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Where Can I Buy Ukulele in Singapore

You can buy a ukulele in Singapore at music stores like Swee Lee, Peninsula Shopping Centre, and City Music. Online platforms such as Lazada and Shopee also offer a variety of ukulele options.

Singapore, known for its rich cultural tapestry, embraces the sweet tunes of the ukulele across its sunny island. Whether a beginner or a seasoned strummer, finding the right ukulele in this bustling metropolis is as delightful as it is uncomplicated.

Enthusiasts can explore the extensive collections of these instruments, ranging from affordable models for novices to premium versions for professionals. Local music shops boast attentive service, ensuring that every customer selects the perfect ukulele to match their musical journey. Online marketplaces complement brick-and-mortar stores with the convenience of home delivery and often feature customer reviews to aid in purchase decisions. With Singapore’s blend of physical stores and digital platforms, every aspiring musician easily finds a ukulele to start playing those harmonious chords.

The Popularity Of The Ukulele In Singapore

The ukulele, with its charming sounds and portable size, has won hearts in the bustling city of Singapore. From sunny beaches to cozy cafes, the strumming of ukuleles can be heard across the island. It’s a phenomenon that has seamlessly woven into the cultural fabric of this diverse country.

Rise Of The Ukulele Craze

Singapore has witnessed a surge in ukulele popularity. It starts with celebrities flashing their skills on social media to schools adopting it for music lessons. Music stores now feature a variety of ukuleles in different sizes and colors. It’s clear the ukulele craze is here to stay!

Benefits Of Playing The Ukulele

Embracing the ukulele offers more than just musical enjoyment. Here are some perks of playing this instrument:

  • Easy to Learn: With just a few chords, you can play entire songs.
  • Boosts Mental Health: It brings joy and relieves stress.
  • Social Tool: It’s a great way to connect with others and make friends.
  • Enhances Coordination: It can improve motor skills and coordination.
  • Portable: Its small size makes it easy to carry anywhere.
Where Can I Buy Ukulele in Singapore


Local Music Stores With Quality Ukuleles

For music enthusiasts in Singapore wanting to strum the sweet sounds of a ukulele, the quest for the perfect instrument begins locally. Exploring the quality ukuleles at nearby music stores not only supports the community but also allows musicians to get a true feel for the instrument. Here are some top destinations where the melody of your dreams awaits.

Swee Lee: A Trusted Music Store Chain

Swee Lee sits at the pinnacle of musical retail in Singapore. This chain has earned a sterling reputation for its diverse collection of musical instruments, including ukuleles that appeal to players of all levels. With its knowledgeable staff ready to guide you, Swee Lee offers quality ukuleles ranging from the affordable to premium models. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Beginner-friendly sopranos to start your musical journey.
  • Solid-wood concert ukuleles for rich, warm tones.
  • Exclusive brands like Kala and Mahalo, promising top-notch craftsmanship.

Peninsula Shopping Centre Outlets

Peninsula Shopping Centre is a haven for musicians, offering a variety of shops specializing in string instruments. Here, you’ll find numerous outlets stacked with high-quality ukuleles. From vintage finds to the latest models, there’s a ukulele to suit every personality and playstyle. Highlights include:

  1. Vintage ukulele models for collectors and enthusiasts.
  2. A wide price range to meet different budget needs.
  3. Personalized customer service to help you select the ideal ukulele.

Online Options For Ukulele Enthusiasts

Ukulele lovers, rejoice! Singapore’s online platforms offer an impressive array of ukulele choices. No need to stroll through streets or malls. Options are plentiful and just a click away. High-quality instruments, budget-friendly models, or unique ukuleles can all be found online. Discover convenient shopping on Lazada and Shopee, or score a deal on second-hand ukuleles through Carousell.

Lazada And Shopee: Convenient Shopping

For a seamless shopping experience, head over to Lazada or Shopee. Both platforms are bustling with ukulele listings – from affordable entry-level to professional high-end models. Here’s what to expect:

  • Wide range: Find different sizes like soprano, concert, tenor, or baritone.
  • Trusted sellers: Connect with top-rated merchants.
  • Easy comparison: View specs and prices side-by-side.
  • Customer reviews: Read buyer insights before purchasing.
  • Regular promotions: Enjoy discounts and flash sales.

Carousell: Second-hand Ukulele Deals

Tight on budget or seeking something with character? Carousell features numerous second-hand ukuleles. Here’s why Carousell stands out:

  • Unique finds: Chance upon rare and vintage ukuleles.
  • Budget-friendly: Gently used instruments at lower prices.
  • Local community: Buy from local sellers and save on shipping.
  • Direct negotiations: Chat and bargain with sellers directly.
  • Reduce waste: Support sustainability by reusing instruments.

Ukulele Specialty Shops

The ukulele, a strumming joy that has captured hearts, finds its home in numerous specialty shops across Singapore. These hubs of musical delight cater specifically to ukulele enthusiasts. Whether beginners or virtuosos, everyone finds something special in these stores. The atmosphere buzzes with melodic potential, with instruments that beg to be played.

Maestro Guitars: Custom Ukulele

Maestro Guitars is not just any store. It’s a wonderland for ukulele lovers. They boast handcrafted ukuleles with the finest wood. This store is where art meets music deeply. Personal touches turn a simple instrument into your unique treasure.

  • Exclusive custom options
  • Premium wood selection
  • Expert craftsmanship

Ukulele Movement: Dedicated Ukulele Shop

The UKULELE MOVEMENT is Singapore’s dedicated shrine to all things ukulele. The name says it all. Here, passion for this four-stringed wonder shines brightly. They offer wide-ranging ukuleles, from entry-level to professional models. Their commitment to spreading the ukulele gospel is unmatched.

  1. Varied ukulele brands and designs
  2. Workshops and lessons for all ages
  3. A community hub for ukulele players

Budget-friendly Ukulele Picks

Ready to strum without breaking the bank? Singapore offers a variety of budget-friendly ukuleles that won’t compromise on quality. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, these picks ensure that music stays a joy, not a financial burden. Let’s explore where you can snag a great ukulele deal in Singapore.

Affordable Brands And Models

Discover brands that blend quality with affordability. Our top picks include:

  • Makala: Renowned for durability.
  • Kala: Offers a range of options.
  • Mahalo: Great for beginners.

Don’t miss these models for excellent value:

Brand Model Price Range (SGD)
Makala MK-S $50 – $70
Kala KA-15S $70 – $100
Mahalo U-30 $30 – $50

Mustafa Centre: Ukulele On A Budget

Mustafa Centre, a Singapore shopping icon, is a haven for affordable ukuleles. With a variety of ukuleles priced for every budget, it’s the go-to place for thrift-minded musicians. There are options under SGD 30 as well!

Consider these brands available at Mustafa Centre:

  • Raven: An emerging brand with cost-effective choices.
  • Ukulele Movement: A local favorite with competitive prices.
  • Alic: Offers budget-friendly beginner models.
Where Can I Buy Ukulele in Singapore


Connecting With Singapore’s Ukulele Community

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of ukulele in Singapore! Whether you’re a beginner or a strumming master, joining the local community can enhance your musical journey significantly. It’s not just about buying a ukulele; it’s about becoming part of a culture that cherishes music, friendship, and learning.

Joining Ukulele Interest Groups

To truly connect and grow as a ukulele player, joining interest groups is key. Singapore offers a variety of groups for all ages and skill levels. Here, you can share tips, participate in workshops, and make friends who share your passion for the ukulele. Check out these popular groups:

  • Ukulele Movement: Offers classes and jam sessions.
  • Singapore Ukulele Association: Connect with other ukulele players.
  • Strum & Pluck: A group for casual ukulele players.

Ukulele Festivals And Meetups

Participate in fests and meetups to experience the ukulele culture firsthand. They are perfect for enjoying live performances, joining open mics, or even showcasing your own talents. Some notable events include:

  1. Ukulele Festival Singapore: Celebrates local and international artists.
  2. Monthly Meetups: Check community boards for regular jamming sessions.
  3. Annual Ukulele Picnic: Great for families and casual players.

Discover and participate in these events to enrich your musical journey and become an active member of the vibrant ukulele scene in Singapore.

Where Can I Buy Ukulele in Singapore


Frequently Asked Questions On Where Can I Buy Ukulele In Singapore

What Is A Decent Price For A Ukulele?

A decent price for a beginner ukulele ranges from $50 to $100. For intermediate players, $100 to $250 is typical, and high-end ukes can exceed $500.

Which Is The Best Company To Buy Ukulele?

The best company to buy a ukulele is Kala, known for its high-quality instruments suitable for all skill levels.

What Country Is Famous For Ukulele?

Hawaii is renowned for its rich tradition of ukulele music. This iconic instrument is deeply ingrained in Hawaiian culture and musical heritage.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Ukulele?

Ukulele prices range from $20 for a basic model to over $1000 for professional instruments. Entry-level ukuleles are often between $50 and $100.


Embarking on your ukulele journey in Singapore is a breeze with the array of options available. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned strummer, music shops across the city cater to every level and preference. Remember, finding the perfect ukulele is about comfort, sound, and personal style – so take your time and enjoy the process.

Your musical adventure awaits!

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