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What Ukulele Does Vance Joy Use

Vance Joy plays a Maton concert ukulele. This Australian brand is synonymous with his signature sound.

Australian singer-songwriter Vance Joy, famed for his hit “Riptide,” has become an iconic figure for ukulele enthusiasts worldwide. His choice of instrument, the Maton concert ukulele, contributes significantly to the distinct, melodic pop-folk sound that fans adore. Crafted from Australian timbers, Maton ukuleles offer a blend of robust construction and impeccable sound quality, something that perfectly complements Joy’s musical stylings.

Aspiring ukulele players often look to Vance Joy’s instrument as a source of inspiration, regarding his selection as a benchmark for quality and performance in the compact, stringed instrument milieu. Emulating Joy’s warm, vibrant tones and accessible playing style starts with understanding his tool of the trade—a Maton ukulele that resonates with the essence of his artistry.

What Ukulele Does Vance Joy Use


Vance Joy’s Musical Journey

Embark on the melodic voyage of Vance Joy, an artist whose story resonates with the harmonious plucking of ukulele strings. Vance Joy’s journey is not just about music. It’s a tale of passion that dances across the fretboard of his trusty ukulele. In this section, we explore how a man left the football field and found his rhythm within the world of music. Discover the ukulele that became his signature instrument and how it played a pivotal role in his rise to fame.

From Football To Strumming Strings

Vance Joy, born James Keogh, was once a promising footballer. He played for the Coburg Football Club in Melbourne, Australia. But soon, he would trade the stadium’s roars for the sound of applause at concerts. Music was a calling he couldn’t ignore. Vance Joy picked up the ukulele and began weaving his future, one song at a time. His transition from athlete to musician sparked a new Australian sound that captivated hearts globally.

Rising Fame With The Ukulele

‘Riptide’, Vance Joy’s hit single, took the music world by storm. What ukulele does Vance Joy use? This question began to echo amongst fans and aspiring musicians alike. He strums a Maton Concert Ukulele, crafting the sounds that define his soulful tracks. This four-string instrument became his companion on a path adorned with platinum records and cheering crowds. The Maton, an Australian brand, is renowned for its quality and sound, making it a perfect match for Vance Joy’s intimate and authentic tunes.

What Ukulele Does Vance Joy Use


The Ubiquitous Ukulele In ‘riptide’

The Ubiquitous Ukulele in ‘Riptide’ captures the hearts of listeners worldwide. Its cheerful strumming is a signature of Vance Joy’s mega-hit. This small instrument plays a big role in the song’s unique sound and charm.

A Breakthrough Hit

Vance Joy’s ‘Riptide’ took the music world by storm. The song became an instant classic. Its catchy tune and lyrics won the love of millions.

The Role Of The Ukulele In Vance’s Sound

Vance Joy embraces the ukulele in ‘Riptide’ with finesse. The ukulele adds a light, breezy vibe to the track. It pairs seamlessly with Vance’s voice, creating an unforgettable tune.

Ukulele Model Features
Maton Concert Ukulele
  • Warm tone
  • Easy playability
  • Durable build

Vance’s ukulele is not just an instrument. It is his musical companion. Together, they create a sound that’s purely Vance Joy. A sound that fans can’t get enough of.

Vance Joy’s Ukulele Of Choice

Vance Joy, the Australian singer-songwriter, has captivated audiences with his heartfelt lyrics and melodic prowess. A distinct part of his sound comes from his ukulele. Fans and musicians alike often wonder about the ukulele of choice for Vance Joy. In this section, we reveal the ukulele that accompanies Vance on his musical journeys.

Brand And Model

Vance Joy’s go-to ukulele is the Maton Concert UK70. Maton is an Australian brand known for their crafted guitars and ukuleles. The UK70 model, in particular, stands out with its high-quality tone and build.

Why Vance Joy Prefers This Ukulele

  • Tone Quality: The Maton UK70 is renowned for its rich and full sound.
  • Playability: The ukulele’s design makes it easy to play, an essential for live performances.
  • Durability: Built to withstand touring, the UK70 is rugged and reliable.
  • Homegrown: Vance takes pride in using an instrument from an Australian manufacturer, reflecting his roots.

A Closer Look At The Instrument

Vance Joy’s music serenades with a unique sound. At the heart of his performance is his trusty ukulele. Let’s delve into the details of his beloved instrument.

Features And Specifications

Joy’s choice is the Maton Concert Ukulele. This handcrafted instrument hails from Australia. It pairs traditional design with modern craftsmanship.

  • Top: Solid Spruce for clear, ringing tones
  • Back and Sides: Blackwood providing warm, rich sounds
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood for smooth playability
  • Strings: Quality nylon for durability and tone
  • Finish: Satin varnish for a sleek look and feel

How It Influences Performance

The Maton Concert Ukulele is not just a treat for the eyes. Its build affects how Vance Joy delivers his soulful songs.

  1. Sound Quality: The spruce top assures a bright sound. It lifts Joy’s melodies.
  2. Playability: A silky fingerboard allows quick, effortless transitions.
  3. Resonance: Blackwood sides create deep vibrations. They add depth to each strum.
  4. String Life: Sturdy nylon strings stay in tune. They survive energetic performances.

Artists And Their Beloved Instruments

Many musicians form a deep connection with their instruments. It becomes a part of their identity. Vance Joy, an artist known for his heartfelt lyrics and catchy melodies, cherishes one instrument in particular—the ukulele. Let’s dive into the world of Vance Joy and his beloved ukulele to understand this bond.

Personal Connection To The Ukulele

Vance Joy’s ukulele isn’t just any instrument; it’s a part of his musical essence. His choice—a handmade model by Kala Brand Music Co.—is testament to his dedication to quality and authenticity. This ukulele resonates with Joy’s indie-folk vibe, a trusted companion on his creative journey.

  • Handcrafted design
  • Cherry wood construct
  • Pitched to perfection

Influence On Songwriting And Stage Presence

His ukulele influences his songwriting profoundly. Its four nylon strings offer a distinct tone, inspiring Vance’s unique sound and lyrical style. On stage, the ukulele becomes an extension of Vance’s persona. The compact size allows Joy to engage with audiences intimately, creating a memorable performance.

Songwriting Element Impact
Lyrical Style Intimate, personal
Sonic Texture Unique, crisp
Performance Engaging, dynamic
What Ukulele Does Vance Joy Use


Tips For Ukulele Players Inspired By Vance Joy

The melodies of Vance Joy have captivated hearts worldwide, with his trusty ukulele being a significant part of his musical charm. Ukulele players who find inspiration in Joy’s melodies often seek to emulate his sound and style. This section offers practical tips for those wishing to follow in Vance Joy’s musical footsteps on the ukulele.

Choosing The Right Ukulele

Vance Joy’s choice in ukuleles contributes to his distinctive sound. When selecting your instrument, consider the following:

  • Size: Ukes come in four sizes – soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. Choose one that feels comfortable for your hands.
  • Tonewood: Different woods produce different tones. Koa or mahogany are popular choices that provide a warm, rich sound.
  • Strings: The quality of ukulele strings can drastically change the sound. Nylon strings, often preferred by professionals, might be ideal to start with.

Learning From Vance’s Playing Style

To capture the essence of Vance Joy’s playing style:

  • Focus on strumming patterns. Joy often uses a mix of down and upstrokes to create a rhythmic flow.
  • Experiment with fingerpicking. This technique adds a layer of complexity and texture to songs.
  • Play along to his songs. This practice will help you understand his timing and expression.

Frequently Asked Questions Of What Ukulele Does Vance Joy Use

What Ukulele Does Vance Joy Use In Riptide?

Vance Joy often plays a Cordoba 20TM-CE tenor ukulele during his “Riptide” performances.

What Instrument Does Vance Joy Use?

Vance Joy primarily plays the guitar. He is known for his skillful guitar work in his music performances and recordings.

What Is The Ukulele Tuning For Riptide?

The ukulele tuning for the song “Riptide” by Vance Joy is G-C-E-A.

What Key Is Riptide In?

The song “Riptide” by Vance Joy is in the key of C major. This makes it accessible for beginners on guitar and ukulele.


Discovering Vance Joy’s choice of ukulele has likely ignited your musical curiosity. Embracing a style similar to his, perhaps with a Maton concert ukulele, could enhance your playing experience. Remember, skill intertwines with inspiration, and Vance Joy’s favored instrument may just be the key to your own melodic journey.

Keep strumming and let your music soar!

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