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Where to Buy an Electric Guitar in Singapore

Electric guitars in Singapore can be purchased at Swee Lee, Davis Guitar, and City Music. These reputable music stores offer a wide range of electric guitars, suitable for both beginners and professional musicians.

Singapore’s vibrant music scene is matched by its array of musical instrument stores. Swee Lee stands out as one of the most well-known, with multiple locations across the city and an extensive online catalog. They provide a plethora of guitars from top brands, ensuring quality and reliability.

Davis Guitar, another established retailer, has been serving guitar enthusiasts for years, introducing a mix of classic models and the latest innovations. City Music caters to a diverse clientele, offering electric guitars that span various price points and styles. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or just starting, these stores not only sell instruments but also guide you through your selection with expert advice and unmatched customer service.

Where to Buy an Electric Guitar in Singapore


Introduction To The Electric Guitar Scene In Singapore

Welcome to the vibrant and resonant electric guitar scene in Singapore, where the strings of culture and music intertwine to create a symphony of modern artistic expression. This city-state, often recognized for its technological advancements and cultural diversity, is also home to a thriving music industry. A hub for musicians and enthusiasts alike, it’s a place where the electric guitar sings loud, showcasing its popularity and significance in the heart of Southeast Asian music.

Overview Of Singapore’s Music Industry

The music industry in Singapore is a dynamic sphere anchored by cultural diversity and driven by passionate individuals. It encompasses a broad range of genres, from traditional melodies to contemporary pop hits, with the electric guitar often taking center stage in many of these styles. The local scene embraces both international influences and homegrown talent, creating a rich tapestry of sound.

Popularity Of Electric Guitars Among Singaporeans

Electric guitars have struck a chord with Singaporeans, rising in popularity across various age groups and communities. This instrument is celebrated not only in concert halls and music festivals but also in educational institutions, social gatherings, and worship centers. What contributes to the electric guitar’s trendiness? An appealing blend of versatility, expressiveness, and the sheer joy it brings to players and listeners alike.

What To Consider Before Buying An Electric Guitar

For those aspiring to join the ranks of electric guitar enthusiasts in Singapore, there are several considerations before making a purchase:

  • Your skill level and the styles you wish to play
  • The type of sound you’re seeking, influenced by the guitar’s body, wood, and pickups
  • The comfort and the feel of the guitar in your hands
  • The reputation of the brand and model you’re interested in
  • The availability of accessories such as amps, pedals, and maintenance tools

Remember that each guitar is unique, and what works for one musician might not resonate with another. It’s essential to test guitars in person and consult with experienced players or trusted vendors to find an instrument that truly harmonizes with your musical journey.

Top Retailers For Electric Guitars In Singapore

Singapore offers a vibrant scene for musicians and guitar enthusiasts seeking to buy electric guitars. Whether a budding beginner or a seasoned professional, these top retailers provide an array of options catering to diverse preferences and styles. Explore the iconic shops and discover your perfect electric guitar in the heart of Singapore.

Swee Lee: Singapore’s Leading Music Store

Swee Lee has established itself as the premier destination for musicians in Singapore. With an extensive collection that includes everything from entry-level models to high-end guitars, Swee Lee is the go-to place for quality and variety. Known for their exceptional customer service and knowledgeable staff, they help customers find the perfect match according to their musical journey.

Davis Guitar Music Centre: Specialized Guitar Retail

For guitarists who value specialization, DAVIS Guitar Music Centre stands out with its focus on guitars. They boast an impressive inventory including rare and collectible pieces, perfect for collectors and aficionados alike. Their expertise ensures that every customer receives personalized advice and guidance on their purchase.

Peninsula Shopping Centre: The Hub For Music Enthusiasts

Located in the heart of the city, Peninsula Shopping Centre has become a hub for music lovers. This shopping complex bursts with multiple music stores offering a wide selection of electric guitars. Its variety is unmatched, providing shoppers with the luxury of visiting several shops all under one roof.

Maestro Guitars: Local Brand With A Global Reach

Maestro Guitars is a pride of Singapore, a local brand known for its handcrafted quality instruments with a global reputation. Unique in their approach, they offer customization options to make your instrument truly one-of-a-kind. This boutique shop caters to those seeking a personal touch in their electric guitar.

Online Marketplaces And Platforms

The digital age has revolutionized the way we shop for everything, including musical instruments. For musicians in Singapore seeking an electric guitar, online marketplaces and platforms offer a wealth of options. From new and used instruments to rare finds, these digital shops are ideal for guitarists of all levels. Explore the convenience of browsing extensive catalogs and compare prices with just a few clicks. Below, delve into some of the most popular online avenues where the melody meets the marketplace.

Lazada And Shopee: Convenient Online Shopping Experience

Lazada and Shopee are two leading e-commerce giants where shoppers find an impressive array of electric guitars. From entry-level models for beginners to professional-grade axes for seasoned musicians, these platforms have it all. Advantages include:

  • User-friendly interfaces for seamless shopping
  • Secure payment gateways
  • Regular promotions and discounts

Prospective buyers can read through customer reviews to gauge the quality of the products and rely on the platforms’ customer service for assistance.

Carousell: Peer-to-peer Marketplace For Used Guitars

Carousell offers a unique, community-driven experience for buying and selling used electric guitars in Singapore. Musicians who prefer a pre-loved guitar with character or are on the lookout for discontinued models will find this platform invaluable. Highlights include:

  • Direct communication with sellers for negotiation
  • A variety of listings from affordable to high-end guitars
  • An eco-friendly choice by reusing instruments

Shoppers should exercise due diligence and inspect listings closely to ensure the integrity of the guitars.

Reverb: Platform Specialized In Musical Instruments

If specificity is key, Reverb stands out as a niche platform dedicated to musical instruments. This specialized marketplace connects buyers and sellers of new, used, and vintage electric guitars. Features include:

  • A tailored search engine for musicians
  • An extensive network of reputable shops and private sellers
  • Exclusive inventory not found elsewhere

While Reverb is international, Singaporean musicians can easily find sellers who ship to their location.

Understanding Shipping And Warranty Policies Online

When purchasing an electric guitar online, it is critical to understand the policies governing shipping and warranty. Here’s what to look out for:

Policy Details
Shipping Fees Verify if the listed price includes shipping or if additional charges apply.
Delivery Time Check estimated delivery times and the reliability of couriers.
Return Policy Understand the process for returns and the timeframe to do so.
Warranty Coverage Look for details about the manufacturer’s warranty or seller’s guarantee.

Proper research can ensure a smooth transaction and satisfaction with the purchase.

Where to Buy an Electric Guitar in Singapore


Second-hand Options In Singapore

Second-Hand Options in Singapore present a fantastic avenue for musicians seeking quality electric guitars without the hefty price tag of a new one. The thriving market for pre-owned instruments offers not only affordability but also a chance to own a piece of musical history, as some guitars might come with their own unique stories and seasoned tones that only time can provide. For enthusiasts and professionals alike, used electric guitars hold a special allure, blending economic sense with the potential for extraordinary finds.

The Appeal Of Used Electric Guitars

Used electric guitars have an inherent charm for a variety of reasons. Musicians often favor them for the potential savings and the vintage sound that can only come from a well-loved instrument. Additionally, seasoned instruments might offer better playability due to previous customization and set-up by experienced players. For some, it’s the history behind the instrument — a guitar that’s been played on stage or has been a part of someone’s musical journey — that makes it truly invaluable.

Places To Buy Second-hand Guitars: Brick-and-mortar Stores

Singapore’s vibrant music scene is reflected in its array of brick-and-mortar stores specializing in second-hand gear. Music enthusiasts looking for pre-owned electric guitars can visit places like Davis Guitar, Swee Lee, and Penny Lane where they will find a curated selection of used instruments. These shops not only provide a physical space to test and feel the guitars but also the expertise of knowledgeable staff who can assist in finding the right guitar for your needs.

How To Ensure Quality When Buying Used Instruments

  • Inspect the guitar for any visible damage or wear.
  • Check for rust on hardware and integrity of the frets.
  • Ensure electronics are functioning properly, including pickups, knobs, and switches.
  • Play the guitar to test sound quality and playability.
  • Consider having a knowledgeable friend or a professional evaluate the guitar.

By taking these steps, buyers can significantly increase the chances of securing a quality second-hand electric guitar that will serve them well for years to come.

Trade-ins And Exchanges: A Buyer’s Strategy

For someone looking to upgrade or diversify their collection, considering a trade-in or exchange can be a shrewd move. Many music stores in Singapore offer the option to trade in your current instrument for a discount on a used or new guitar. This strategy not only provides financial relief but also allows for a seamless transition to a different model or brand that might better suit evolving musical styles or preferences.

Additional Resources For Guitar Enthusiasts In Singapore

Guitar enthusiasts in Singapore have more than just stores to visit when they’re looking to buy an electric guitar. The city-state offers a host of additional resources to support and enhance your musical journey. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, you can find workshops, lessons, vibrant music communities, and exciting annual expos. Let’s dive into what Singapore has to offer beyond the storefronts.

Guitar Workshops And Lessons For Beginners And Advanced Players

Nurturing your guitar skills requires quality instruction and practice. Singapore boasts a variety of workshops and private lessons tailored to different skill levels. From group workshops that cover the basics to one-on-one sessions aimed at honing advanced techniques, the options are plentiful. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect:

  • Expert instruction from seasoned guitarists.
  • Classes that focus on different genres, including rock, blues, and jazz.
  • Workshops on music theory and guitar maintenance.

Joining Local Music Communities And Forums

Engagement with like-minded musicians can inspire and motivate. Singapore’s local music communities and forums offer a space to connect, exchange ideas, and find opportunities to jam. These platforms include:

  1. Online forums where you can discuss gear, techniques, and music.
  2. Social media groups dedicated to guitarists and musicians.
  3. Meetup events where guitar enthusiasts gather.

Annual Music Expos And Trade Shows

For those who revel in the latest guitar tech and gear, Singapore’s annual music expos are a dream come true. These events showcase new products, offer live demonstrations, and provide the chance to network with key industry players. Key highlights include:

  • New product releases from top guitar brands.
  • Workshops and clinics with professional musicians.
  • Opportunities to test gear in an immersive setting.

Music Schools And Conservatories Offering Instrumental Studies

For structured learning and formal education in music, Singapore’s renowned music schools and conservatories provide comprehensive instrumental studies, including electric guitar curriculums. These institutions boast:

Institution Programs Offered Notable Features
Singapore Music Conservatory Diploma and Degree Programs Masterclasses with visiting artists
XYZ Guitar School Part-time and Full-time Courses State-of-the-art practice facilities
ABCD Academy of Music Beginner to Advanced Classes Ensemble and solo performance opportunities
Where to Buy an Electric Guitar in Singapore


Frequently Asked Questions On Where To Buy An Electric Guitar In Singapore

How Much Does A Good Electric Guitar Cost?

A good electric guitar typically costs between $300 and $800. High-quality models can exceed $1,000 depending on brand and features.

Which Company Is Best For Electric Guitar?

The best electric guitar company is subjective and varies by preference. Leading brands include Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, and PRS, known for quality and innovation. Choose based on personal taste, playing style, and budget.

Is It Worth Getting A Cheap Electric Guitar?

Investing in a cheap electric guitar can be worth it for beginners or as a backup. It allows learners to start without a large investment and serves as a low-cost option to explore interest and commitment levels. Remember, the quality may affect playability and sound.

What Electric Guitar Is Best For Beginners?

The Yamaha Pacifica Series is highly recommended for beginners due to its playability, affordability, and quality. Squier by Fender Affinity Series also offers excellent value for newcomers to electric guitars. Both choices provide a solid foundation for learning.


Embarking on your electric guitar journey in Singapore is an exciting venture. With a myriad of options, from local music hubs to online marketplaces, you’re never short on choices. Remember to consider your budget, playstyle, and the recommendations shared. Whether a seasoned musician or a budding guitarist, the perfect instrument awaits in the Lion City.

Ready, set, strum!

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