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Where to Buy a Good Acoustic Guitar

The best place to buy a good acoustic guitar is from reputable music stores or online marketplaces. Whether you prefer the convenience of shopping online or want to try out different models in person, these options provide a wide range of high-quality acoustic guitars to choose from.

With a variety of brands, styles, and price points available, finding the perfect acoustic guitar that suits your budget and preferences is easier than ever. So, take your time to research and compare different options to ensure you make a well-informed decision and find the perfect acoustic guitar for your needs.

Happy guitar hunting!

Factors To Consider Before Making A Purchase

Budget and Price Range

When it comes to purchasing an acoustic guitar, one of the first factors to consider is your budget and price range. Determining how much you are willing to spend on a guitar will help narrow down your options and ensure that you are getting the best value for your money.

Acoustic guitars can vary significantly in price, with some entry-level models being quite affordable while high-end guitars costing several thousand dollars. It’s important to remember that price is not the sole determinant of quality, so finding a balance between your budget and the features you desire is crucial.

If you are a beginner or on a tight budget, there are plenty of options available that offer decent quality at a reasonable price. On the other hand, if you are a professional musician or at an advanced level, investing in a higher-end guitar with premium materials and craftsmanship might be worth considering.

Size and Body Shape

The size and body shape of an acoustic guitar have a significant impact on its playability and sound. There are several different sizes and shapes to choose from, each offering its own unique characteristics and benefits.

Common acoustic guitar sizes include Dreadnought, Concert, Auditorium, and Travel-sized guitars. Each size has its own pros and cons, and choosing the right one depends on your personal preferences and playing style.

It’s worth noting that larger-bodied guitars tend to produce a louder and fuller sound, making them suitable for strumming and playing with a band. Smaller-bodied guitars, on the other hand, are more comfortable to play and often favored by fingerstyle guitarists.

Tonewoods and Sound Quality

The choice of tonewoods used in the construction of an acoustic guitar significantly impacts its sound quality. Different tonewoods have distinct characteristics that contribute to the overall tone, resonance, and projection of the instrument.

Common tonewoods used in acoustic guitars include Spruce, Mahogany, Rosewood, and Cedar. Spruce is known for its bright and focused sound, while Mahogany provides a warmer and more balanced tone. Rosewood offers rich overtones and enhanced bass response, and Cedar produces a warm and mellow sound.

When selecting a guitar, it’s important to consider the tonewoods used for the soundboard (top), back, sides, and neck. The combination of tonewoods determines the guitar’s overall tonal characteristics and can greatly affect your playing experience.

Brand Reputation and Customer Reviews

When making a significant purchase like an acoustic guitar, it’s essential to consider the brand reputation and customer reviews. Established brands with a good reputation often have a track record of producing high-quality guitars that meet the expectations of musicians.

Researching customer reviews and ratings can provide valuable insights into the overall quality, playability, durability, and customer satisfaction of a particular guitar model. Pay attention to both positive and negative reviews to get a balanced perspective.

While brand reputation and customer reviews should not be the sole deciding factors, they can help you make a more informed decision and ensure that you are investing in a guitar that aligns with your needs and expectations.

Online Retailers For Acoustic Guitars

<h3>Online Retailers for Acoustic Guitars</h3> When it comes to buying a good acoustic guitar, online retailers offer a wide range of options at competitive prices. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician, shopping online allows you to conveniently browse through various brands, models, and specifications to find the perfect guitar for your needs. In this section, we will highlight some popular online retailers for acoustic guitars, where you can find a diverse selection of high-quality instruments. <h3>Amazon</h3> Amazon is a well-known online marketplace that offers an extensive collection of acoustic guitars from both established brands and independent sellers. The platform provides a user-friendly interface, allowing you to easily navigate through countless options. With a strong review system, you can also benefit from feedback and ratings shared by other buyers. Additionally, Amazon often offers competitive prices and frequent deals, making it an attractive option for purchasing an acoustic guitar. <h3>Guitar Center</h3> Guitar Center is a renowned retailer specifically catering to musicians’ needs. Their online store showcases a vast selection of acoustic guitars, including popular brands and exclusive models. Guitar Center’s user-friendly website allows you to filter your search based on various criteria such as price range, brand, and features, making it easier to find the perfect guitar. Furthermore, Guitar Center offers detailed product descriptions and customer reviews to assist you in making an informed decision. <h3>Sweetwater</h3> Sweetwater is another reputable online retailer that specializes in musical instruments and equipment. They carry a wide range of acoustic guitars, including entry-level instruments and high-end models. Sweetwater’s website provides detailed descriptions, images, and specifications for each guitar, ensuring that you have all the necessary information you need before making a purchase. Their excellent customer service and fast shipping options make them a trusted option for buying acoustic guitars online. <h3>Musician’s Friend</h3> Musician’s Friend is a popular online retailer that caters to musicians of all levels. They offer a diverse range of acoustic guitars, from budget-friendly options to high-end models. Musician’s Friend provides comprehensive product descriptions, images, and customer reviews to assist you in finding the perfect guitar. They also frequently run promotions and special offers, providing you with the opportunity to snag a great deal on your desired instrument. <h3>Thomann</h3> Thomann is a reputable online retailer based in Germany, known for its extensive selection of musical instruments. They offer a wide variety of acoustic guitars from various brands and price ranges. Thomann’s website provides detailed product information, including specifications, images, and customer reviews. They also offer worldwide shipping, ensuring that guitar enthusiasts from all around the globe can purchase their desired instrument with ease. In conclusion, when it comes to buying a good acoustic guitar online, these reputable retailers – Amazon, Guitar Center, Sweetwater, Musician’s Friend, and Thomann – provide a wide variety of options to suit every musician’s preferences and budget. From established brands to exclusive models, these online retailers offer convenience, competitive prices, and reliable customer service, making your purchasing experience enjoyable and hassle-free. So, explore their websites and find the perfect acoustic guitar that will allow you to create beautiful music.

Physical Stores For Acoustic Guitars

Are you an aspiring musician or an experienced player looking for a new acoustic guitar? While purchasing online has become increasingly popular, there’s something special about physically trying out a guitar before making a decision. Fortunately, there are several renowned physical stores that specialize in acoustic guitars. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best physical stores where you can buy a good acoustic guitar.

Guitar Center

Guitar Center is a well-known destination for all things guitar-related. With over 269 stores across the United States, their wide selection of acoustic guitars is sure to impress any musician. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, Guitar Center offers a range of guitars to suit every budget and style. They also have knowledgeable staff members who can provide expert advice and assist you in finding the perfect acoustic guitar. From top brands to exclusive deals, Guitar Center is a go-to destination for any guitar enthusiast.

Sam Ash Music Stores

Sam Ash Music Stores have been a staple in the music industry since 1924. With several locations scattered throughout the country, Sam Ash is known for their extensive range of musical instruments, including a diverse collection of acoustic guitars. Whether you’re looking for a vintage acoustic or the latest model from your favorite brand, Sam Ash Music Stores have got you covered. Their staff members are passionate musicians themselves, ensuring that you’ll receive top-notch assistance in finding the acoustic guitar that suits your needs and preferences.


Sweetwater is not only an online retailer but also has a physical store located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Known for their exceptional customer service and attention to detail, Sweetwater offers a personalized buying experience for acoustic guitar enthusiasts. Their vast showroom showcases a variety of acoustic guitars, allowing you to try them out and find the one that resonates with you both in terms of sound and feel. Sweetwater’s knowledgeable staff members are always ready to assist you throughout your shopping journey, making your experience a memorable one.

Local Independent Music Stores

If you prefer a more intimate and personalized shopping experience, local independent music stores are a fantastic option. These stores often have a unique selection of acoustic guitars that you won’t find in larger chain stores. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to support local businesses and build relationships with music enthusiasts in your community. While the inventory may be smaller compared to larger retailers, the expertise and personalized service you’ll receive at a local independent music store is unmatched.

In conclusion, when it comes to purchasing a good acoustic guitar, there are several physical stores that offer a wide range of options. Whether you choose Guitar Center, Sam Ash Music Stores, Sweetwater, or a local independent music store, the key is to find a store that resonates with you and provides excellent customer service. So go ahead, visit these stores, try out different guitars, and find the perfect acoustic companion that will inspire your musical journey.

Where to Buy a Good Acoustic Guitar


Second-Hand Acoustic Guitars

When it comes to purchasing an acoustic guitar, you don’t necessarily have to break the bank buying a brand new one. Second-hand acoustic guitars can be a great option, offering excellent value for money without compromising on quality. There are several avenues you can explore when looking for a second-hand acoustic guitar, including online marketplaces, local classified ads, and consignment shops.

Online Marketplaces (e.g., eBay, Reverb)

One of the most convenient ways to find a second-hand acoustic guitar is by browsing through online marketplaces such as eBay and Reverb. These platforms offer a wide range of options, from budget-friendly guitars to high-end instruments. Here are some reasons why online marketplaces are a great choice:

  • Wide Selection: Online marketplaces provide access to a vast collection of acoustic guitars, allowing you to browse through different brands, models, and price ranges with ease.
  • User Reviews: Buyers can leave reviews and ratings for sellers, providing valuable insights into the condition and quality of the guitars they’re selling.
  • Competitive Pricing: Many sellers on these platforms offer competitive prices, allowing you to find a good deal within your budget.

Local Classified Ads

If you prefer a more hands-on approach and enjoy meeting sellers face-to-face, checking out local classified ads can be a great option. Here’s why you should consider exploring this avenue:

  • Personal Interaction: Local classified ads allow you to directly communicate with sellers, ask questions, and potentially negotiate the price.
  • Opportunity to Inspect: Meeting the seller in person gives you the chance to physically inspect the guitar for any signs of wear, damage, or other issues before making a purchase.
  • Potential for Bargaining: Unlike online marketplaces, local classified ads may present an opportunity for bargaining and getting a better deal.

Consignment Shops

Consignment shops offer a unique shopping experience where they sell second-hand acoustic guitars on behalf of individuals. Here’s what you need to know about consignment shops:

  • Quality Assurance: Consignment shops typically only accept guitars in good condition, ensuring you’re getting a reliable instrument.
  • Expert Guidance: Staff at consignment shops often have a solid knowledge of guitars and can provide helpful advice to assist you in making an informed decision.
  • Trade-In Possibilities: Some consignment shops even provide the option to trade in your current guitar, reducing the cost of your new acquisition.

No matter which avenue you choose, buying a second-hand acoustic guitar can be a rewarding experience. By exploring online marketplaces, local classified ads, and consignment shops, you can find the perfect guitar that suits your budget and musical preferences.

Specialty Guitar Stores

If you’re looking for a good acoustic guitar, specialty guitar stores are often the best places to find a wide selection of high-quality instruments. These stores specialize in guitars and have knowledgeable staff who can assist you in finding the perfect acoustic guitar to suit your needs and preferences. In this section, we will explore three top specialty guitar stores where you can buy a good acoustic guitar: Elderly Instruments, Chicago Music Exchange, and The Music Emporium.

Elderly Instruments

Elderly Instruments, located in Lansing, Michigan, is a renowned specialty guitar store that has been in business since 1972. This store is known for its vast inventory of vintage and new acoustic guitars, including high-end brands like Martin, Gibson, and Taylor. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional musician, Elderly Instruments has a wide range of options to choose from. They also provide knowledgeable staff who can help you make an informed decision based on your playing style, budget, and sound preferences.

Chicago Music Exchange

Located in the heart of Chicago, the Chicago Music Exchange is another excellent specialty guitar store for acoustic guitar enthusiasts. This store has gained a reputation as one of the best places to buy guitars due to its extensive selection and expert staff. They offer a wide range of acoustic guitars from various brands, making it easy to find the perfect instrument for your playing style. At the Chicago Music Exchange, you’ll find guitars suited for beginners and professionals alike, as well as vintage and custom options.

The Music Emporium

The Music Emporium, situated in Lexington, Massachusetts, is a destination for acoustic guitar enthusiasts. This specialty store takes pride in offering an exquisite collection of handcrafted acoustic guitars from renowned builders around the world. Whether you’re searching for a small-body fingerstyle guitar or a dreadnought for strumming, The Music Emporium has options to satisfy every player’s needs. Their knowledgeable staff is passionate about helping musicians find their dream instrument, ensuring a personalized and exceptional shopping experience.

In conclusion, if you’re in search of a good acoustic guitar, specialty guitar stores like Elderly Instruments, Chicago Music Exchange, and The Music Emporium are excellent places to start your shopping journey. With their extensive selections, knowledgeable staff, and emphasis on quality, you can trust that you’ll find a high-quality acoustic guitar that meets your musical needs and preferences.

Guitar Luthiers And Custom Builders

If you’re a true guitar enthusiast, you understand the value of owning an acoustic guitar that is not only well-crafted but also tailored to your specific needs and preferences. This is where guitar luthiers and custom builders come into play. These skilled artisans devote their time and expertise to design and craft unique acoustic guitars that surpass mainstream production models in terms of quality, tone, and playability.

Martin Guitars

When it comes to iconic acoustic guitars, Martin Guitars is a name that stands out. Martin’s rich history in guitar making spans over 185 years, and their dedication to craftsmanship and innovation has made them one of the leading luthiers in the industry. From their renowned Dreadnought models to the versatile Auditorium and Grand Concert styles, every Martin guitar is meticulously constructed using top-notch materials and techniques. Whether you’re a professional musician or an aspiring player, owning a Martin acoustic guitar is a testament to your commitment to exceptional quality.

Taylor Guitars

Taylor Guitars is another renowned manufacturer that has made a significant impact on the acoustic guitar world. Founded in 1974, Taylor is known for its innovative designs and commitment to sustainability. Each Taylor guitar is meticulously crafted and undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure optimal performance and tone. With a wide range of body shapes and wood combinations, Taylor offers an incredible selection, allowing guitarists to find the perfect instrument to match their playing style and preferences. Whether you’re a strummer, fingerstyle player, or a professional on stage, Taylor Guitars has something for everyone.

Gibson Custom Shop

The Gibson Custom Shop is synonymous with excellence when it comes to electric guitars, but they also produce exceptional acoustic guitars for those seeking custom-built instruments. The Custom Shop’s team of master luthiers painstakingly handcraft each guitar with an unmatched attention to detail and precision. From the selection of fine tonewoods to the intricate inlay work, every guitar that comes out of the Gibson Custom Shop is a masterpiece. For those who crave an acoustic guitar with unparalleled beauty, playability, and tone, the Gibson Custom Shop is a go-to destination.

Santa Cruz Guitars

Santa Cruz Guitars prides itself on crafting acoustic guitars that push the boundaries of traditional design. Founded by Richard Hoover in 1976, Santa Cruz Guitars has become synonymous with technological innovation and artistic flair. Each instrument is meticulously handcrafted with the utmost care, utilizing the finest tonewoods and innovative bracing patterns. Santa Cruz Guitars are known for their superb playability and tonal complexity, making them a top choice for professional musicians around the world. If you’re looking for a unique instrument that blends innovation with traditional craftsmanship, Santa Cruz Guitars should definitely be on your radar.

In conclusion, when it comes to buying a good acoustic guitar, exploring the offerings of guitar luthiers and custom builders can elevate your playing experience to a whole new level. These builders pour their heart and soul into every instrument they create, ensuring that each guitar is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that reflects the artistic vision and skill of its maker. Whether you decide to go with a Martin, Taylor, Gibson Custom Shop, or Santa Cruz guitar, you can rest assured that you’re investing in an instrument that will inspire and accompany you on your musical journey for years to come.

Tips For Buying A Used Acoustic Guitar

Inspect for Structural Issues

When buying a used acoustic guitar, it’s important to thoroughly inspect the instrument for any structural issues that may affect its playability and durability. Structural issues can significantly impact the sound and performance of the guitar, so carefully examine the following areas:

  • The body: Look for any cracks, splits, or bulges on the guitar’s body. These can be signs of structural damage and may affect the resonance and stability of the instrument.
  • The soundboard: Inspect the soundboard for any loose, lifting, or sinking portions. A damaged soundboard can result in poor tone production and responsiveness.
  • The bridge: Check if the bridge is securely attached to the body and examine for any signs of lifting or separation. A loose bridge can cause buzzing and affect the intonation of the guitar.
  • The bracing: Take a close look at the bracing inside the guitar. Ensure it is intact and not loose or damaged. The bracing provides structural support and affects the overall tone and stability of the instrument.
  • The top and back: Check for any warping or unevenness on the guitar’s top and back. These issues can affect the guitar’s playability and intonation.

Check for Neck Stability and Straightness

The neck of a used acoustic guitar plays a crucial role in maintaining the proper action and intonation. Carefully examine the neck for stability and straightness, keeping the following points in mind:

  • Alignment: Hold the guitar at eye level and check if the neck is straight or has any visible bowing or twisting. A straight neck ensures proper string alignment and enhances playability.
  • Truss rod: If the guitar has an adjustable truss rod, check if it is functioning correctly. This allows you to adjust the neck relief to maintain the optimal string height.
  • Fretboard condition: Inspect the fretboard for any signs of excessive wear, such as deep grooves or uneven frets. A well-maintained fretboard ensures smooth playability and accurate intonation.

Evaluate the Fret Condition

The condition of the frets is another important aspect to consider when buying a used acoustic guitar. Frets that are worn or uneven can negatively impact your playing experience. Here’s what to look for:

  • Wear: Check if the frets are worn down or have significant grooves. Minor wear can be addressed with a fret dressing, but extensive wear may require a costly fret replacement.
  • Straightness: Run your finger along the fretboard to ensure the frets are level and straight. Frets that are uneven or protruding can cause buzzing or intonation issues.
  • Sharp edges: Examine the fret ends for any sharp edges that may cause discomfort while playing. Smooth, rounded fret edges enhance comfort and prevent hand fatigue.

Test the Playability and Action

Finally, before making your purchase, it’s crucial to test the playability and action of the used acoustic guitar. Follow these steps to evaluate its performance:

  1. String height: Measure the string height at the 12th fret using a gauge. A high action may require more finger pressure and negatively affect playability.
  2. Action adjustment: Check if the guitar allows for adjustment of the action. This enables you to fine-tune the string height to your desired preference.
  3. Note clarity: Play the guitar across various frets and strings to assess the note clarity and sustain. Each note should ring out clearly without buzzing or dead spots.
  4. Intonation: Tune the guitar and play notes on different frets to ensure proper intonation. If certain fretted notes sound out of tune, it may indicate intonation problems.
  5. Comfort: Hold the guitar and assess its comfort. The neck shape, body size, and weight should match your preferences for a pleasant playing experience.

By carefully inspecting for structural issues, checking the neck stability and straightness, evaluating the fret condition, and testing the playability and action, you can make a well-informed decision when buying a used acoustic guitar. Remember to play the instrument, listen to its sound, and trust your instincts before finalizing your purchase. Happy guitar hunting!

Additional Resources For Guitar Buyers

When it comes to buying a good acoustic guitar, there are plenty of resources available to help you make an informed decision.

Guitar Forums and Communities

Guitar forums and communities are a great place to connect with other guitar enthusiasts and get advice on purchasing a guitar. These online platforms are filled with experienced players who are passionate about music and can offer valuable insights into different guitar brands, models, and features. Here are some popular guitar forums and communities:

  • Forum
  • Guitar World Forum
  • Ultimate Guitar Forum

By joining these communities, you can access a wealth of knowledge and tap into the collective expertise of guitarists from all over the world.

Professional Reviews and Comparisons

Professional reviews and comparisons are another essential resource for guitar buyers. These reviews are conducted by experts in the field who thoroughly evaluate guitars based on their build quality, sound, playability, and value for money. Here are some websites that provide reliable professional reviews and comparisons:


These websites often feature detailed reviews with pros and cons, allowing you to make an informed decision. Reading multiple reviews and comparisons can give you a comprehensive understanding of the options available to you.

YouTube Reviews and Demos

YouTube has become a popular platform for guitarists to share their reviews and demos of different guitar models. These videos provide you with a visual and auditory experience that can help you assess the sound and playability of a guitar before making a purchase. Some popular YouTube channels for guitar reviews and demos include:

  • Andertons Music Co
  • Guitar World
  • Sweetwater

Watching these videos can give you a better idea of how a guitar sounds and feels in real-life scenarios. It’s worth noting that while YouTube reviews provide valuable insights, it’s always ideal to try a guitar in person if possible.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Where To Buy A Good Acoustic Guitar

Which Brand Is Best For Acoustic Guitar?

The best brand for acoustic guitars depends on personal preference and budget. Some popular options include Martin, Taylor, Gibson, and Yamaha.

What Does A Decent Acoustic Guitar Cost?

A decent acoustic guitar typically costs around $300 to $1000.

What Is The Best Place To Buy A Guitar From?

The best place to buy a guitar is from reputable music stores or online retailers. They offer a wide selection, competitive prices, and trustworthy customer service. Check out stores like Guitar Center, Sweetwater, or Amazon for a reliable guitar-buying experience.

How Do I Find A Good Acoustic Guitar?

To find a good acoustic guitar, consider your skill level and budget. Research reputable brands and read reviews. Visit music stores to try out different guitars and ask for recommendations. Consider the type of wood, body shape, and sound quality that suits your preferences.


After considering all the factors, it is clear that purchasing a good acoustic guitar requires thorough research and careful consideration. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect guitar. However, by following the tips provided and conducting thorough research, you can confidently find a reputable seller and purchase a high-quality acoustic guitar that suits your needs and budget.

Happy guitar shopping!

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