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What Makes You Beautiful Ukulele

“What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction is a popular choice for ukulele players. The song’s simple chords make it accessible for beginners.

Mastering “What Makes You Beautiful” on the ukulele combines easy-to-learn chords with the upbeat tempo of this iconic pop tune, making it a favorite for both practice and performance. Its catchy melody translates well to the ukulele’s bright sound, providing a sense of accomplishment to those who are just starting to explore the world of music.

Whether you’re strumming by the beach or jamming with friends, playing this song can boost your confidence and showcase your developing skills. This straightforward guide gets you ready to add another joyful song to your ukulele repertoire.

What Makes You Beautiful Ukulele


Striking The Right Chord

Striking the Right Chord with “What Makes You Beautiful” on Ukulele

Striking the Right Chord is about connecting with music that moves us. The ukulele, a small four-string instrument, brings melody to life in a unique way. “What Makes You Beautiful”, a hit song by One Direction, shines even brighter when played on this charming instrument. Let’s dive into the allure of the ukulele and this song’s undeniable appeal when strummed to ukulele chords.

Introduction To The Ukulele

The ukulele has a rich history, captivating musicians and audiences alike with its soothing sound. Originating from Hawaii, this compact instrument gained worldwide fame. Its simple design and playability make it a favorite among beginners and professionals. Here are a few reasons why the ukulele is special:

  • Portable size makes it easy to carry
  • Requires less finger strength than a guitar
  • Four strings simplify learning chords and melodies

Popularity Of ‘what Makes You Beautiful’ On Ukulele

“What Makes You Beautiful” is a song that resonates with many. Its catchy tune and positive lyrics have made it a mainstay at sing-alongs. The ukulele version stands out because it adds a playful twist to the pop hit. Here’s why ukulele players love this song:

Reason Details
Easy Chords Basic chords like C, G, Am, F make it beginner-friendly.
Catchy Rhythm Uplifting strumming patterns enhance the song’s vibe.
Sing-along Favorite Memorable lyrics encourage group participation.

Players of all skill levels find “What Makes You Beautiful” accessible and rewarding to play, making it a top choice for ukulele enthusiasts around the globe. Pick up your ukulele and join the countless who have discovered the joy of bringing this song to life!

What Makes You Beautiful Ukulele


Tuning Into Success

The sweet strum of a well-tuned ukulele can make any song beautiful, especially when it’s the heartwarming chords of “What Makes You Beautiful”. To ensure your ukulele playing turns heads and captures hearts, precise tuning is a crucial step. Unlock the melodic potential of your instrument and make every performance a step towards success.

Basic Ukulele Tuning Principles

Tuning a ukulele is simple if you understand the basics. Four strings, usually tuned to GCEA, create a harmonious sound. Here’s how:

  • Start with the G string, followed by C, E, and A.
  • The G string should sound higher than C, even though it comes first in the sequence. This is known as ‘reentrant tuning’.
  • Use a digital tuner or app for accuracy.
  • Pluck each string as you twist the tuning peg to match the correct pitch.
  • Regular tune-ups maintain sound quality.

Ensuring Your Instrument Is Concert-ready

Audit your ukulele’s condition before a performance guarantees stellar sound. Here’s a checklist:

  1. Check the tightness of each tuning peg.
  2. Ensure strings are undamaged and properly seated in their grooves.
  3. Verify the ukulele’s body is free from cracks or splits.
  4. Humidity and temperature can alter tuning. Adjust as needed.

Every exquisite performance starts with a finely-tuned instrument. Your ukulele is no exception. Tune diligently and the harmony of “What Makes You Beautiful” will resonate with every listener, ensuring your musical journey thrives.

Fingering Techniques

Playing “What Makes You Beautiful” on the ukulele is fun and rewarding! To get the melody just right, knowing the correct fingering techniques is essential. Strum along as we dive into finger positioning and chord transitions made easy!

Finger Positioning For Beginners

Getting your fingers placed correctly is the first step to ukulele success. Beginners should start with these tips:

  • Thumb placement: Place your thumb at the back of the ukulele neck for support.
  • Tip-to-fret: Use your fingertip to press down on the strings. This helps to avoid muted strings.
  • Curved fingers: Keep your fingers arched. This way, you won’t accidentally touch other strings.

Try these positions to play a C Major chord:

String Fret Finger
G Open
C Open
E Open
A 3rd Ring Finger

Mastering Chord Transitions

Smooth transitions keep the melody flowing. Practice these steps for seamless chord changes:

  1. Start slowly. Speed will come with time and practice.
  2. Anticipate the next chord. Prepare your fingers early.
  3. Practice common chord pairs. Some chords often appear together.

Here’s a simple exercise:

Transition between C Major and G Major.

  • Strum C Major four times.
  • Then switch to G Major and strum four times.

Repeat this until the movement feels natural.

Strumming Patterns To Captivate

Ukulele enthusiasts often search for songs with memorable strumming patterns. A great song on the ukulele can captivate listeners with its rhythm and melody. “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction is a perfect example. Its catchy strumming pattern is easy to learn and fun to play.

Finding The Rhythm: Strumming Basics

Before diving into songs, let’s understand strumming basics. The ukulele offers a unique sound that is both melodic and rhythmic. Strumming is about creating a steady beat. A good strumming pattern uses both upstrokes and downstrokes effectively. Let’s explore the essentials to master the rhythm.

  • Hold the ukulele correctly: Rest it against your chest, holding it comfortably.
  • Strumming position: Strum over the sound hole for the best tone.
  • Using your fingers: Strum with your index finger for a softer sound.
  • Practice the beat: Use a metronome to keep a consistent tempo.

The Strumming Pattern For ‘what Makes You Beautiful’

Now, let’s talk about the strumming pattern that makes “What Makes You Beautiful” so appealing. This pattern is both simple and rhythmic, making it perfect for beginners. Follow these steps to play along with the song.

  1. Start with four downstrokes to count in.
  2. Then play Down, Down-Up, Up-Down-Up.
  3. Maintain a steady pace and keep practicing.
  4. Repeat the pattern for each chord progression.

The entire song relies on repeating this pattern, creating a joyful and energetic atmosphere. Mastering this pattern will not only help you with this song but many others in the pop genre. Strum with confidence and let the music flow!

Finishing With A Flourish

Mastering ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ on the ukulele is a journey. It’s not just about the chords or the melody. It’s the final touches, the subtle nuances, that make a performance unforgettable. In ‘Finishing with a Flourish’, let’s focus on how to truly make the song your own, leaving an impression that lasts far beyond the last note.

Adding Personality To Your Performance

Bringing out your inner spark is key. Here’s how:

  • Play with the tempo: Speed up or slow down in certain parts.
  • Add some pauses: They create dramatic effects.
  • Vary strumming patterns: Mix rhythms to keep it interesting.
  • Express emotions: Your face and body language speak volumes.

These personal touches resonate with your audience, creating an engaging experience.

Practice Tips For Perfecting The Song

Consistent practice takes your ukulele skills to the next level. Let’s break down the essentials:

  1. Dedicate time: Set aside regular practice sessions each day.
  2. Isolate difficult sections: Work on tricky parts separately.
  3. Use a metronome: Keep your tempo consistent.
  4. Record your practice: Listen back and critique your playing.

These tips help you polish every chord and strum until your performance shines.

Practice Component Description Benefits
Rhythm Consistency Using a metronome for steady timing Improves flow and pace
Chord Transitions Switching between chords smoothly Enhances musical fluidity
Strumming Techniques Mastering various strumming patterns Adds texture to the song
What Makes You Beautiful Ukulele


Frequently Asked Questions On What Makes You Beautiful Ukulele

What Chords Are Used In “what Makes You Beautiful” On Ukulele?

The chords commonly used in “What Makes You Beautiful” for ukulele are C, G, Am, and F. These are beginner-friendly chords that loop throughout the song.

Can Beginners Play “what Makes You Beautiful” On Ukulele?

Yes, beginners can play “What Makes You Beautiful” on ukulele. It uses simple strumming patterns and a set of four easy chords that are ideal for novices.

What Strumming Pattern Suits “what Makes You Beautiful”?

A common strumming pattern for “What Makes You Beautiful” is down-down-up-up-down-up. This pattern can be played throughout the whole song, making it manageable for players of all levels.

How To Quickly Learn “what Makes You Beautiful” On The Ukulele?

To quickly learn “What Makes You Beautiful” on ukulele, practice the chords C, G, Am, F, and the strumming pattern separately. Then, combine them slowly, increasing speed as you gain confidence.


Embracing the unique tones of the ukulele can truly enhance your musical journey. Let the ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ melody uplift your spirit and skill on this charming instrument. Remember, beauty in music often lies in simplicity and emotion. Keep strumming, keep smiling, and let every note define your personal expression of beauty.

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