music and society.

Inspiration For Pianists And Musicians

Musicians often draw inspiration from this lively track. Pianists, in particular, find creative ways to interpret its driving beat on the keys. This song invites artists to explore new styles and arrangements, whether they’re beginners or seasoned performers. Its adaptability makes it a favorite to learn and play.

  • Learning tool: Ideal for mastering different rhythms and techniques on the piano.
  • Performance piece: A crowd-pleaser that adds energy to any recital or event.
  • Creative expression: Allows musicians to put a personal twist on a classic hit.

Frequently Asked Questions On What I Like About You Piano

What Are The Notes On The Piano For Someone Like You?

The piano notes for “Someone Like You” by Adele start with A E F# D F# E D. This iconic ballad progresses through various chords with a simple, moving melody. Enjoy learning this popular tune!

Does Meghan Trainor Play The Piano?

Yes, Meghan Trainor is proficient in playing the piano. She often showcases her piano skills during performances and songwriting.

How Do You Play I Want You On The Piano?

To play “I Want You” on the piano, start by learning the song’s chords. Practice the melody in the right hand, then combine it with the left-hand accompaniment. Use sheet music or a tutorial for accuracy. Gradually increase speed as you become comfortable with the transitions.

How Do You Play Best Of Me On Piano?

To play “Best of Me” on piano, start by learning the main melody. Practice the chord progression in the song’s key. Work on the left-hand bass lines. Combine hands once comfortable with each part. Use sheet music or tutorials to perfect timing and technique.


Embracing the ivory keys through “What I Like About You,” creates an unforgettable melody that strikes a chord with pianists of all levels. It’s clear that this tune holds a special place in the hearts of many. Dive in, let your fingers dance, and keep this classic alive on your piano.

Remember, each note tells a part of your story. Let’s keep playing and sharing what we love about music, together.

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