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When is the Piano Scene in Big

The iconic piano scene in the movie “Big” occurs at the FAO Schwarz toy store in New York. Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia perform the scene about halfway through the film.

“Big,” starring Tom Hanks, is an enduring family-comedy that has captured the hearts of audiences since its release in 1988. Directed by Penny Marshall, the film follows the story of a young boy, Josh Baskin, who wishes to be ‘big’ at a carnival and wakes up the next morning in the body of an adult.

The movie blends humor with a touch of fantasy, offering viewers both laughter and a poignant look at the joys and pitfalls of adulthood. The famous piano scene stands out as a memorable highlight, encapsulating the film’s central theme of preserving child-like wonder, no matter your age. This enchanting moment has since become a classic in cinema history, emblematic of the film’s charm and the universal appeal of the light-hearted adventure “Big” provides.

When is the Piano Scene in Big


Setting The Scene: The Piano Moment In ‘big’

The piano scene in ‘Big’ remains one of cinema’s most enchanting moments. Tom Hanks, playing the boy-turned-adult Josh Baskin, steps onto a giant floor piano. His dance across the keys captivates all who see it. This iconic segment unfolds at the famously magical toy store FAO Schwarz. Let’s dive into that classic piano scene’s backdrop and its unforgettable impact on pop culture.

Cultural Impact Of The Scene

As music notes fill the air, so does the laughter and joy of an innocent time. This piano moment transcends the film, embedding itself into our cultural memory. It symbolizes childlike wonder, no matter your age. Schools and parents use it to show how joy can look. This scene’s influence even sees stores selling floor pianos to recreate the magic. Memorable, delightful, and pure, the Big piano scene is a timeless spectacle.

The Magic Of Fao Schwarz

FAO Schwarz is more than just a toy store; it’s a childhood kingdom. The store’s grandeur and sense of adventure make the perfect stage for ‘Big’’s piano scene. The colorful arrays, the buzzing of toy trains, and the laughter all make FAO Schwarz a dream. Within these walls, the piano scene unfolds, surrounded by toys and childhood dreams. It truly is a space where the imagination knows no bounds.

Behind The Keys: The Making Of An Iconic Sequence

Behind the Keys: The Making of an Iconic Sequence

The “big” piano scene in Big remains a cinematic classic. Today, we dive deep into the magical moment that defined an era of film. Follow along as we explore the making of this iconic sequence featuring Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia.

Tom Hanks And Robert Loggia Prepare

Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia set the stage for something special. Both actors dedicated themselves to mastering the giant keyboard. Tales of their preparation shine a light on their commitment to authenticity. They spent countless hours practicing to look and feel like piano pros.

  • Intensive piano lessons respected the craft and their roles.
  • On-set rehearsals ensured a flawless performance.
  • Teamwork brought this playful scene to life.

Filmmaking Techniques And Challenges

This piano sequence tested the crew’s creativity. They employed innovative filming techniques to capture the magic. Yet, they faced several challenges. Obstacles like syncing music and action added complexity.

Challenge Solution
Space Limitation Custom-built the piano to fit the space
Music Synchronization Prerecorded the soundtrack for perfect timing
Camera Angles Strategically placed cameras to capture the wide keyboard and the actors’ expressions

Despite these challenges, they delivered a sequence that became the heartbeat of Big. This memorable scene not only showcased the actors’ skills but also the crew’s dedication to storytelling excellence.

Musical Notes: The Song Choices And Performance

An iconic scene in cinema, the piano sequence in Big features Tom Hanks transforming a mundane visit to a toy store into a magical moment. Capturing hearts worldwide, this scene stands as a testament to the joyous union of music and film. Let’s explore the song choices and their unforgettable execution.

Chopsticks And Heart And Soul

The simplistic melody of “Chopsticks” begins the musical journey. Often one of the first pieces a beginner learns on piano, its playful notes spark childlike delight. The shift to “Heart and Soul” elevates the scene, showcasing a duet that’s both charming and impressive.

The choice of these songs resonates deeply:

  • Everyone recognizes them, creating instant connection.
  • Their simplicity is essential, highlighting the innocence of Hanks’ character.
  • These melodies prompt viewers to reminisce about their own musical first steps.

Live Performance Versus Movie Magic

Did Hanks and Loggia tap dance their way across those ivory keys in real-time? Yes, they did!

Here’s the breakdown:

Skill Level Preparation Execution
Amateur Pianists Short practice sessions Live for the take
Professional Stunt Doubles Not required Not used

Hanks and Loggia’s dedication shines, their feet dancing on the giant piano. This authenticity adds a layer of sincerity to the scene. Their performance, free of movie tricks, captures the magic of being big.

When is the Piano Scene in Big


The Moment’s Place In Movie History

The iconic piano scene from the 1988 classic ‘Big’ left an indelible mark on movie history. The simple act of playing a giant floor piano by foot captured the imaginations of audiences around the world. This moment transcended entertainment, symbolizing the fusion of childlike wonder with adult life, and securing its place in cinematic lore.

Influence On Future Films

The piano scene in ‘Big’ became a reference point for how a single scene can define a movie. Its impact was far-reaching, influencing directors and screenwriters to create equally memorable moments. A closer look shows:

  • Creative storytelling through physical expression.
  • Emphasis on novelty and charm in films.
  • Ingenious set pieces that become movie highlights.

Films like ‘La La Land’ and ‘The Artist’ owe a nod to ‘Big’ for popularizing scenes that capture the essence of joy through inventive visual performance.

References In Popular Culture

The scene’s ripple effect is felt across various media platforms. Reference points include:

  1. Television show homages, like ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Family Guy’.
  2. Commercials with nods to the scene’s playful spirit.
  3. Music videos that recreate the magic of interactive instruments.

The piano scene keeps inspiring countless pop culture references, from parodies to sincere tributes, confirming its status as an unforgettable piece of film history.

Visiting The Real-life Piano

One of the most iconic scenes in cinema history features a giant piano.

This piano became famous in the movie Big.

The magical moment unfolded at FAO Schwarz in New York City.

Many wonder if they can visit this piano today.

Let’s explore the current state of this musical piece of movie memorabilia.

Fao Schwarz Piano Today

FAO Schwarz, once the home of the famous foot piano, closed in 2015.

The brand made a comeback in 2018.

The piano remade its appearance at the new flagship store.

The store sits at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

As a beloved piece of pop culture, the piano still draws crowd today.

Tourist Attraction And Public Interaction

  • Free Admission: No tickets are required to visit the store.
  • Play the Piano: Visitors are welcome to walk and play on the piano.
  • Memorable Photo Ops: Ideal for capturing a fun moment.
  • Staff Performances: Watch skilled staff members perform.

The piano is more than a tourist spot; it’s a hands-on experience.

Kids and adults alike enjoy stepping on its keys.

The store also offers other interactive experiences.

These experiences make it a must-visit location for families and movie fans.

When is the Piano Scene in Big


Frequently Asked Questions On When Is The Piano Scene In Big

Was The Piano Scene In Big Real?

Yes, the piano scene in the movie “Big” was real. Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia actually performed the duet on a life-sized floor piano.

Where Was The Piano Scene In Big Filmed?

The iconic piano scene in “Big” was filmed at FAO Schwarz in New York City.

What Is The Piano Song In The Movie Big?

The iconic piano song in the movie “Big” is “Heart and Soul,” performed by Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia on a giant floor piano.

Where Is The Piano In Big?

The iconic piano from the movie “Big” was located at FAO Schwarz in New York City, but the store closed in 2015. Now, you can find smaller versions of the piano at various toy stores.


The iconic piano scene in “Big” remains a memorable moment in cinematic history. It captures the magic of childhood and the joy of music. Whether you’re revisiting this classic or discovering it for the first time, the scene symbolizes uninhibited creativity.

Embrace the whimsy of the keys in your own life—just as Josh Baskin did.

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