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What I’Ve Done Piano

“What I’ve Done” piano sheet music offers players the chance to recreate Linkin Park’s hit on their instrument. This song is well-known for its haunting melody and powerful lyrics.

Delve into the emotive core of Linkin Park’s impactful song “What I’ve Done” through the piano. Fans of the band and pianists seeking to expand their repertoire will find the sheet music for this track ideal for both practice and performance.

The composition beautifully translates the intensity of the original rock anthem into a solo piano performance, making it accessible to musicians at various skill levels. Musicians can interpret the poignant chords and melodies, bringing a personal touch to this piece. Whether played at home for personal enjoyment or as part of a larger performance, the piano version of “What I’ve Done” remains a resonant and evocative piece that captures the essence of the original song.

Origin Of ‘what I’ve Done’

The song ‘What I’ve Done’ emerged as a powerful single from Linkin Park’s third studio album. Its raw energy and reflective lyrics marked a pivotal moment for the band. The track’s creation symbolizes a blend of past influences and new directions. This composition resonated with fans across the globe.

Linkin Park’s Evolving Sound

The origins of ‘What I’ve Done’ reveal Linkin Park’s transformation. Known for their nu-metal roots, the band sought to evolve. They mixed old techniques with bold experimentation. With ‘What I’ve Done’, the band struck a balance, infusing familiar aggressive tones with a melodious approach. This track highlights their journey towards a broader musical horizon.

The Impact Of ‘minutes To Midnight’

‘Minutes to Midnight’ became a hallmark in Linkin Park’s career. ‘What I’ve Done’ played a key role in this impact. The album diverged from the band’s earlier style. It showcased their versatility and dared to push boundaries. Fans embraced this new era, and ‘What I’ve Done’ became a pivotal track that captured the essence of change. The song’s success confirmed Linkin Park’s place at the forefront of modern rock music.

Behind The Lyrics

Exploring the depth of a song uncovers the heart and soul of its message. “What I’ve Done” by Linkin Park isn’t just about the melody that flows through the keys of a piano. It’s a journey through powerful emotions and a reflection of personal growth. This section dives into the hidden layers behind this iconic song.

Themes of Redemption

Themes Of Redemption

The song “What I’ve Done” resonates with themes of redemption which captivate listeners universally. Its lyrics paint a picture of starting anew, shedding past burdens.

  • Forgiveness: It speaks of seeking forgiveness for past actions.
  • New Beginnings: The song encourages a break from old patterns.
  • Self-Reflection: It invites listeners to reflect on their actions and decisions.

Through intense storytelling, the song connects each piano note to a step towards self-redemption.

Chester Bennington’s Vocal Legacy

Chester Bennington’s Vocal Legacy

The late Chester Bennington, beloved frontman of Linkin Park, left an indelible mark with his vocal prowess. His performance in “What I’ve Done” showcases:

  1. Raw Emotion: Chester’s voice carries the weight of genuine regret and hope.
  2. Powerful Range: His vocal range shifts seamlessly, reflecting the song’s intensity.
  3. Memorable Delivery: His unique tone captures the essence of the song’s message.

Bennington’s voice remains a testament to Linkin Park’s lasting impact on music.

Musical Composition

Musical Composition captures the essence of emotion and connection in a song. ‘What I’ve Done’ by Linkin Park is an iconic track. It uniquely blends piano with rock. This integration creates a powerful and memorable experience. Let’s explore the genius behind this composition.

Integrating Piano In Rock

The piano in ‘What I’ve Done’ adds a soulful touch to the rock texture. It starts softly, building a stark contrast to the intense guitars. Throughout the track, the piano maintains a steady, haunting melody. This melody acts as the backbone for the whole song. It demonstrates how classical instruments can enhance modern music.

  • Piano opens the track, setting an emotive tone
  • It progresses to support the vocal lines
  • Forms a duet with lead instruments during solos
  • Provides a bridge between the chorus and verses

Structural Breakdown Of The Track

‘What I’ve Done’ follows a versatile structure that captures attention. There’s a perfect balance between repetition and variation. Each section of the track is designed to deliver a unique impact.

Section Features Duration
Intro Solo piano 0:15
Verse 1 Soft vocals with piano 0:45
Chorus Intense vocals with full band 1:15
Verse 2 Echoes verse 1 with variation 1:45
Bridge Instrumental with piano focus 2:15
Outro Culmination with a piano fade-out 2:45

The track’s blueprint maintains listener engagement through contrast. Each element plays a role in the story of the song. The piano serves as a guide through this audial journey. It shifts between foreground and background, enhancing the emotive power of ‘What I’ve Done’.

What I'Ve Done Piano


The Piano Version’s Unique Appeal

Imagine your favorite song, distilled to its emotional essence. A piano version does just that. Let’s dive into why stripping back to piano can turn any track into a raw and touching masterpiece.

Stripped-down Emotion

When lyrics team up with the tender touch of piano keys, magic happens. A piano strips a song down to its core. This lays bare its emotional heart. Each note resonates, crafting a deeply personal experience. Fans often find these versions more moving than the originals. These renditions are sheer poetry in musical form, echoing directly to the listener’s soul.

Piano Arrangements And Covers

Artists love reimagining hits with a piano-driven twist. Fans too take to their keyboards to express their love for a song. They transform the tunes into something enchantingly new. Some covers maintain the melody while others play with the structure, creating a refreshing interpretation. Here’s what piano covers bring to the table:

  • Inventiveness: Every pianist adds their unique flair.
  • Simplicity: Focused on melody and harmony.
  • Accessibility: Encourages listeners to engage with music-making.

Learning To Play ‘what I’ve Done’

Mastering ‘What I’ve Done’ on Piano

Taking on Linkin Park’s ‘What I’ve Done’ on the piano can be a thrilling journey. This powerful song, with its bold chords and dynamic melody, has captivated audiences around the world. The piano arrangement presents a beautiful opportunity for pianists to explore a modern rock classic, regardless of skill level. Let’s dive into some tips and challenges that come with playing this iconic tune.

Beginner Tips For Piano

Starting with the basics is key for any beginner. Here are some tips to get you on the right track:

  • Position your fingers correctly to ease into playing smoothly.
  • Practice the simple chord patterns of ‘What I’ve Done’ first.
  • Use slow and steady tempo to build muscle memory.
  • Listen to the original track to familiarize yourself with the rhythm and dynamics.

Challenges Of The Arrangement

The piano version of ‘What I’ve Done’ has its unique challenges:

  1. Maintaining tempo can be tough with the song’s driving beat.
  2. Moving between dynamic contrasts requires control and practice.
  3. Interpreting the rock feel on a piano adds complexity to the performance.
  4. The bridge and solo sections demand a higher level of skill and precision.

Remember, practice is the bridge between ‘trying’ and ‘achieving’. Stay patient and enjoy the process of learning ‘What I’ve Done’ on the piano!

What I'Ve Done Piano


Cultural Impact And Reception

The piano version of “What I’ve Done” has left a unique mark on popular culture. Cultural influences and public reception highlight its significance. From passionate movie scenes to covers by aspiring musicians, the melody captures a wide audience.

Use In Media And Film

This iconic song has been featured in various forms of media, particularly in film. Its emotional resonance has made it a go-to selection for powerful cinematic moments. Here are a few notable mentions:

  • Transformers: The song was used in the blockbuster movie, amplifying the film’s dramatic climax.
  • Coverage in TV Shows: Different television series have included “What I’ve Done” to enhance emotional scenes.
  • Video Game Trailers: Gaming platforms have incorporated the piano rendition to create an intense atmosphere in trailers.

Fan Reception And Legacy

The fans have embraced the piano interpretation of “What I’ve Done” with open arms. It’s climbed the charts of timeless fan favorites. Below is a snapshot of its legacy:

  1. Fans have often connected emotionally with the piano version, citing it as the soundtrack to their life’s key moments.
  2. Amateur and professional musicians alike have posted numerous covers, showing the song’s continuous influence.
  3. Online discussions frequently feature fans sharing how the song has inspired and motivated them.

A testament to its ongoing relevance, “What I’ve Done” on piano has lingered in the hearts of audiences worldwide. It maintains an everlasting presence on playlists and in pop culture memory.

What I'Ve Done Piano


Can “What I’ve Done” be played on the piano?

Yes, “What I’ve Done” by Linkin Park can be played on the piano. With a basic understanding of music theory and the willingness to learn piano basics, anyone can attempt to play this song on the piano. It may take some practice, but it is definitely doable.

Frequently Asked Questions For What I’ve Done Piano

How Do You Play What I’ve Done On Keyboard?

To play “What I’ve Done” on keyboard, learn the song’s chords and melody. Start with the intro, move to the verse, and then the chorus, practicing each segment slowly. Master each part before playing the whole song smoothly. Use online tutorials for guidance on specific notes and rhythms.

Can Beginners Learn ‘what I’ve Done’ On Piano?

Yes, beginners can learn ‘What I’ve Done’ on piano. It involves a straightforward melody and basic chords. Online tutorials and sheet music are available to assist new players.

What Piano Skills Are Required For ‘what I’ve Done’?

To play ‘What I’ve Done’ on piano, you should be comfortable with chord transitions, a steady rhythm, and reading sheet music. Familiarity with minor scales can also be helpful.

Where Can I Find ‘what I’ve Done’ Piano Sheet Music?

‘What I’ve Done’ piano sheet music is available for purchase or download from various online music stores. Websites like Musicnotes offer the official version.


Mastering the ‘What I’ve Done’ piece on piano can be transformative for players of all levels. It combines passion and complexity, offering a gratifying challenge. Embrace this journey, and let each note refine your skills. Happy playing, and may your music resonate with every keystroke!

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