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Huntington Acoustic Guitar Review (GA41 – Bold Tone In Low Budget)

Huntington Acoustic Guitar Review (GA41): this dreadnought-style acoustic guitar looks wonderful, but at under $100, does the sound match its looks? We set out to find out.

The usual starter pack with the Huntington GA41 acoustic guitar comprises a string winder, two string sets, and three picks. There is no gig bag, but if you bought this guitar purely because it looks gorgeous in red burst and you want to display it, then you won’t need a gig bag. A stand might be a better option, in fact.

If you do intend to play the guitar, then you might be interested to know that it has a full-size dreadnought body with steel strings and is suitable for novice and intermediate-level players. It has been rated at better than four stars in most reviews, so there is a good chance that it will suit your needs.

Huntington Acoustic Guitar Review – GA41 (At A Glance)

8.8out of 10

Value For Money8.8
Body And Neck8.9
Fretboard And Bridge8.7
Hardware And Finish8.8

Best For Low Budget
  • Full Size GA41 Dreadnaught Steel Guitar in Redburst from Huntington
  • Adjustable truss rod hand built using selected Linden, Basswood and Caltapa Wood
  • Full 25.5" scale with covered geared low ratio tuning gears, resin nut and saddle, abs pickguard, inlayed fret dots and brass alloy medium frets
  • Comes with 1 string winder, 2 complete sets of premium guitar strings and 3 premium guitar picks
  • Perfect, affordable alternative for beginners or intermediate players
  • Affordable price with a high-quality rigid body
  • Ensures rich sound with a clear tone
  • Gives off a professional look
  • Comes with high-quality premium strings
  • Adjustable hand-built truss rod
  • Available in 4 eye-catchy finishes
  • A bit heavier than some other guitars on the market

History And Origin

Huntington guitars are made by Bridgecraft USA Inc, based in California. The brand also includes amps, keyboards, harmonicas, and drum kits, typically available in eye-catching sparkle and jewel shades. Huntington specializes in guitars aimed at beginners with a good reputation.

Body And Neck

The GA41 is hand-built using a mix of linden or basswood and catalpa body that gives real durability with a traditional dreadnought style body shape that delivers a bold tone. It has 21 frets, an adjustable neck with a truss rod, an ABS black pickguard, inlaid fret dots, and ping-style chrome tuners – which gives it a big advantage over others. The cutaway versions have a maple neck; other varieties are mostly constructed of basswood (also called linden). 

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Fretboard And Bridge

The fretboard and bridge are made of Catalpa wood. The frets themselves are medium brass alloys.

Hardware And Finish

The GA41 has ping style low ratio chrome-covered reliable tuners, resin nuts, and a saddle with a great finish. In a nutshell, it consists of chrome hardware with a gloss finish.

Sound Quality

So, the big question. Does the sound quality of the Huntington GA41 live up to its striking looks?

The good news is that most reviewers believe that it does. For the extremely affordable price, of course, it’s not going to sound as good as a high-end model, but it does the job. For new players, the sound and tone quality of a guitar is likely to be less important than the playability, so if it looks and feels good, that’s a positive first step.

Several reviews have commented on the full and rich sound, which is better than players might expect. Inevitably, not everyone agrees, and there are negative reviews out there too. Once you’ve mastered your fingering, the instrument should deliver a crisp and clear tone. If your fingering is off, it will make a buzzy sound. If you take lessons or choose to follow an online tutorial, you’ll learn more about this, but the sound quality of the Huntington GA41 alone can guide you. 

Sound Demo

By Ziggy Stardust

Build Quality

The Huntington GA41 acoustic guitar is mainly made from using select tone woods – basswood, or linden, as it’s also called. It also has catalpa elements. It’s a full-size dreadnought-style sturdy instrument, best suited to adult players due to its size. Children might find it a bit too big and might do better to start with one of the scaled-down models also available in the Huntington range. Some musicians say that it is heavier than they expected, but the weight helps indicate the build quality and contributes to the sound quality and sturdiness of the guitar. 


The Huntington GA41 is a full-size acoustic guitar in the dreadnought style. It has a full 25.5” scale. Inevitably, some players will find that full-size instruments are too big, while taller musicians with long fingers will have less trouble forming the chords and holding the instrument.

It has steel strings and high action, meaning more effort is required to form a chord. However, entry-level guitars usually have narrower necks so that newer players find it easier to fret notes. The guitar is set up for optimum playability by the makers, and that is good enough.

A comfortable playing experience can make all the difference when you‘re learning. If the instrument feels good, you will be more inclined to enjoy playing it. You may also progress faster because you find it easier.


The Huntington GA41 doesn’t seem to lend itself to any genre particularly. It is simply an affordable acoustic for all-around use. Its main selling point is the price – of a hopeful new student doesn’t want to spend too much on their first guitar, it’s a great place to start.

We have heard of Huntington’s being taken on camping trips in the wilderness, on cross-country road trips, and into all manner of rough and ready places, only to come out intact at the end of the adventure, which has provided a lot of fun along the way.

Equally, with its unusual looks, the GA41 would not be out of place center stage. It certainly has the stage presence to handle a paid gig. Talking of which… 

Design And Looks

The Huntington GA41 acoustic guitar looks beautiful. The appearance is praise-worthy. Huntington kit typically comes in unusual colors – bright jewel glitter and metallic shades – to complete its timeless look. This guitar is no different, available in standard right-hand orientation in black, natural, and sunburst, as well as royal blue and red burst shades.

If you wanted to take it on stage, it would catch the audience’s attention in no time, especially in blue or red. If you would prefer something a little less “in your face,” then one of the more traditional colors may appeal better. For under $50, it looks like it should cost a good deal more.  

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Available Options

There is a range of colors available for this model, all in right-hand orientation. 

Customization Tips

There is some scope for customization with the Huntington GA41. You can lower the action and change the strings, as with any acoustic guitar.

You could also choose to customize your playing with a colorful pick that matches or contrasts with the color of your guitar.

One veteran player also suggests that replacing the pickups and tuners will improve the guitar’s sound and playability as well.


The starter pack for the Huntington GA41 tends to consist of a string winder, two string sets, and three picks alongside the guitar. There is no gig bag with this model from many stockists, so that’s an immediate upgrade if you’re going to be taking this guitar anywhere.

You could choose to change the strings if you have a preference for a particular brand.

The strap is another extra you might want to buy at an early stage, so you can become used to how the guitar feels when you’re playing standing up. Also, as it’s a full-size model, some players may find it more comfortable to have the weight on the strap rather than having to hold it and play.

You might fancy investing in a tuner, too, although most reviews say that the guitar stays in tune pretty well, especially once the strings have been broken in. 

Value For Money

Looking at the price, you might wonder if you see things. Can you really own an entry-level acoustic guitar for under $100, and in some cases, under $50? Yes, you can.

Some reviews say this is a great idea, good value for money. Others report that “you get what you pay for” and that they were disappointed with their purchase. There will always be some pieces that do not perform as the buyer expects them to, but for a student guitarist, who isn’t sure whether they will continue playing or not, but fancies trying to learn guitar, a bargain-basement model like the Huntington GA41 is extremely good value for money. The funky colors will appeal to some potential players, perhaps more than the playability. The Huntington range of instruments certainly has good posing power.

What Sets Huntington GA41 Apart From Its Competitors?

There’s no need to be snobbish about guitar manufacturers when you’re starting out. In fact, it may be better to drop into the budget end of the market in case you don’t keep up your playing. There’s some merit to the thought that you’re paying for a big brand name with many consumer goods, and no one really likes wasted money. If you do continue to play, you can always upgrade later and keep your Huntington as a backup.

The Huntington GA41 is a lovely-looking guitar that also seems to play well and is suitable for students and intermediate players alike. There are plenty of opportunities to customize and upgrade the guitar. 

Choose Huntington GA41 If

  • You want a cheap, full-size guitar 
  • You want to fancy having an eye-catching instrument 
  • You are a beginner or intermediate right-handed player 

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Don’t Choose Huntington GA41 If

  • You’re a smaller player (you may need to look at scaled-down models) 
  • You need a guitar with a gig bag
  • You are an advanced-level player and need something superior


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Q. Is the Huntington GA41 A Good Guitar for a Child to Learn to Play? 

Some children may be able to start learning on a Huntington GA41. The guitar is full-size, so it may suit a teen rather than a younger child. 

Q. Does the Huntington GA41 Acoustic Guitar come Pre-tuned? 

In common with all guitars, on receipt by the buyer, the instrument will need to be tuned before it can be played. You can either ask at a guitar shop or buy a tuner and learn how to tune it yourself. 

Q. How is Huntington GA41 Packaged for Shipping?

The guitar will probably be shipped with loose strings to minimize the stress on the instrument’s neck. 

Q. Does the Huntington GA41 Acoustic Guitar come with Pre-installed Straplocks?

There is a strap button on the base of the body. The top of the strap will need to be tied around the neck of the guitar.

Final Verdict

Our Huntington GA41 review: this acoustic guitar is good value for money. It comes in some interesting colors and generally has a good build and sound quality for the price. It holds its tune well and is easily customizable. Overall, it is called the guitars for beginners with the best budget to start your musical journey.

Almost everyone seems to like the brand, and many experienced players suggest that a lesser-known name such as Huntington may be the best place for students to start so they can learn to play affordably. What’s not to like about that recommendation, especially if you are just starting out?

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